Everything You Need To Know About eSports Betting At Bet365 Sports

If you are eagle-eyed and have been a regular punter with Bet365 Sports for many years, then over the past 12 months or so you will have noticed another option becoming available for eSports Bet365punters. That option was eSports (or E-Sports as Bet365 label it).

In this article, we’ll uncover exactly what eSports are, how they work, whether they are a legitimate form of betting entertainment, the different types of eSports you can bet on at Bet365 Sport and lastly, we’ll outline how easy it is to place a bet on an eSports betting market.

Before you bet of course, you’ll need to be a Bet365 customer, so check out all the information you need on our detailed Bet365 Sports welcome bonus review page.

So let us begin by going back to the very beginning and explaining exactly what qualifies as an eSport.

What are eSports?

Many people assume eSports is simply a contest between two or more players on a computer or console-based game, played over a local network, or over the Internet. In that, they are correct, but what is important to note is that the eSports you are betting on at Bet365 are not a game of Call of Duty between your son or daughter and their friends from school.

Of course, online gaming is huge business nowadays and there are many different games across a wide range of consoles as well as computers that people can play. Over time an elite group of players have emerged across the globe across some of the most popular of these games.

These players have divided themselves into teams, or play as individuals, in specific eSports games and it this top level of gaming that is the basis of modern eSports betting.

A good analogy being that your son and daughter playing FIFA online against friends is the equivalent of Sunday League football, while the eSports you see available to bet on at Bet365 Sport are the Premier League or even Champions League equivalent.

How do eSports work and how popular are they?

At the highest level, eSports work in one of two ways. Either players compete against each other from their home computers in an online environment or for the bigger and higher profile events, teams will get together to compete offline over a Local Area Network at various places and tournaments around the globe.

In eSports betting, you can bet on both of these types of event, though it is the higher profile events usually played over a LAN that tend to attract the most types of betting and draw the biggest interest from punters and eSports fans.

Each eSports tournament is organised differently with both individual and team based competitions depending on the specific eSport you are betting on. The range of betting available on each competition depends on how ‘big’ the competition is, with the bigger events having a wide range of betting markets available.

You can also even bet In Play now on some eSports events at Bet365, while you can follow the action of many events live on the Twitch streaming service, or similar.

In terms of the popularity of these events, they are amongst the fastest growing betting markets in the world today and the number of people that either participate or watch eSports is increasing rapidly each year, hence the reason for the huge increase in eSports betting opportunities across a wide range of betting sites.

Currently, eSports are phenomenally successful in Asia, especially in South Korea and China where the top eSports players enjoy fame that would be on a par with the top professional sportsmen and women in the UK and Europe.

Are eSports legitimate?

Absolutely, the biggest events in the world can now attract sponsorship and prize money well in excess of millions of pounds or dollars, with many more having prize pools that are hundreds of thousands. Even smaller events can attract sponsorship and prize money of $50,000 dollars upwards.

In addition, all eSports players at the highest level have their own reputations and sponsorship deals in place and there is even talk of drug testing players in future events to ensure fairness all round.

You’ll be glad to know that if a top eSports player is losing, they won’t throw their controller down and rage quit a game as they have too much to lose, hence betting companies and sponsors of the top events know that eSports events are as legitimate as contests as any other sporting event.

eSports you can bet on at Bet365 Sport

Although you could class any game that you can play online against other players, or over a Local Area Network against opponents, as an eSports, there are certain eSports that have a huge following of players and it is these eSports which tend to be the focus for the big eSports events they are:

  • League of Legends (LoL) – A fantasy based combat theatre game
  • Call of Duty (COD) – A first person perspective shoot’em up
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) – Individual or team based tactical shoot ‘em up where strategy is also involved across several game modes
  • Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) – Another fantasy based combat game
  • StarCraft II – Space based combat game between different races of beings
  • Hearthstone – Fantasy based combat game

There may well be other eSports that are focused on for betting at various times but these tend to be the biggest eSports and the most often available on the Bet365 sports betting site.

How to place a bet on an eSports market with Bet365

Placing a bet on an eSports betting market with Bet365 is completed in exactly the same way as you would place any other sports bet with the company.

Simply visit the eSports section of the site (which is visible in the A-Z listing of sports down the left hand side of the home page) and click on it to bring up the eSports menu. Here you will find a list of eSports events taking place around this time. Simply find the event and match you wish to bet on in the market of your choice and click on the odds.

This will add that selection to your bet slip and you can then place your bet by entering your stake on the bet slip and clicking Place Bet. Your bet is now placed.

Over the past 12 months, the number of eSports bets available on Bet365 Sport has increased massively as interest in this new form of betting and gaming has grown markedly and over the years, it is only likely that this rapid rate of growth in interest in this form of betting, will continue.

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