PlanetWin365 has recently become unreliable with processing payouts, and as such we cannot recommend that anyone plays there.

We can, however, recommend Bet365. The Bet365 bonus code when signing up is BET247:


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If you’re still interested in learning about PlanetWin365, you can find our old review below, but be warned – we strongly believe choosing another site is a safer idea.

Based in the central European country of Austria and now renown across Europe for its betting service, PlanetWin365 may have only been formed in 2009, but since then it has become one of the most popular and best value online bookmakers you can find online today.planetwin365

Part of the appeal is Planet Win 365’s great value in terms of odds, which they achieve by having a smaller profit margin than most bookmakers. Add to this regular promotions which offer some potentially huge bonuses and the fact the site specialises in multiple bets in particular, and you have all the ingredients for a top site.

There’s no actual New Player Bonus available at Planet Win 365 Sports, however if you place a bet on one of the sites many Mega Bonuses, you could earn up to 200% more in winnings if your bet is successful.

PlanetWin365 Promo Code

The PlanetWin365 promo code 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB entitles new players to all available signup bonuses and tons of regularly occurring new offers across the site.

Sign up using promo code 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB

Planet Win 365 best things

  • Soccer betting on Planet Win 365 is amongst the best you will find with any online bookmaker both in terms of the number of games on offer but particularly because of the number of markets on offer on selected games. This can be as many as 700 different betting markets, which is an astonishing number to choose from.
  • With Planet Win 365 having a lower margin than most online bookmakers, punters tend to find that the odds they receive from Planet Win 365 for the same market with another bookmaker, tend to be better value and offer a greater return. This return can be enhanced when it is part of one of the sites many bonus offers.
  • Excellent Live Betting service. Planet Win 365 offers a range of Live In Play betting services across a number of sports, ostensibly Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Formula 1 and other forms of Motor Racing. This service is excellent and is particularly well served by the sites mobile betting service.

Planet Win 365 worst things

  • Unfortunately, the markets that you cannot become a customer with Planet Win 365 are some of the most popular with sports betting fans, namely the United Kingdom, Spain, France and the United States of America.
  • The site does not offer a dedicated Horse Racing betting section, probably because the countries where this type of betting is most popular are generally not accepted as customers on the site as yet.
  • While the bonuses on offer for some of their offers are huge, the chances of landing a 20, 30 or 31 selection multiple bet are incredibly slim and add to the fact that these bets often have to be made at set times from markets available only at that time, makes hitting these bets all the more difficult.

What sports can I bet on at Planet Win 365?

Planet Win 365 offers an extensive range of sports betting markets for punters, many of which are extremely popular with betting customers around the world. The company specialises in multiple bets in particular, although you will find single bets equally popular. In Play betting and pre-event betting is also available across a wide range of sports.

Given its heartland of central Europe, Soccer is without doubt the most popular form of betting on Planet Win 365 and there is a huge amount of betting available on this market in particular, including some innovative bets that are difficult to find with other bookmakers. Indeed, on some matches, Planet Win 365 will offer upwards of 700 markets for that single game.

Tennis is another popular sport with the chance to bet on a number of tennis matches almost every week of the year from different levels of the game, including of course all the big matches involving the top men’s and women’s tennis stars from the ATP and WTA tours. There’s increased options during big Grand Slam events, as well as different betting markets to usual available on team events like the Federations Cup, Hopman Cup or Davis Cup.

Formula 1 fans will also find plenty of high quality betting available at Planet Win 365, particularly on race weekends, when there are extensive options available for betting on races, as well as a chance to enjoy Live Betting on qualifying and also during the race itself. The siet also offers betting on other forms of motor sport too.

Planet Win 365 is also one of the best sites when it comes to Athletics betting. This often neglected sport in terms of sports betting has a strong presence on the site and allows customers the chance to bet on a number of athletic events, as well as having a dedicated section for Olympics.

Fans of both forms of Rugby, League and Union, will also find plenty of betting action on the site, as weill Ice and Field Hockey fans. Other sports that are very popular in central Europe, such as Handball, Rowing, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Futsal/Mini Football, Waterpolo and Skiing are all evident on the site too.

Other sports that customers can bet on include Swimming, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Curling, Chess, Golf, Snooker, Cricket, Rowing, Beach Football, Cycling, Darts and Poker. There is also a section dealing with sports that have a strong presence in America including American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey and Basketball.

In addition to all these sporting markets, Planet Win 365 also takes bets on the Transfer Market in soccer as well as a number of non-sporting bets on markets ranging from politics and financial markets to TV and Film.

Ongoing promotions at Planet Win 365

Many of Planet Win 365’s offers are short-term promotions that are run over a shorter period, however there are some that are available over the longer term.

We have identified these longer-term offers below:

  • Multiple Bet Bonus – Place any multiple bet of four selections or more with Planet Win 365 and you will qualify for a bonus payment on top of your winnings of between 2% (for a successful four selection bet) and 160% (for a successful 30 selection bet)
  • Mega Bonus Deals – Throughout the year, often at specific times of the year like Christmas, Easter and the New Year, Planet Win 365 will offer Mega Bonus deals on accumulator bets of four or more selections which can offer up to 300% in bonuses for a successful bet. The company is currently offering its biggest ever bonus of 300% for bets of 31 selections placed on the 31st
  • Planet Happy Hour Bonus – Place a Multiple Bet between 9.00 and 10.00 CET or between 21:00 and 22:00 CET, Planet Win 365 increase the value of the bonus paid on multiple bets of three or more selections to between 3% (for a successful treble bet) up to 165% for a successful 30-fold bet.
  • Specials – Throughout the year across some of its most popular sports, Planet Win 365 offer a number of special bets each day which punters can bet on to receive additional bonuses, such as increased odds on their bet or similar.

Planet Win 365 mobile sportsbook review

Planet Win 365 offers a comprehensive sports betting service for mobile customers and access to the site via mobile is available via four different types of devices.

You can access Planet Win 365 on any BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android or Apple iPad/iPhone device.

You can download the software direct from the Planet Win 365 site using a QR code that can be scanned from the screen, or alternatively you can visit the App Store on an iPhone or iPad to download the dedicated app for Apple devices from there. Finally, you can also open your browser and visit the home page for Planet Win 365 mobile client and access the site from there.

Once you have loaded up the mobile version of the site and have logged in, you will find the familiar set up for the page and you can access all of the same betting markets across the same wide range of sports as you can from a desktop or laptop PC.

The user-interface of the mobile site is particularly effective and it is easy to progress through different menus to find the betting market you want to place a bet on and just a few clicks later, your bet can be placed quickly and easily.

Fans of In Play betting will be delighted to see that there is a full live betting service on Planet Win 365’s mobile service although there is no live streaming service available at the current time.

With a range of options, access to the top promotions and offers and a vast choice of markets, Planet Win 365 offers everything mobile customers need for high quality sports betting from your mobile.