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It seems fitting in a week that sees one of the biggest horseracing meets of the year taking place at the Cheltenham Festival (not to mention with the Aintree Grand National just a month away and the flat season about to begin) that we take a look at what Bet365 Sports is offering when it comes to horseracing.

Of course, horseracing in all its forms is the cornerstone of the betting industry and indeed, the history of both are almost interlinked from the moment they first ever decided to race horses for pleasure in the UK.

In this article, we are going to examine some of the fantastic offers available for horseracing punters at Bet365 Sport that makes it one of the best value sites when it comes to betting on the horses.

Long Term Offers

Bet365 Price Promise

The Bet365 Price Promise is a promotion that is linked to the televised races that are broadcast on ITV or ITV4 throughout the week. Only the races broadcast live on ITV or ITV4 are covered by this offer (races shown by delayed transmission are not included).

The offer is simple and that is from 10am on the day of the race in question, Bet365 Sport will constantly monitor and update their prices on every runner in every live televised ITV or ITV4 race to ensure that they offer the best price on that selection compared to a wide selection of top UK and Ireland bookmakers.

When used in conjunction with the Best Odds Guaranteed offer below, you can be sure that whatever price you get for your selection, whether that’s a pre-race price or the starting price, you will always get the best odds possible with Bet365.

ITV 4/1 Offer

Bet365 Horse RacingAnother offer that is linked to ITV Racing is the ITV 4/1 offer and this is of particular interest to punters as it offers them a chance to earn free bets up to the value of £50.

The offer once again applies only to any live race shown on ITV or ITV4 and to participate in the offer all you need to do is place a bet of up to £50 on a televised race, on a selection that is of odds 4/1 or greater.

If your selection wins, then Bet365 will give you a completely free bet to the same value as your winning bet on the very next live televised race on ITV or ITV4.

So, for example, if you back a horse with a £50 bet to win at 4/1 with Bet365 and it wins the first televised race of the day on ITV or ITV4. You would win £200, plus your £50 stake back, plus you would then receive a free £50 bet on the second live race of the day, courtesy of Bet365.

However that is not all, if your Free Bet then goes on to win at odds of 4/1 or better, then you’ll receive back your winnings on the bet and you will then receive ANOTHER free bet to use on the next live race. Keep picking winners at odds of 4/1 or better in ITV or ITV4 live races and Bet365 will keep rewarding you with free bets.

Feature Race 4/1 Offer

Of course, while ITV’s racing coverage is extensive, it is not shown every day on the television and on days when there is no ITV 4/1 offer available, punters can access a similar offer on Bet365 called the Feature Race 4/1 Offer.

Each day that there isn’t live racing on the TV, Bet365 will designate a certain number of races as Feature Races. If a punter then places a bet of up to £50 on a runner in this race at odds of 4/1 or better and that horse wins, then they will not only get back their winnings and stake, but also a free £50 bet on the very next Feature Race.

Like the ITV 4/1 Offer, if you keep backing winners in the Feature Race at odds of 4/1 or better, then you will keep receiving free bets.

Best Odds Guaranteed

The Best Odds Guarantee is applied on every horse race (and greyhound race) every day and ensures that no matter what the price of the selection is when the punter places the bet, compared to Bet365 Horse racing promosthe starting price, the customer will always be paid out at the best price.

For example, if you log in to place a bet pre race and back a horse at odds of 6/1, but by the time the race starts, the horse has been backed in to 4/1, then you will be paid out at the original price of 6/1.

However, if instead of being backed in to 4/1, your 6/1 selection drifts in the betting to, say 8/1, then you will be paid out at the 8/1 price.

This offer includes Board Prices, Bet365 Early Prices, singles, multiples and showcast bets.

Racing Value

Bet365 also applies a number of rules that can offer the punter added value when betting on the horses with the company. These are:

  • Early Prices available on Every UK and Irish horse race
  • Showcast Exclusive bets.
  • Enhanced Place Terms on selected races and meetings
  • Bet365 also pays out on disqualified horses as well as the official winner
  • No 5p Rule 4 deductions.

Although not offers, these rules ensure that when punters bet with Bet365, they can get potentially a much better value deal than with other comparable bookmakers.

Event-Specific Specials

Eg. Cheltenham Festival Value

For certain major horseracing meetings throughout the year, such as the Cheltenham Festival, the Aintree Grand National meeting, Royal Ascot, The Guineas meeting at Newmarket and the Derby meeting at Epsom, Bet365 Sport may offer special themed promotions on these events.

In addition to the usual offers outlined above, all of which should be available for the duration of the meeting in question, Bet365 may also offer some additional offers.

This can include Enhanced Place Terms offers, which sees the company offer payment on additional places in races beyond the first two or three in a race, or they will pay out at ¼ the odds on all races in the meeting, not just those that qualify.

In addition, for top races, you can often bet In Play on a race and try to pick the winner as you are watching the race unfold. Remember, if you place a pre-market bet of £0.50 or more on any race, then you can watch the Live Stream of that race for free on your mobile or desktop PC.

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