Five Facts You Need To Know About Paddy Power’s Live Streaming Service

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Live Streaming services are offering punters new and exciting ways to bet on sports events that previously they would likely have been unable to watch. The thrill of In Play betting is made all Live Streaming Paddy Powerthe more exciting by watching the events unfold live on screen and that is precisely what a Live Stream provides you with.

There are several sites that now offer Live Streaming services to their customers, one of our other top sports betting sites Bet365 has a very strong Live Streaming service but in this article, we are going to focus on the Live Streams offered specifically by Paddy Power.

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5. Where can I find Paddy Power’s Live Streaming option on the site/app?

It is very easy to see a list of the events that are currently being streamed and are scheduled to be streamed at Paddy Power. Simply click on Watch Live tab on the home screen and this will bring up the current Live Streaming page, complete with a list of events that are taking place now, as well as a list of other sporting streams that will be available during the course of the day.

You can also click on the In Play Betting option in the tabs in the top right hand corner of the home page as this will bring up that option and Live Streaming options are also embedded into this page on the right hand side of the screen.

4. Do I need to place a bet in order to watch the Paddy Power Live Streams?

PP Live StreamsCurrently, all you need in order to watch a live streamed event at Paddy Power is to register an account with the company and log in to it. Additionally, there is a requirement (as there is on Bet365 Sport) to have placed a bet within the preceding 24 hours or to have a credit balance account in order to watch the live streams that the site carries. So to that end, you will have to have deposited some cash into your account and have an account balance greater than £0.

Once you are there, you can then head to either of the sections outlined above to check out the live streams that are available to view.

The only difference to this is when it comes to horseracing streams. These are available at Paddy Power, but they are only available if you have placed a qualifying bet on that particular race. Usually the bet needs to be of a stated minimum amount (with Paddy Power, this qualifying bet is of £1 or more).

Once you have placed a qualifying bet then you can tune in to the Live Stream of that race by visiting the Paddy Power site and navigating to the horseracing section and then clicking on the race you have bet on, a few minutes before the race is due to start. At some point before the race begins, the live stream will begin and you can then watch the race unfold by clicking on the Watch Live icon.

3. Is there a delay to the Live Streaming service as it is shown on the website?

Although the service on Paddy Power is advertised as being a live feed, there may be a small delay in the actual transmission which means that the actual feed you are watching can have usually between a 10 to 30 second delay on events as they happen in real life.

Of course, if a stream is required to buffer when being streamed onto a device, then the delay between real life events and the display being shown via the stream can increase. As such, Paddy Power recommends that customers using the Live Stream option should refresh their browser every 15 minutes or so to ensure that the event stays as up to date as possible.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the quality and speed of your Internet connection will determine the clarity of the live stream you can see and that at times, both these factors can vary which can result in pixellating  of the images, although this should resolve itself once your connection gets back up to speed.

2. Are there minimum requirements for hardware or connection speed?

Paddy Power recommend that you should ideally use Live Streaming if you are using the following software:

  • For Laptops & PC’s – Windows 2000/XP/Vista or above. For a web browser Paddy Power recommends Internet Explorer 6 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.
  • Broadband Speed – To cope with the amount of data sent via a live streaming sports event, Paddy Power recommends a connection speed of 512 kbp/s or higher.

In addition, we have used Paddy Power’s live streaming service on Google Chrome and have had no issues with the software on this web browser.

If your system is as described above or better and you still cannot view a live streaming service from Paddy Power, then it is worth checking the setting on any Firewall software or Anti Virus software on your device to ensure that you are not blocking the live feed this way.

1. I am going outside of the UK, can I still view live streams of sporting events via Paddy Power?

Unfortunately, no you won’t be able to view live streams of sports events in any country outside of the United Kingdom or Ireland as at the moment, Paddy Power only holds the licence to display this content in those countries.

When you log in and the IP address you use to contact the site is revealed to be from outside the UK, then any live streams will be blocked based on your location.

You can enjoy a wide variety of live streaming services from Paddy Power and while the service provided is not as extensive as that provided by Bet365 Sport, it is still a decent entry level streaming service that is well used by Paddy Power customers on a daily basis.

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