UK Punters: Here’s What You Can Expect From Bet365’s US Sports Service

US Sports Service Bet 365Although we may think of a number of sports being ‘American’, it is certainly true that many of these sports are enjoying increasing popularity around the globe.

The NFL is growing in popularity especially in Europe and the UK, the NBA is also growing in popularity in this part of the world, while baseball has enjoyed huge popularity in Japan in particular.

That is not all however, MLS Soccer is also growing in popularity thanks to the increase in the number of teams and the fact that many top soccer superstars such as Steven Gerrard, Kaka, David Villa, Robbie Keane and Frank Lampard have chosen to play in the league.

Ice Hockey too, while popular across the United States, is also hugely popular in Eastern bloc and Baltic countries, not to mention Scandinavia.

US Sports betting features on Bet365

What is certainly true is that now more than ever, arguably thanks to the digital age and the widespread use of the Internet, sports that were once thought of as being wholly American are now enjoying great popularity abroad. With that spurt in popularity has come a demand for punters to be able to bet on these games.

Of course, when you are based outside of America, you need a quality bookmaker that understands not just the sports and the traditional American betting markets, but also the needs of the punter from other parts of the world.

Without doubt, Bet365 Sports are a bookmaker who have taken on this somewhat arduous task and come up with arguably the best US sports service you will find on any sports betting site.

So why is Bet365 Sports US Sports service just so good? Let’s take a closer look at some of the options available for the punter who wants to bet on US sports with Bet365 and you’ll quickly see why the company is an industry leader for US Sports betting.

If you aren’t a customer, be sure to see our page explaining how to get free Bet 365 Sport bets when you register as a new UK player.

Diversity of markets across a wide range of US sports

So when you think of betting on US sports, do you think you will only have a relatively small number of bets to choose from? Well Bet365 Sports blows that notion out of the water because the wealth of options you have to bet on for each US sport is incredible.

It is best that we use one sport as an example here, so we are going to take the most American of all the sports, American Football. With Bet365 Sport, you can not only bet on the popular Game Lines bets that are hugely popular in North America, but you can also click on any forthcoming games in the NFL and bet on a huge number of markets for these games.

The markets are a great mix of “American”” type bets, where teams are handicapped and the odds displayed are usually as close to even money as possible, as well as more “British” type of bets, which generally feature a lot more selections and come with longer odds (such as who will score the first or last touchdown in any stated game).

So there’s many, many markets available for each game in the NFL, but did you know that you can also bet on other American Football league games too? Including the Canadian Football League (CFL), college football games (NCAAF) and even the indoor Arena Football League?

Furthermore, there is an extensive antepost betting market available where you can bet on which NFL teams will win their conference, who will achieve the most regular season wins in their conference, player specials, who will win the superbowl and much more.

When you consider this is all available for just one of the American sports and other sports are given a similar level of detail and attention to bring you as many different betting markets as possible, you can see that you’ll never be short of US Sports markets to bet on at Bet365 Sport.

The 50% Parlay Bonus for US sports accumulator bets

In addition to a superb range of markets, Bet365 also offers a continual promotion for US sports enthusiasts who enjoy placing accumulator bets involving the top US sports. Place an accumulator using selections from the NFL, NCAAF, CLF, NGA, NCAAB, MLB or NHL from the Spread/Run Line/Puck Line, Game Totals, 1st Half Point Spread, 2nd Half Point Spread, 1st Half Totals, 2nd Half Totals or Money Lines and if your bet is successful you’ll win a bonus.

How much that bonus is depends on how many selections are in your successful accumulator bet. If your bet is a double, you will win a 5% bonus on top of your winnings. If you manage to land a 12-fold acca or more, then you’ll win a massive 50% bonus paid on top of your winnings.

The amount of bonus increases by 5% with each additional selection from 4-folds and upwards with a 2.5% increase between Double bets and Treble bets.

For acca bet lovers, this offer, available all year round, gives you the chance to bump up your winnings every time you land a successful bet.

Competitive odds across all US sports markets

It is one thing offering a load of different markets for US sports, but if the odds that you offer on those markets are not competitive, then you are going to struggle to persuade punters to bet with you. Fortunately with Bet365, their US sports betting service provides odds that are consistently on a par, or better, than those you will find with other bookmakers.

For example, if you wanted to back which of the two conferences would win Superbowl 2016, Bet365 are currently offering the best price available out of all bookmakers offering this bet at 23/20, which is considerably better than the 9/10 offered with Betway or the even money offered with Stan James.

In Play betting and Live Streaming services for some US sports

Finally, many US sports enthusiasts bemoan the fact that while some sports, such as the NFL, is covered well on TV, others receive less coverage. However if you are a Bet365 customer, that isn’t an issue thanks to the sites excellent live streaming service.

The site streams a huge number of baseball and basketball games in particular from the US, which means it is a great place to keep up to date with your favourite teams in these sports.

That’s not all however as alongside the live streams is an extensive In Play betting service which offers a huge range of in play bets in addition to all the antepost bets we mentioned earlier. Bet365 offers In Play betting across the whole range of US Sports so you can bet while the action unfolds.

If you are looking for a reliable, comprehensive and great value US sports betting service provider then you should definitely check out what Bet365 Sport has to offer.

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