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NFL Catch Up – Which Teams Have Shone And Sunk In The 2021-22 Season So Far?

It’s been an intriguing start to the new NFL season and with teams now having played either six or seven games (depending on whether they have had a bye week or not), we are now at the stage where we are starting to see the season take shape.

A look at the betting markets with bet365 Sport reveals that at this point of the season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have emerged as the 9/2 favourites to win the Super Bowl once again this year. The Buffalo Bills are 11/2, with the Rams and Cardinals both 9/1.

You then have the Packers and Cowboys at 10 and 11/1 respectively, followed by the Chiefs and Ravens, who have both drifted out to 12/1, with the Tennessee Titans coming in to 14/1.

So how has this season gone and who are the teams to watch? Well, to give you an idea, here is our list of all 32 teams ranked based on their performances this season so far.

NFL Power Rankings – Following Week SevenNFL Season

  1. Arizona Cardinals (7-0)

The best start to the season for the Cardinals since 1974, Kyler Murray’s offense has been teamed with some superb defense to make this Cardinals team the best in the NFL at the moment with the only unbeaten record in the league.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-1)

The Bucs have not been perfect in defense of their Super Bowl title but they have done enough to win six games and see Tom Brady throw an incredible 600th regular season touchdown this weekend. For many they are still the team to beat in the NFL if you want to be a Super Bowl contender.

  1. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

The Cowboys do have the advantage of playing in the NFC East, which is a weak division but there are few teams that are as balanced on offense, defense and special teams as the Cowboys. They should win this division and could even have a shot at home field advantage in the playoffs.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (6-1)NFL Bets

Matt Stafford has come in and totally changed the outlook of the franchise. With the Rams defense still rock solid, their offense has now moved onto another level and even in the very tough NFC West, the Rams look a very, very good team.

  1. Buffalo Bills (4-2)

For many, the Bills were the top team in the AFC and they are in these rankings, but they are being hauled in the the Bengals and Titans, who beat them a couple of weeks back. Make no mistake, the Bills are still a very good team, but they need to finish off other contenders when they get the chance.

  1. Green Bay Packers (6-1)

The Packers started week one with a huge loss to the Saints but they have bounced back since with Aaron Rodgers once again in incredible form and being the catalyst for the Packers taking full control of the NFC North.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

Perhaps the most surprising team this season. The Bengals have shone in a very tough AFC North and produced some stellar play. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase are proving a hugely effective and exciting duo and with a solid defense, the Bengals are no longer the bungles, but roaring like Tigers.

  1. Tennessee Titans (5-2)

A couple of weeks ago, the Titans looked like the best of a bad bunch in the AFC South, but wins over the Bills and Chiefs, the two AFC Championship teams last season, has moved the Titans from wannabee’s into contenders. However, they need to avoid any more results like losing to the Jets to remain so.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

For me, the Ravens are the last of the Super Bowl contenders. Lamar Jackson has a greater depth of offense around him, and the Ravens defense is always teak-tough, however they have had a few slips this season which has seen them drop down the rankings.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders (5-2)

Despite the Jon Gruden debacle, the Raiders have won their last two games since his sacking to sit atop the AFC West and they are enjoying their best season in a while. A solid team that has some unsung stars making a big difference, they will be in the equation a the end of the year.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)

Justin Herbert has been stellar since joining the NFL last season but the Chargers offense has stuttered in the last couple of games and they have shown some defensive frailties at times, but they are a strong team and should be contenders in the AFC West and in the playoffs too.

  1. New Orleans Saints (4-2)NFL Bets

Jameis Winston has done well since taking over from Drew Brees and the Saints have enjoyed a very good start to the season from the quarterback. A very solid defense has helped the Saints to a couple of key wins this season and they do look set for another shot at the playoffs.

  1. Cleveland Browns (4-3)

I did fancy the Browns to go well in the AFC North this season, but Baker Mayfields performance and subsequent injury hasn’t helped them, nor has a myriad of other injuries the team has suffered. They are still a strong team, but one I feel the best teams can get the better of.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-4)

It’s been a terrible season for the Chiefs who sit third in the AFC West and who have lost key games to all their main AFC rivals in recent weeks. Patrick Mahomes offense has fired from time to time but a leaky defense has been their undoing and until that changes, they will struggle.

