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Banker Bets And How To Use Them At Bet365 Sport

Did you know that hidden away on the Bet365 Bet Slip is a specialist type of bet that allows you to place a number of different multiple selection bets that are different to the Full Cover and Full Banker Bets 1Cover with singles bets that you can easily place on the site?

These bets are known as Banker Bets and they offer punters a degree of flexibility that even Full Cover bets cannot match. Yet, they are arguably one of the least used and understood bets available on the Bet365 Sports platform.

So if you have recently claimed your Bet365 Sport bonus and are looking for a way to enjoy some top quality betting, we’ll explain exactly what Banker Bets offer you and you can then decide if they offer you the type of betting you’ll enjoy.

What are Banker Bets?

Banker bets are another way of betting on multiple selections. They are only available for bets that contain three or more selections, so you’ll need to have added at least this number of selections to the bet slip to place a banker bet.

There are two stages to placing a Banker Bet, the first is selecting which of your selections will be your Banker choices and the second is selecting which of the available bets you would like to back using a combination of your banker bet plus the other selections on your bet slip.

  • Selecting the Banker(s)

Once you have added at least three selections to your bet slip, you can then head on over to the Banker section on the Bet365 bet slip (details on how to do this are outlined in the section below) and when the bet slip changes, the first thing you need to do is highlight which of your selections will be your banker bets.

Banker bets are important as these are the selections which must win, in order for your banker bet to have any chance of succeeding. It doesn’t matter if all your other selections win, if your banker bet loses, then your bet loses.

Therefore, you must have utmost confidence that any selection you back as the banker, is going to win. To select the option as a banker bet, all you need to do is highlight the box with the letter “B” inside it. Clicking this on will mean this selection is your banker bet for the bet.

You can elect to have multiple banker bets, especially if you have a larger number of selections on your bets, but remember all your banker bets must win if you are to have any chance of a Banker Bet 2return and the more bankers you have, the less chance there is of all of them winning.

In the screenshot grab, you can see that I have selected Dutch Connection at 9/4 as my Banker Bet out of the three selections made.

  • Which bets to back?

Now that we have selected our banker, the Bet Slip will change and underneath the selections a new box will open up listing all the possible Multiple Bet Options including your choice of banker plus the other selections on your slip.

In the example we have used, you can see there are two multiple bet options. 1B + 1/2 and 1B + 2/2.  What does this mean?

Well quite simply, the 1B refers to how many banker selections are on your slip. We have selected one banker option, hence we have 1B. If we had selected two banker selections, we would see 2B in this selection and so forth.

The 1/2 and 2/2 simply outline how many of the other selections would need to win in order for that bet to be successful.  The 1B + 1/2 option means that you need your banker bet plus one of the other two selections to win in order for your bet to be successful. This means you need to cover two lines with this bet (Your Banker Bet plus selection One and your Banker Bet plus selection two) hence this bet is 2 times your unit stake.

The 1B + 2/2 option means that you need your banker bet plus both of your selections to win. Essentially, you need all selections to win, so this is a single line bet, which is 1x your unit stake.

What is great about Banker Bets is you can elect to back either just one or both of these options with your bet. On A Full Cover bet, you must cover all the bets, but with a banker bet you can pick and choose which of the different facets of the bet to back.

While on a three selection Banker Bet there are just two selections, there are a great deal more when you get to four,five, six and seven selection banker bets, and by being able to select which bets Banker Bets 4to back, you can keep the initial cost of the bet down.

Placing your bet is simply a case of entering your unit stake in the box and then clicking the yellow Place Bet button. In the example above, if our unit stake was £5 and we wanted to back all options, this Banker Bet would cost us £15 to place.

Where are Banker Bets located on the bet slip?

Strange as it may seem, one of the most difficult aspects of placing a Banker Bet on Bet365 is finding where to place the bet as it is not immediately apparent on the opening screen of the site, nor the Bet Slip, where the Banker Bet slip is located.

The first thing to do is add your chosen selections to your bet slip and when you have done that, all you need to do is click on the Bet Slip box labelled Standard. It is located in the top right corner of the bet slip.

Once you have clicked on the drop down list, you will see Bankers listed under the Standard option. Simply click on this and your bet slip will change to the banker bet slip and you can then proceed with placing your bet as outlined at the start of the article.

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