Take A Closer Look At Ladbrokes Great Value 1-2-Free Promotion

We’re going to change the pace a little this week and look at a special promotional offer that is currently available with one of our partner sportsbooks at InstantSportsMoney and that is Ladbrokes.

We have had Ladbrokes as a partner site since 2016 and its fair to say that we haven’t really focused too much on what they have of late and it is about time we put that right.

Especially when you see that the site now offers a completely free to enter promotion every week of the Premier League season, that could see you win a prize ranging from a £1 free bet, up to the top prize of £100 in cash credited to your account.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then read on to find out more about this excellent value promotion which you can use every week throughout the football season.

What Is The 1-2-Free Promotion?

Ladbrokes 1-2-Free Promotion is a free to enter football score prediction game for customers that hold a Ladbrokes sports betting account.

Once you have logged into your account, if you head on over to the 1-2-Free section on the site (and it has its own link on the home page for easy access) then you will be presented with the fixtures that have been selected for this week’s games.

Each coupon will have three matches selected, usually from the Premier League, but it may also be from other competitions from time to time.

The aim of the game is to predict the correct scores of as many of those three games as possible.

Simply use the counter to select the score for the home and away team in each of the three fixtures and then when you are happy with your selections, click the button to confirm them and they will be entered into that week’s competition.

What Can I Win With The 1-2-Free Promotion?

The good news with this promotion is that you are not competing against thousands of other players to land a single prize. Instead, you are simply seeing how accurate you can be with your score predictions and if you can be accurate with at least one then you win a prize.

The more correct scores you predict then the bigger the prize you can earn.

  • Predict 1 Score Correctly – Win a £1 Free Bet
  • Predict 2 Scores Correctly – Win a £5 Free Bet
  • Predict 3 Scores Correctly – Win £100 Cash

If you are fortunate enough to win any of the prizes shown above on any game week, then the prize will be credited to your account a short time after the final game of that coupon has been played, usually within 24-hours.

Your Free Bet is valid for seven days and when you place your bet using your Free Bet, if that bet wins, then your stake is not returned as per usual Free Bet rules.

Are There Any Strategies You Can Suggest For The 1-2-Free Promotion?

Yes there are and the first one I would say to you is treat this promotion as if you were placing a bet on the outcome, rather than a free-to-enter competition.

When the competition is free to play, then you can just be a little blasé about picking the scores, perhaps even just go for the same score every week and let the law of averages see you win on occasion.

  • Use Stats To Help You Out

For example, over the last five full seasons, 1-0 has been the most common scoreline occurring in 16.1% of games, 2-1 has occurred in 15.5% of games and 2-0 in 13.9% of games. 1-1 has also occurred in 10.8% of games.

It therefore makes sense to focus on these scorelines as they occur in over half the games in the Premier League, in fact it is closer to 57% of games played over the last five full seasons.

So does that mean that you should pick a 1-0 scoreline for every game each week? Well, you could and the chances are you would win on occasion, but it is a rather dull and uninteresting way to compete in this promotion.

Plus, and this is key, the chances of two games from the selection finishing 1-0 are relatively small and as you would expect, the chances of all three games finishing 1-0 are very low indeed.

That means, that you’d be picking up £1 free bets every few weeks or so, which is not really that exciting.

However, knowing that these scorelines occur in 57% of games over the last five years is useful and when you pair that up with something else, it can help you make better judged predictions.

  • Do A Little Research

Ladbrokes will announce which games are part of the next 1-2-Free Coupon relatively early in the week, so this does give you a bit of time to do a little research on the three games to help you try and identify what scores are most likely.

Check out the form and performances of the teams involved in each game. What does their form look like at home or away from home if they are the away side. How many goals do they tend to score, or concede in these games?

For example, in the Premier League this season, Norwich, Wolves, Brighton and Burnley have not scored many goals, fewer than 1 goal per game. However, Wolves have picked up 40 points with 12 wins and 4 draws, while Norwich have just 17 points from 4 wins and 5 draws.

This tells you that if Wolves v Norwich was one of the coupon selections, then it is not likely to be a high scoring game and so the 1-0 option for a Wolves win may be the way to go here.

However, if you like you can go a little further. Check out the team news for each team before you make your predictions. Are any players injured or suspended that could influence the result?

You can also check the historical record of matches between the teams as well as their recent form and recent home and away form to get a feeling for how each team is performing.

By conducting a little research into the fixture as outlined above, you should be able to try and narrow down what seems to be the more likely result and hopefully, that research may pay off in you landing at least one, but maybe more, correct predictions.

1-2-Free is a fantastic chance to win some free bets or cash at Ladbrokes every week, but don’t be fooled. Predicting the correct score of games is not easy, but with nothing at stake, it is something that you should definitely be participating in if you have a Ladbrokes account.

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