A Guide To A Funnier Side To Betting With Paddy Power Novelty Bets

Paddy Power eh?

Barely a month goes by without this popular Irish bookmaker getting into the news for one reason or another. Whether it has been strategically placing adverts in fields or inPaddy Power Novelty Betting the sky at the Ryder Cup, Nicklas Bendtner scoring at the European Championships in 2012 and celebrating with his Paddy Power underpants on show or indeed, just offering markets on a bet that results in people taking affront, the Irish bookmakers are not shy of courting controversy.

While some of the Irish bookies stunts, unusual betting markets and other controversies are sometimes near to the knuckle, there is no doubting that when they get it right, Paddy Power offer punters something genuinely rare in the sports betting industry, some betting market opportunities with a genuine sense of humour.

So much so that Paddy Power have become synonymous with this type of betting and to that end, the company have a specialist section on their site dedicated to this type of betting, as well as betting on non-sporting markets. This is the Novelty Bets section.

What is included in Paddy Power’s Novelty Bets?

It is worth pointing out here that not all the bets included in this section of the site are those that have been put up with a tongue-in-cheek approach to betting. There are a large number of non-sporting bets that are available in this section that are perfectly sensible bets and many can even be found on competitors sites.

Some of the bets that can be found in the Novelty Bets section are:

  • Politics –  There is an extensive politics betting section on Paddy Power which sees a number of different markets available across Irish, UK, Scottish, European, Australian Northern Irish and US Politics. There are also bets available on the outcome of the next Irish President, London Mayor elections
  • Music – Bets based on the Eurovision song contest, the boy-band One Direction and the Mercury Music prize are currently available although the options in this section do tend to change at various times of the year.
  • Hollywood – There are a number of Hollywood themed bets available based around the next Academy Awards (Oscars) as well as a couple of markets available on a James Bond theme (including bets on who the next Bond will be named as).
  • Current Affairs – There’s a number of bets available in this section of he site such as bets on UK Business, the next Pope, the next Archbishop of Canterbury and who will be crowed as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.
  • Pageant – This covers bets about any forthcoming beauty pageant events, such as Miss World or Miss Universe competitions.
  • Weather – As the name suggests, this covers bets about the weather, including whether or not we will have a White Christmas.
  • Lottery / Power Play Bets – There are also a number of Power Play Plus and Lottery Special bets available including a range of bets about each lottery draw.
  • TV Specials – There are an extensive range of TV Special bets on Paddy Power including bets about a number of top TV reality shows, such as X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Love/Hate, Doctor Who and specials pertaining to Irish TV station RTE.
  • Sports Novelty Bets – This section includes sports bets in the loosest sense of the word, such as bets pertaining to the WWE wrestling organisation and the big events that they hold across the world, as well as betting on who will be crowned as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in December.
  • Novelty Bets – A novelty bets section inside a Novelty Bets section? Well it is Paddy Power after all. In this section are all other bets that don’t really fit easily into other sections, such as what the first name of tennis star Andy Murray’s first baby will be, plenty of bets about the Royal Family and who will be the next editor of US magazine Vogue.

As you can see, all these types of novelty bets are perfectly acceptable and indeed many can be found on similar websites (including the sports betting sites that we recommend here at ISPM).

So the question is, if you want to find out where some of the more controversial bets can be found, where can you head?

The answer is simple, the Paddy Power blog.

Paddy Power Blog betting markets

If you are looking for a place to find out some of the more outlandish and unusual bets on Paddy Power then the Blog is a great place to start. There is a link to it on the front page of the site and when you get into the blog there are several sections to consider.

Football section, a Horse Racing section, a Rugby section, Columns and a punting hall of fame (which lists all the punters who have given Paddy Power a bit of a caning with their bets over the past few months).

Clicking on a section brings up a sub-menu of sub-sections and in these subsections are blog posts about forthcoming events, together with a list of bets from Paddy Power pertaining to the event that may not be so easy to find on the website.  Such as getting England to win their forthcoming games with Spain and France at odds of 8/1.


Lastly, the third and final place to look for novelty bets on Paddy Power is in the promotions section. Of course, most of the bets in this section pertain to Paddy Power’s promotions for sports betting but occasionally they may also offer a novelty bet promotion within this section too.

Paddy Power certainly have a flair for offering punters some of the most unusual, creative, amusing and occasionally, offensive betting markets you can find on the Internet today, but for many that is all part of the appeal of betting with the site. You can of course choose not to bet on a market if it something you don’t like.

Millions however do which means if you like a little added fun in your betting Paddy Power is always a good website to start with.

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