Get Better Value Betting With Bet365 Horse Racing Promotions

The sports betting industry as it stands, both in the high street and in the burgeoning online marketplace, owes its significant role in the entertainment industry today chiefly through oneBet365 Horseracing sport. While betting on football, tennis and cricket may now be all the rage, there was a time in the past, long before the Internet was thought of, when the betting industry relied almost solely upon horseracing for its main source of income.

Of course, things have changed markedly nowadays, especially since the dawn of the Internet which has seen more sporting markets opened up to the casual punter than ever before and simultaneously, a vast increase in the number of betting markets available on each different sporting event. Add into this the fact there is now In Play betting on live events, live streaming services, mobile sports betting and you’d start to wonder if horseracing had had its day.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, along with football, horseracing remains the bookmakers chief source of income from punters and its importance to the sports betting industry as a whole shows no signs of slowing.

As a result of this, many companies now offer extensive promotions and offers to entice horse racing punters to join their site and stay betting with them. One of the best available is Bet365 Sport and in this article, we’re going to look at some of the key offers and promotions you can get when betting with Bet365 on the horses.

If you haven’t yet joined up with Bet365, when you do you can also take advantage of free bets at Bet 365 Sport – simply follow the link to learn more about it.

Bet365 Price Promise

The first offer from Bet365 is a Price Promise which means that whenever you place your bet on your selection in any horse race shown live on ITV or ITV4, Bet365 promise to beat the price offered by a selection of the top bookmakers in the UK on EVERY horse running in every live screened horse race.

What this means is every time a race is shown live on ITV or ITV4, Bet365 will guarantee that they offer at least the best price on every horse in that race compared to William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Coral, Betfred and Boylesports.

In short, what this means is, if ITV or ITV4 are showing a race live, then Bet365 will be the bookmaker offering the best price on any horse running in any race shown live on the channel.

Bet365 Best Odds Guaranteed

Another hugely popular odds-based offer is the Bet365 Best Odds Guarantee. To be fair to other bookmakers, many of them also offer a similar offer on their websites to customers too, so this is not an offer that is available on Bet365 alone.

What the Best Odds Guarantee offer means is that if you place a bet on a horse from the morning of the race onwards, then regardless of what the price of the horse is come the start of the race (the starting price), if your selection wins, then Bet365 will always pay you out at the highest possible odds.

So, for example, if you back a horse at odds of 6/1 on the morning of the race and by the start of the race, the horse has been backed in to 4/1, if the horse wins, you’ll still be paid out at 6/1.

However, if you back a horse at odds of 6/1 and by the time the race starts its starting price has drifted to 13/2, then you will be paid out at the higher price of 13/2 if your horse wins.

ITV 4/1 Offer

The next two offers are what makes Bet365 horseracing betting such good value. With Bet365, you don’t just get a Price Promise when ITV or ITV4 show racing live, but the company also offers its customers an outstanding ITV 4/1 racing offer.

All you need to do is place a bet on a horse in any live ITV or ITV4 race and if your selection is at odds of 4/1 or longer, and your horse wins, then Bet365 Sport will award you with a free bet to the same value of your original stake (up to a maximum of £50) on the very next live race.

So, for example, if you place a bet of £50 on a horse at 4/1 in a live ITV or ITV4 race and your selection wins, then you will receive back your £200 in winnings, £50 stake PLUS you will have a free £50 bet on the very next live race.

Better still, if you pick another horse in the next race at odds of 4/1 or better and that horse wins, then you’ll get ANOTHER free bet of £50, plus you’ll receive all your winnings from that selection (though your Free bet £50 stake is not returned).

In theory, if you can keep picking winners at odds of 4/1 or better on every ITV or ITV4 race, you can earn a free bet every time as there is no limit as to how often punters can access this offer.

Feature Race 4/1 Offer

The one problem with the ITV 4/1 offer however is that it is only available when ITV or ITV4 is showing racing live on television, and while this happens regularly enough, there are plenty of days in the month when no horseracing is shown on the channel.

On these days, Bet365 offers its punters a similar offer in the shape of the Feature Race 4/1 Offer.

The premise of the offer is very similar to the ITV 4/1 offer. Each day Bet365 will pick two Feature Races from the schedule and if punters back a horse at odds of 4/1 or more in any of these races and their selection wins, they will win a free bet to the same value of their original bet (up to a maximum of £50) on the very next Feature Race.

As with the ITV or ITV4 offer, keep picking winners at odds of 4/1 or greater with the Feature Race offer and you can keep earning yourself free bets.

Other value payouts and rules

In addition to the offers above, Bet365 Sport offers users a number of other incentives to bet with them on horseracing, namely:

  • Early Prices available on every race in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Showcast bets (Fixed Price Straight Forecasts and Tricasts) are offered on all UK and Irish horse races when odds are available and the Best Odds Guarantee offer also is applied to all Showcast bets
  • Enhanced Place Terms are offered on selected races throughout the year for each way bets
  • If a horse is disqualified by a Steward’s Enquiry after the race, Bet365 will pay out on both the declared winner and the horse that was disqualified
  • Bet365 has removed the 5p rule 4 deduction.

Add to these offers that you can research any horse in the UK through Bet365’s extensive Horse Racing Archive and that if you place a bet of £0.50p or more on any race in the UK and Ireland, you can watch that race live via a live stream (this is even available on Android, iPhone and iPad devices as well as desktop) and you have plenty of great reasons why betting on the horses at Bet365 can allow punters to maximise their winnings.

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