Manage Your Sports Money Wisely And Bet Using Bet365 Sports Stats Pack

The only thing that is certain about sports betting is that it is an uncertain form of entertainment. The very nature of betting is that you can win, or lose, on any bet. Sometimes even the Bet365 Stats Packhottest favourites fail to win and the largest underdog can overturn the odds and succeed.

You only have to look back at some of the biggest surprises of recent  times, The 2013 Grand National Winner, Aurora’s Encore won at 33/1, while in 2009, Mon Mome was an even bigger odds winner at 100/1. Only the famous Foinavon in recent times can match that.

Then there was the huge shock in the world of boxing when Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson at the height of Tyson’s power and when Tyson was a huge 1/60 favourite.

So yes, strange results can happen and it is tempting to think that you can’t predict them and while that may be the case in all cases, what you can do is certainly improve your accuracy on bets that you make on the myriad of more even markets available in their millions each day.

The key to managing your sports betting choices wisely is research and your biggest friend in this field is the humble Statistics pack.

Fortuately many of the top sites have their own stats pack available and that is certainly true of Bet365 Sport. Not a customer? Join today to claim free bets at Bet365 Sport.

Where to find the Bet365 Stats pack

One of the first things you will need to get to grips with is where to locate the Bet365 Stats pack as it isn’t immediately obvious where it is on the site. There are two ways to locate it and they are to the far right of the screen in the Home bar, there is an icon with what appears to be a bar graph on it. This is the quick link to the stats section.

The alternative is to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and when you reach the bottom, there is a column that lists Form and Stats, and you can access a number of different statistical menus from this section.

When you click on the icon or a stats menu option, the Stats page on Bet365 opens in a pop up window. This is particularly useful as it allows you to drag that window away from the main stream so you can consult the stats and quickly reference them with the bets that you are looking at.

Once the window is open, you are ready to start researching your bets.

How to use the stats pack to help you bet more effectively

Using the stats pack to research your bets is very simple. There are essentially two ways to do this and either are acceptable ways to research bets. First, you can pick a bet you like the look of and see if the statistics support the bet you want to make, or secondly, you can peruse the stats looking for trends and from these trends, isolate which betting market would make a good bet.

In terms of time, arguably the second method is slightly quicker than the first, but only if your choice of betting markets in the first option don’t prove to be as sound in terms of the statistical evidence as you believed.

The way you can utilise stats to help you in your betting is best shown by means of an example.

Example 1: Let’s assume you want to place a bet on Arsenal taking on Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League and you have selected the Arsenal to win the match and both teams to score bet, which is available at Bet365 at 8/5. Do the stats support this bet?

Well in the Premier League, Arsenal games average 2.71 goals per game scoring 23 goals, conceding 11 in 13 games. In the Croatian League, Dinamo Zagreb average 2.53 goals per game and they tend to score two goals per game domestically.

However, this match takes place in the Champions League and how do the stats in this competition look?

In their four games in the competition thus far, Arsenal have kept only one clean sheet and have scored six goals, conceding ten.  Dinamo Zagreb have also won one game, scoring just three goals in the competition (two of those at home against Arsenal) and conceding nine.

What this suggests is that while Arsenal are defensively frail, they do tend to score goals, especially at home in the competition, while Dinamo Zagreb have only scored once on their travels in the competition thus far.

Given home advantage, the bet on Arsenal winning and both teams scoring perhaps doesn’t look so great when you compare the Champions League stats, even though domestic stats did seem to support that conclusion.

The great thing about the Bet365 Stats pack is that it includes a vast amount of data on a wide range of sports, so you can research almost any bet on the site and give yourself some insight as to whether the bet will be successful or not.

Bet365 features similar to stats pack

The good news is for potential bet researchers is that there are other items on the Bet365 site alongside the stats pack that can help you formulate your bets with more accuracy.

The first and most obvious of these is the Bet365 news service. This is located behind the icon to the left of the Bar Graph in the home section of the home page and it is represented by an icon depicting a newspaper front page.

In this section, there are a number of news items across a wide range of different sports which will bring you up to date news on major events taking place in the world of sport. Of course, being on a betting site, these are strongly linked to the different types of bets available.

In addition to the sports betting news section, there is also an audio section which brings you up to the minute sports news particularly on horseracing, greyhounds, soccer and cricket.

Researching your bet using these tools has never been easier and if you want to be more successful when placing sports bets at Bet365 or indeed Sky Bet or Paddy Power, using the powerful research tools at your disposal is a great way to hone in on the better chance bets.

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