Emmanuel Petit’s Insights on Euro 2024: Analysis and Predictions

bet365 emmanuel petit euro 2024 interview

Emmanuel Petit was speaking exclusively as part of bet365’s Euro 2024 coverage

In an exclusive interview with Bet365, Emmanuel Petit, the former Arsenal star and French international, provided a candid and authoritative assessment of Euro 2024. Petit’s comments ranged from critiquing England’s playing style under Gareth Southgate to highlighting potential stars like Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden, drawing comparisons to legendary midfield duos. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of his key insights:

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England’s Performance and Gareth Southgate

Petit did not mince words when describing England’s performance under Gareth Southgate at Euro 2024. He criticized their playing style as “boring,” paralleling it with France’s own struggles. Despite finishing first in their group, Petit emphasized the lack of cohesive team play and suggested that England’s tactics under Southgate prioritize individual prowess over collective team spirit.

He pointed out the challenges faced by star striker Harry Kane, attributing his struggles to midfield disconnects rather than individual performance. Petit questioned Southgate’s tactical decisions, especially in crucial matches, highlighting the need for improvement as they progress to the knockout stages.

Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden: The New Lampard and Gerrard?

Drawing a parallel between the young duo of Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden and the iconic partnership of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, Petit noted similarities in their playing styles and the potential they possess. However, he cautioned that managing such strong individual talents within a team dynamic is crucial for success, hinting at potential ego clashes hindering team cohesion.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal’s Evolution

Petit praised Cristiano Ronaldo’s adaptability and leadership within the Portuguese team. He highlighted Ronaldo’s selfless playmaking abilities as evidence of his evolution from a pure goal-scorer to a team-oriented player, crucial for Portugal’s chances at Euro 2024. He commended Portugal’s overall team strength and Ronaldo’s pivotal role in shaping their strategy and mentality.

Predictions and Insights

Regarding England’s chances in the tournament, Petit remained cautiously optimistic, drawing parallels to Portugal’s underwhelming group stage performance before winning Euro 2016. He underscored the unpredictability of tournament football, emphasizing that performance in the group stages does not necessarily dictate success in the knockout rounds.

Petit singled out Spain as the team that impressed him the most alongside Portugal, citing their collective quality and tactical prowess as key factors. He highlighted specific players like Riccardo Calafiori and Nico Williams as potential targets for clubs like Arsenal, advocating for their versatility and impact potential in the Premier League.

Transfer Market Analysis

In discussing potential transfers, Petit offered insights into various players’ suitability for Premier League clubs. From Manuel Ugarte’s defensive qualities for Manchester United to the potential impact of Victor Osimhen at Arsenal, he provided nuanced opinions on how these signings could bolster respective clubs’ strengths.


Emmanuel Petit’s interview with Bet365 provided a deep dive into the complexities of Euro 2024, offering tactical analysis, player evaluations, and predictions that reflect his keen understanding of football dynamics at both the national team and club levels. His observations not only highlight the current state of European football but also hint at future trends in player transfers and strategic developments in the sport.

Overall, Petit’s authoritative voice adds significant depth to the ongoing discourse surrounding Euro 2024, making his insights invaluable for fans and pundits alike as they follow the tournament’s progression.

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