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Everything You Need To Know About Euro 2020!

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The tournament may have been cancelled for a year, but the Euro 2020 tournament is set to get underway on Friday with the first game taking place in Rome between Italy and Turkey. It has been a long wait for international managers, but they will finally get their chance to pit their wits as 24 of the best teams in Europe battle it out to become Euro 2020 Champions.

In this article, we are going to preview the tournament as a whole, as well as give you the rundown of the Group Stages of the tournament, including which teams we think will finish top of each of the six groups, as well as the ten other teams I am backing to join them in the Round of 16.

In later weeks, as we give in depth coverage to this tournament and the Copa America that is taking place in South America at the exact same time, we will focus on specific games as the tournament progresses.

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So, let’s begin our look at the Euro 2020 tournament by giving you the lowdown on what to expect over the next month or so.

2020 European Championships Preview

The 2020 European Championships was originally scheduled to take place in the Summer ofBet365 Casino Free Spins Euro Sweepstake 2020 across multiple venues in Europe, a special celebratory event to signify 60 years since the first European Championships were held in 1960.

The delay has seen a number of venues forced to pull out of hosting games for the tournament and this means that some groups have seen their venues changed for the tournament. However, all 24 teams that originally qualified will take part.

The 24 qualifiers were split into four seeded pots and the draw was made for the Group Stages of the tournament at the end of 2019.

Each group, the two venues used for that group and the full set of fixtures for each are outlined below:

Group A

  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Wales
  • Switzerland

Match Venues – Rome (Italy) & Baku (Azerbaijan)

Group A Fixtures

  • June 11 – Turkey v Italy (Rome, 8pm)
  • June 12 – Wales v Switzerland (Baku, 2pm)
  • June 16 – Turkey v Wales (Baku, 5pm)
  • June 16 – Italy v Switzerland (Rome, 8pm)
  • June 20 – Italy v Wales (Rome, 5pm)
  • June 20 – Switzerland v Turkey (Baku, 5pm)

Group B

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Russia

Match Venues – Saint Petersburg (Russia) & Copenhagen (Denmark)

Group B Fixtures

  • June 12 – Denmark v Finland (Copenhagen, 5pm)
  • June 12 – Belgium v Russia (Saint Petersburg, 8pm)
  • June 16 – Finland v Russia (Saint Petersburg, 2pm)
  • June 17 – Denmark v Belgium (Copenhagen, 5pm)
  • June 21 – Russia v Denmark (Copenhagen, 5pm)
  • June 21 – Belgium v Finland (Saint Petersburg, 5pm)

Group C

  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • North Macedonia
  • Ukraine

Match Venues – Bucharest (Romania) & Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Group C Fixtures

  • June 13 – Austria v North Macedonia (Bucharest, 5pm)
  • June 13 – Netherlands v Ukraine (Amsterdam, 8pm)
  • June 17 – Ukraine v North Macedonia (Bucharest, 2pm)
  • June 17 – Netherlands v Austria (Amsterdam, 8pm)
  • June 21 – North Macedonia v Netherlands (Amsterdam, 5pm)
  • June 21 – Ukraine v Austria (Bucharest, 5pm)

Group D

  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • England
  • Scotland

Match Venues – London (England), Glasgow (Scotland)

Group D Fixtures

  • June 13 – England v Croatia (London, 8pm)
  • June 14 – Scotland v Czech Republic (Glasgow, 2pm)
  • June 18 – Croatia v Czech Republic (Glasgow, 5pm)
  • June 18 – England v Scotland (London, 8pm)
  • June 22 – Croatia v Scotland (Glasgow, 8pm)
  • June 22 – England v Czech Republic (London, 8pm)

Group E

  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Match Venues – Seville (Spain) & Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Group E Fixtures

  • June 14 – Poland v Slovakia (Saint Petersburg, 5pm)
  • June 14 – Spain v Sweden (Seville, 8pm)
  • June 18 – Sweden v Slovakia (Saint Petersburg, 2pm)
  • June 19 – Spain v Poland (Seville, 8pm)
  • June 23 – Sweden v Poland (Saint Petersburg, 5pm)
  • June 23 – Spain v Slovakia (Seville, 5pm)

Group F

  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Portugal

Match Venues – Munich (Germany) & Budapest (Hungary)

Group F Fixtures

  • June 15 – Hungary v Portugal (Budapest, 5pm)
  • June 15 – France v Germany (Munich, 8pm)
  • June 19 – Hungary v France (Budapest, 2pm)
  • June 19 – Portugal v Germany (Munich, 5pm)
  • June 23 – Portugal v France (Budapest, 8pm)
  • June 23 – Germany v Hungary (Munich, 8pm)

The winners and second placed teams in each group will qualify for the Round of 16, together with the four best third-placed teams from the six groups.

Who Will Be The Group Winners?

Looking at the six groups, some seem to be a lot easier to predict the winner of than others and this is reflected in the odds for each of my selections below:

  • Group A Winners – Italy (8/15)
  • Group B Winners – Belgium (8/11)
  • Group C Winners – Netherlands (2/5)
  • Group D Winners – England (2/5)
  • Group E Winners – Spain (1/3)
  • Group F Winners – France (11/8)

First off, four of my selections here will play each of their three group games at home. Italy, Netherlands, England and Spain and as such, with the home record of these teams generally good, I think these are probably the safest bets in this particular selection.

The two selections I am less confident off are Belgium and France.

Belgium have to play both Denmark and Russia in what are effectively away games and while Finland should not present any problems, these two games will be tricky for a side that have injury worries over two key players in Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. However, I am still backing them as they have beaten both teams home and away, quite comfortably, in recent times.

France are the pick I am least convinced of as you can tell by the odds. The World Cup winners will need to get a result against Germany in Germany in order to top this group, as well as beat Hungary in Hungary and also get a result on neutral ground against Portugal.

However, you can say the same thing for Portugal and while Germany are at home for their games, I do feel this is a team very much in transition and as such, with France being World Cup Winners, I just favour them to top the group.

Which Other Ten Teams Will Qualify For The Round Of 16?

Alongside the six group winners, ten other teams will qualify for the Round of 16, the six secondSports streaming in March 2020 placed teams in each group, plus the best four of the six third-placed teams out of the six groups.

I have gone through each group, predicting the scores for each game and I have the following ten teams as being the other Round of 16 qualifiers. Odds shown are to qualify from the group.

Second Placed Finishers

  • Group A – Switzerland (4/7)
  • Group B – Denmark (2/9)
  • Group C – Ukraine (2/7)
  • Group D – Croatia (3/10)
  • Group E – Poland (2/5)
  • Group F – Germany (1/12)

Third Placed Qualifiers

  • Group B – Russia (4/9)
  • Group D – Scotland (6/5)
  • Group E – Sweden (4/9)
  • Group F – Portugal (2/7)

My reasoning here is that I think it will require a team to get at least 3 points in order to earn a third place qualifying spot. I can see these four teams winning one of their games (and some I can see perhaps drawing another to collect four points) whereas in Groups A and C, I can see the third placed team only picking up one or two points maximum.

I feel Scotland can beat the Czech Republic on home soil and maybe even nab a draw with Croatia. The team that could be in danger could be Portugal as they have away games with Germany and Hungary and if they don’t win one of those, then they are going to need a win against France which is a tall order.

Join us again next week when we preview the opening round of games and take a look at the next fixtures coming up in the tournament.

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