888 Sports Offering The Ashes Promo

888 Sports Free Bet888 Sports is doing a nice $30 free bet promo for The Ashes series of test matches between England and Australia.

If you haven’t yet signed up, now is the time to take advantage of a great offer – £88 free sports money from 888 Sports.

How do you take advantage of this promo?

What you need to do is place 10 live bets of $5 or more on any market in any of the tests.  It can also be €5 or £5 if you prefer your account in a different currency (in which case you’ll get €30 or £30).  The odds of these bets need to be 2-to-1 on, or longer (i.e. 1 to 2, or greater).

It doesn’t matter if these bets win or lose, you’ll still get the $30 free bet.  In an ideal world you’d win all 10!

Event promises to be thrilling

This has been an enthralling Ashes so far, certainly from an English perspective, with England winning the first test by just 14 runs, England winning the second test by 347 runs, the 3rd test being drawn (with Australia way ahead), and England winning the 4th test by 74 runs.

With the final test match taking place between the 21st and 25th August at The Oval, the Aussies will be playing to restore some national pride.   And one thing for certain is the fierce rivalry will be in affect until the final ball.

Who will be the men on form in the 5th test match?  Will Ian Bell manage to hit a 3rd century in the series? Will Kevin Pietersen hit a 2nd one?

Will Greame Swann or Stuart Broad be most effective with the ball for England?  Who will be the top scorer?  Will Michael Clarke’s 187 from the third test be surpassed?

Who do you fancy for Man of the Match?  So far we have had:

1st test: James Anderson for two 5-wicket innings

2nd test: Joe Root for hitting a 180 in the second innings

3rd test: Michael Clark for the aforementioned 187

4th test: Stuart Broad for two 5-wicker innings (a 5 and a 6 to be precise)

Great variety of wagers available

There are literally hundreds of potential Ashes bets at 888 Sports, so have a look through to pick out some of your favourites.  Then sit back with a couple of stubbies and see how your bets pan out during the test.  At the end of it all, come rain or shine you’ll have that free $30 to look forward to.

For anyone new to the Ashes, it is series of Test cricket matches between England and Australia that has have been played every 2 years since 1882.  Out of a total of 67 Ashes test series’ so far, 31 have been won by England, 31 by Australia, and 5 have ended in a draw.  In those 67 tests we have seen a total of 313 matches played between the great rivals, with Australia winning 123 matches, England 103 matches, and 87 matches being drawn.

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