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Bet365 Goals Giveaway Free Game Gets Exciting New Update!

bet365 Goals Giveaway

What is better than winning the maximum £10 on the bet365 Goals Giveaway promotion?

Well, how about winning £50, for landing the exact same scores?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Bet365 Sport has given its massively popular free-to-play game Goals Giveaway a bit of an update…

…And the upshot of that is that there is more money to be won than ever before!

So, what has changed? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

bet365 Goals Giveaway
New Prizes for bet365 Key Promo Offer?

Bet365 Goals Giveaway Update – What’s Changed and What Hasn’t?

Let’s first examine what hasn’t changed.

Essentially, the game remains the exact same as previously.

Customers still log in to their bet365 account from 2pm each day from Monday to Friday to reveal a fixture taking place at the weekend.

One fixture is revealed per day and each day you complete the process, the fixture is added to your game entry.

You don’t have to log in each day, you can miss days and still enter the games you did catch, however your chances of winning the bigger prizes are much less if you miss a day or two on the offer.

You can have a maximum of five fixtures on your game entry.

Fixtures are selected at random each day you log in and click the reveal button. They can be taken from several different leagues and divisions (not solely the Premier League). However, they are all games that will take place over Saturday and Sunday.

The aim of the game is still to be allocated games that will see either four or five goals scored in them. For each of these games you get on your coupon, you’ll win bet365 credits.

You can also win an additional bet credits prize. But only if the total number of goals scored in all your matches on your coupon is 20 or more.

Originally, the prizes used to be a £0.50 bet credit if a game had four goals. A £1 bet credit if a game had five goals. Then an additional £5 bet credit on top of your single game winnings if your games combined for 20+ goals.

It is here that bet365 Sport has radically updated the game, with a brand new prize structure in play.

What has Changed on Bet365 Goals Giveaway?

Yep, the prizes have changed. And not in a small way.

Now you could win up to £50 in bet credits every week!

And before you wonder “what’s the catch, is the game not free any longer?”. The good news is that the bet365 Goals Giveaway game is still completely free to play.

However, exactly how much you can win is only determined on a Friday afternoon. That’s because just as your team allocations are picked randomly and allocated to you. So too will the value of your potential prizes.

Each Friday from 2pm, customers will be able to reveal their final Goals Giveaway fixture and see it added to their entry form.

Following this, customers will then be able to click on the button that will reveal their prizes for the following: –

  • Bet Credits Prize for a game with 4 goals
  • Bet Credits Prize for a game with 5 goals
  • Bet Credits Prize for a cumulative total of 20 or goals or more across your five games.

Previously, you could win a maximum of £5 in bet credits if all five of your fixtures saw five goals scored in the game or more, plus a further £5 in bet credits if your games combined for over 20 goals.

A total maximum return of £10.

However, while the new prizes are randomised, bet365 has announced that it will be possible to win up to £50 in bet credits through this modification to the game.

That means that depending on how the randomised draw goes, you could be playing for £50 one week, but for a smaller amount the next.

I would suspect however that you are unlikely to find the lowest amount you could win would be any less than what the original Goals Giveaway game at bet365 offered.

How Could The £50 Bet Credits Top Prize Be Won?

bet365 Goals Giveaway
Up to £50 Can Be Won!

The safest way to assume that you could win the top prize of £50 in bet credits, would be to assume that the current cash prizes would be increased by 5x their previous amount.

So, for a match having four goals, the prize would be £2.50 in bet credits, not £0.50.

If a match had five goals, the prize would be £5.00 in bet credits, not £1.

Finally, if you landed 20 or more goals from your games in any game week, then you would win £25, not £5 in bet credits, on top of the money you landed from your single game wins.

So, with five maximum wins of £5 from single games (5 x £5 = £25) plus an additional £25 for 20 goals or more, you can see that £25 + £25 would equal £50.

However, the randomised element of the prizes means that bet365 will offer a range of prizes selected at random and the logical approach to this would be: –

  • 4 Goal Games – £0.50 or £1.00, or £1.50, or £2.00 or £2.50 in bet credits
  • 5 Goal Games – £1.00, or £2.00, or £3.00 or £4.00 or £5.00 in bet credits
  • 20+ Goals Cumulatively – £5.00 or £10.00 or £15.00 or £20.00 or £25 in bet credits

It also remains to be seen whether each prize is entirely random, or whether one prize is selected at random and the other prizes worked out from that.

For example, if all prizes were selected randomly you may get £1.00 for a 4 goal game, £5 for a 5 goal game and £15 for landing 20 or more goals.

But if the prizes were linked and based on one selection, then if the 4 Goal Games was selected as £2.00, then you would get £4.00 for the 5 Goal Games and £20 for 20 or more goals scored cumulatively across the games.

It also remains to be seen whether this offer is just a short-term one until the end of the season, which is coming up shortly. Or whether it will be a long-term offer that continues once the new season starts.

However, it is generally the case that most bet365 promotions are longer-term offers, rather than short-term promotions.

So just in case this is a short-term offer, it may be wise to ensure you participate in this new offer over the weeks it is available over the remainder of the season!

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