Maximising Your Euro Soccer Bonus with Bet365 Sports

Accumulator bets are always amongst the most popular of sports bets made every week and no sport sees more acca’s placed on it than soccer.

With Bet365 Sports however, there is an added incentive to place your acca bet with them in the form of its Euro Soccer Bonus.

Not a customer of Bet365 Sports? Not a problem, and if you make a new account today you will qualify for free Bet365 sports bets.

What is the Bet365 Sport Euro Soccer Bonus?

With Bet365, if you place an accumulator bet of three selections or more and all your selections on your coupon are drawn from one of five competitions (the Barclays Premier LeagueSerie ALa LigaBundesliga I and the Champions League) then your coupon automatically qualifies for a special bonus, if your bet is successful.Bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus

This is the Euro Soccer Bonus and how big your bonus is depends entirely on the number of selections that you make.

If you make the minimum three selections then your bonus will be 5% of your winnings, however if you make the maximum 14-fold bet and manage to land it, then Bet365 will pay you DOUBLE your winnings, a 100% bonus.

The more selections you make on your coupon from the leagues above, then the higher the bonus you will receive, however as any experienced accumulator punter will tell you, the more selections on your coupon, the harder it is to hit a successful bet. So what’s the optimal number of selections to make your acca bet with?

Well on Bet365, they pay 10% bonuses on both 4-fold and 5-fold accas, so there’s no massive improvement in value in selecting five fixtures as opposed to four, therefore, I’d recommend starting with a fourfold acca, or if you fancy a bigger win, trying for a 6-fold acca.

The bonus on higher number of selections are very appealing and I personally have landed an 8-fold once (many moons ago) but landing these bets on a regular basis is very difficult, so I would strongly recommend starting with a 4-fold bet or 6-fold bet initially on Bet365.

Formulating your accumulator: What are the best selections?

The key to maximising your bonus from an acca is to get accuracy and good value selections, but what you will find is that the best selections that offer great value are also the most difficult to predict and the easiest, typically offer only very poor value.

Let’s take this coming weekend and look at four teams that are usually victors every week. Bayern Munich (from the Bundesliga), Chelsea (Barclays Premier League) and Barcelona and Real Madrid (from La Liga). For this weekend’s games, Chelsea are 8/15 to beat Newcastle United away, Real Madrid are 1/12 to win their home game against Celta Vigo, Barcelona are even shorter (1/14) to win at home to Espanyol and Bayern Munich are 1/5 to beat Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

Therefore a fourfold bet on these selections would only return at odds of 1.13/1, barely even money, which means for a £10 bet, you would win just £21.30 in return if all four matches landed, plus a 10% bonus of £2.13, for a total return of £22.43.

Clearly, this doesn’t represent great value for an acca-hunter, so let’s look at four alternative choices.

Let’s say instead of these obvious choices we back some higher priced options. Let’s say we back Crystal Palace and Aston Villa to draw (5/2) and West Brom and West Ham to draw too (12/5). We’ll also back Juventus to beat Fiorentina away in Serie A (21/20) and in Spain, we’ll back Deportivo La Coruna and Malaga to share a draw at 21/10.

The difference in these four selections is now huge. Instead of just over even money, this acca returns at odds of 74.62/1, which means a £10 bet would return £756.20 if successful.

However, you would then get a 10% bonus on top of that of £75.62, so you would in fact receive back £831.82.

Of course, a much higher odds bet has a much less chance of coming in, so you need to factor this in when making your selections. Perhaps pick a couple of shorter priced options, but back them up with some better value bets which have a good chance of paying out, which will significantly increase how much you win, if you land the bet.

Finding the best selections is more than simply looking at the odds. Bet365 has a very useful stats section that can show you tendencies of teams home and away and against each other over time and this research can be invaluable in helping you pick the best value tips for your Euro Soccer Bonus qualifying bet.

Tips for a successful 4-fold and 6-fold Euro Soccer Bet this weekend

Bearing in mind I have said landing even a four-fold bet (with decent value) is very difficult, I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is and give you my tips for this weekend’s fixtures that are eligible for the Euro Soccer Bonus.

I’ll start with my choice of games for a fourfold bet, then I’ll list how much you’d stand to win (with prices as they are at time of writing) for a successful bet. Then I’d say which two other results I’d add to that to make it a 6-fold bet and also give you how much that bet would win, bonus figures included.

Fourfold Selection

The selections I would make this week for a four-fold acca with Bet365 Sports are:

  • Granada v Valencia (Valencia away win at 21/20)
  • Fiorentina v Juventus (Juventus away win at 21/20)
  • Hannover 96 v Wolfsburg Draw at 13/5
  • West Ham United v Swansea (West Ham home win @ 11/8)

That fourfold would return at odds of 34.93/1 with Bet365 at the stated odds.

This would mean a £10 bet would return £349.30 ordinarily, but you would also receive £34.93 as a 10% Euro Soccer Bonus for a total return of £384.23 If you wanted to make this bet a six-fold to earn a 20% bonus, then I’d add the following selections:

  • Aston Villa v Leicester City (Aston Villa home win @ 13/10)
  • Genoa v AC Milan (Draw at 11/5)

A 6-fold bet on these six selections returns at odds of 263.45/1, which means a £10 bet would return £2634.50, however you would earn a 20% bonus if the bet is successful of £526.90, which means that you would actually take home £3160.90.

As I said before, the odds of hitting an acca decreases with the more selections you make, but the Euro Soccer Bonus does make even these difficult to hit bets well worth the occasional flutter.

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