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Impeach President Trump: New Bets At PaddyPower

The first few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have been marred with controversy, scandal and criticism.

There’s only so much room for text on the internet, so we can’t list every controversial thing he has done since taking office. Suffice to say, he’s already clashed with the federal courts over his Muslim travel ban; he’s planning to build a $20 billion wall along the 2,000-mile border between Mexico and the US; his administration has coined the phrase “alternative facts” and his family have been using the office of president to sell their products.

Of course, he’d tell you that was all FAKE NEWS. SAD.

It’s… it’s certainly a very interesting time to be observing politics.

Bet on Trump’s impeachment and more

Always ones to get involved in current affairs (when there’s a good bet in it), the lads over at Paddy Power have added Donald Trump Specials to their betting markets on non-sporting events.

Before he even won the presidency, people were speculating about what Trump could do in the office of president to be impeached. For those not in the know, impeachment involves bringing charges against the President.

It doesn’t mean the President will automatically be removed from office, but can lead to it. For example, Richard Nixon resigned before he could be charged; Bill Clinton was impeached but later acquitted.

Bet on the year that Trump is impeached

One of the markets available at Paddy Power involves betting on the year that Trump will be impeached. If you think it’s a sure thing (and frankly, we wouldn’t bet against him doing something impeachable if he hasn’t already!) then this is the market for you:

  • 2017 impeachment: 4/1
  • 2018 impeachment: 9/1
  • 2019 impeachment: 16/1
  • 2020 impeachment: 20/1

Note that this applies to the year in which impeachment proceedings are brought to the House of Representatives, not when and if charges are brought against him.

Will Trump be impeached in his first term?

If you’re a simpler kind of gambler, you can bet simply on whether or not Trump will be impeached at some stage between now and the end of his first term. That’s available at odds of 2/1.

Great value on a 2019 impeachment

Our best pick for the impeachment bets is on a 2019 impeachment.

The mid-term elections look very likely to hand back control of the House and Senate to the Democrats (incumbent governments always lose mid-term seats) which means that 2019 is by far and away the most likely year for Trump to be impeached.

However, Paddy Power don’t seem to have accounted for this which means that 16/1 is phenomenally good value.

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