  1. Minnesota Vikings (3-3)

Dalvin Cook is key to the Vikings success and while their performances this season have been up and down, when Cook is firing then the Vikings look a real threat. Defensively they are pretty solid, but you get the feeling that there is still more to come from this team over the remainder of the season.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

It’s been a mixed season for the Steelers so far, a great opening day win over the Bills was promising but three defeats followed, however they have found form in their last two games and are making their presence felt in a stacked AFC North.

  1. New England Patriots (3-4)

A thumping win over the Jets was nothing new for the Patriots but another somewhat lacklustre start most certainly is. Mac Jones has been a superb find at quarterback for the Pats and the defense looks sharp but that offense is still a little weak and in big games, it shows.

  1. Indianapolis Colts (3-4)NFL Bets

Injuries played a part in the Colts slow start to the season but after winning their last two games, they face a crunch game next week against the Titans in the AFC South. Win and they are back in touch, lose and they will be looking at a Wild Card spot at best.

  1. Atlanta Falcons (3-3)

Courtney Pitts is fast developing into a real threat at Tight End for the Falcons and with Matt Ryan supplying the passes, the Falcons relatively modest start could well improve if this duo can keep working so well together over the coming weeks.

  1. Denver Broncos (3-4)

The Broncos topped the AFC West after three weeks, but four defeats in a row have seen them drop to the bottom of the table. Injuries to key players haven’t helped, as has a loss of form by the offense who need to find their stride once again and quickly.

  1. San Francisco 49ers (2-4)

The 49ers were supposed to be genuine Super Bowl contenders once again this year but they have struggled with injury and a loss of form and while still a very talented group of individuals, the lack of results the team has produced is a worry.

  1. Chicago Bears (3-4)

It’s been a mixed start for the Bears, some solid performances have seen valuable wins picked up but they have still looked susceptible against the better teams. You do get the feeling though that there is more to come from this team over the remainder of the season.

  1. Seattle Seahawks (2-5)

Without Russell Wilson at quarterback, the Seahawks have struggled to get any offense going in recent weeks and with their defense not quite operating at its highest levels, they have lost a number of close call games.

  1. Carolina Panthers (3-4)

After a 3-0 start, the Panthers topped the NFC South, however four games later, they are now at the bottom of the table and without Christian McCaffrey, their offense is stalling in a big way. They’ve trended down from a top 10 team after week three and that may continue further.

  1. New York Giants (2-5)NFL Bets

The first of three NFC Teams in a row, the Giants may be at the bottom of that division, but for me they are probably the best of that trio. Daniel Jones is starting to get the ball rolling on offense and the defense is pretty solid when in form. I expect the Giants to improve further from this position.

  1. Washington Football Team (2-5)

Washington’s defense was supposed to be the cornerstone of the Washington Football Team’s improved season, but it has been a nightmare as they have conceded the most points in the NFL. Their offense have elevated them to two wins, but that defense has to improve for them to rise much further.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (2-5)

There’s been glimpses of better things on the horizon for the Eagles, but they have still lost five games, albeit a number of them close call games. This team is one in transition but they are taking steps in the right direction, but along the way there will be these stumbles.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)

The Jaguars ended a 20-game losing streak in their last game at Wembley against the Dolphins and that lifted them off the bottom of these rankings. Things are looking better for the Jags in the Trevor Lawrence era, but they still have a long way to go.

  1. New York Jets (1-5)

It’s incredible to think that the Jets beat the Titans a couple of weeks back as since then, they had a bye week and were then smashed to pieces by the Patriots. It’s incredible to think that as bad as they are, they are not the worst team in the AFC East.

  1. Miami Dolphins (1-6)

An opening day win over the Patriots gave Dolphins fans false hope as a series of injuries, poor form, poor play and the most points conceded in the AFC (2nd most in the NFL) means that this Dolphins team is now just looking to avoid being worse than the Jets.

  1. Detroit Lions (0-7)

It looks like another typical Lions season, but I have seen signs of promise for the Lions. They haven’t been able to turn that into a win as yet but I do feel that it will come and they are not, as yet, the worst team in the NFL despite that losing record.

  1. Houston Texans (1-6)

Don’t let the one win fool you. The Texans are the worst team in the NFL by a considerable margin. With Deshaun Watson set to be traded, they may pick up enough draft capital to improve things next season, but this one will be a washout.

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Let’s see how these rankings change once we get a bit later into the season!

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