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Celebrate the Start of the Football League Season with these Top Bets at Bet365

On Friday evening, Sunderland will start their attempt to bounce back into the Premier League at the first attempt when they host Derby County in the opening game of the Football League season, which is being shown live on Sky Sports. With teams in the lower three tiers of English soccer getting their seasons under way a week before the Premier League, it is your first chance to enjoy some outstanding soccer betting on the new season.

While you can enjoy some great betting at SkyBet, there’s equally enticing betting opportunities on offer at Bet365 Sport over the course of the season and while you can’t use the popular Euro Soccer Bonus on accumulator bets involving selections from the Football League, there are a couple of other promotions you can take advantage of at Bet365.

So if you’d like to join Bet365 Sport in time for the season then why not do so by taking advantage of the fantastic Bet365 Sport £100 free bets bonus, allowing you the chance to earn up to £100 extra in cash on your first deposit with the site.

So with that cash rattling around in your account, what are the betting options available to you at Bet365 if you are not a fan of the Premier League and prefer to do your wagering outside of the top flight of English football. Here’s a look at some of the best bets and offers you can access throughout this season in the Football League at Bet365 Sport.

Unlimited Places on First Goalscorer Each/Way Bets

On games in the Football League where Bet365 Sport are offering odds on the First Goalscorer market, then you can take advantage of this exciting offer, Each Way First Goalscorer betting.

With this bet, when you back a player to score the first goal in a game each way, your bet is split into two separate wagers. Half of your stake is placed on the player being the first player to score in the game, and half of your stake goes on the player to score at any point in the game (at 1/3 of the stated odds).

So for example, if you placed a £10 bet on Jack Grealish to score the first goal of the game in the Aston Villa v Hull City game at odds of 6/1 each way. Then your bet would cost you £20 as there are two separate lines to cover. You would have £10 on Grealish to Score first at 6/1 and £10 on him to score at any time at 2/1.

If Grealish then goes on to score the first goal in the game, then both lines in your bet would win and you would receive back £60, plus your £10 stake from the Win side of the bet and £20 plus your £10 stake money back for the Each Way side of the bet for a total return of £100.

However, if Grealish doesn’t score the first goal but did score a goal later in the game then your Win bet would lose, but your Each Way bet would win, offering you a return of £20 plus your £10 stake money back for a return of £30. A small profit on the bet.

Bet365 offers first goalscorer betting on a large number of matches usually from around 24 hours before the game starts (to ensure that they can offer the latest odds on players that are likely to feature in the game and not miss out through injury or suspension). However, first goalscorer betting is not available on all games at all levels.

Bore Draw Money Back Guarantee

If you are looking for a football betting offer that is available on almost any soccer match that you can bet on at Bet365, then take a look at the hugely popular Bore Draw Money Back guarantee.

To access this offer, all you need to do is place a pre-match bet on any of the Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time or Scorecast markets with Bet365 on any soccer match that they offer these markets for (which is the vast majority of games that the site carries, if not all of them).

If your bet is placed successfully on any of those three markets and the game that you have bet on finishes in a 0-0 draw, then Bet365 will refund your stake in full back to you as a free bet.

If you have used the Edit Bet feature prior to kick off to alter an existing bet, then only the active stake on the edited bet will be refunded as part of the offer.

At first this doesn’t seem like a particularly expansive offer, but to get a better idea of the long term value this bet offers punters that like to bet on these trio of hugely popular betting markets, you need to take a look at how many games in leagues across the globe end up as a 0-0 draw.

Taking into account a large number of leagues across the world, the average percentage of games in each league that finished in a 0-0 draw was somewhere between 7.5% and 8.6%. However, depending on what leagues you bet on, then the chances of encountering a 0-0 draw can fluctuate quite considerably. For example a couple of years ago 13.9% of results in the Ukranian Premier League finished 0-0, whereas in the Chilean League back in 2008/09 just 1.9% of results finished 0-0.

What this means that this is a bonus which if you only make infrequent bets on the three markets for matches then the likelihood of the game finishing goalless is around 7% to 9%, however if you make several bets each weekend on these markets and do that over the course of the season, you can see how this offer starts to add up for more regular punters that make regular multiple bets on these markets each weekend.

This is particularly useful if you make larger than standard bets and wager a considerable sum as then this form of insurance promotion really can pay dividends for you over the course of the season.

Don’t forget you can still make accumulator/multiple selection bets too

Although betting on accumulators on Football League games isn’t covered by Bet365’s Euro Soccer Bonus, that doesn’t mean that this form of betting is any less enjoyable or potentially profitable.

With a wealth of games to pick from each week, including a much broader canvas of matches to pick from than simply the Premier League, there is real potential to earn some big money each week through accumulator betting with Bet365 on the football league.

That’s not all though as you can also place other bets including Full Cover Bets and Full Cover With Singles Bets, not to mention Bet365’s Banker Bets which allow you to select one or more of your selections as your banker bet and then team that up with different combinations of your other selections for the most flexible form of multiple bet that there is.

Bet365 offers a massive choice of football betting on the Football League across the season, so why not sign up today and start betting as the season kicks off with a bang.

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