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The Premier League Is Back And So Is Bet365’s Sport’s Outstanding Euro Soccer Bonus

The new season is here, last week may have seen the start of the Football League season, but on Friday the 11th August at the Emirates Stadium two former Premier League Champions will clash as Arsenal take on Leicester City in what will be the first game of the new Premier League season.

While football fans across the country will be rejoicing at the return of the game after the summer break, punters will be equally delighted as the resumption of matches in the Premier League also means the return of one of the best and most popular betting promotions ever devised in the UK. Bet365 Sport’s Euro Soccer Bonus.

Those of you that followed this column each week last season will know that we used this promotion every week to place accumulator bets, that if they were to win, would result in us earning a nice cash bonus on top of our winnings.

However, with the new season on us, we thought now would be a great time to review the bonus for any new readers and then, for a bit of fun, go through the ten fixtures in the opening weekend of Premier League action and see what bonus we could land if our cheeky tenfold accumulator was to win.

Let’s begin by getting to grips first of all with what the Euro Soccer Bonus is and why it is so popular with so many accumulator punters.

What is Bet365 Sport’s Euro Soccer Bonus?

At its most basic level, the Euro Soccer Bonus is a cash bonus that is paid on qualifying successful accumulator bets with Bet365 of three selections or more. However, there are certain provisos and rules regarding the offer that need to be observed for your bet to qualify.

Firstly, your selections must be taken from  two markets, the Match Result market, or the Match Result/Both Teams to Score market. You can mix and match selections from each market on the same bet slip if you prefer.

Secondly, only matches in certain leagues and competitions are part of the offer. There are five such leagues and competitions that are included in the Euro Soccer Bonus:

  • Any English Premier League match
  • Any German Bundesliga I match
  • Any Italian Serie A match
  • Any Spanish La Liga I match
  • Any Champions League match (Group stage matches and onwards only)

The final rule is that your bet slip must have a minimum of three selections matching the criteria above and that all selections on the bet slip must be from one of the five competitions named and from one of the two markets named. You cannot add matches from other competitions or bets from other markets to the slip as this will mean it does not qualify for the offer.

Once you have added your selections to your bet slip and placed your bet, you can then sit back and watch the results come in. If your bet is a winner, then not only will you receive back your standard return and your stake, but you’ll also receive back a cash bonus based on a percentage of your winnings and how many successful selections were on your bet slip.

The bonuses available to be won are outlined in the section below:

  • Treble –           5% bonus paid
  • 4-fold and 5-fold – 10% bonus paid
  • 6-fold –           20% bonus paid
  • 7-fold –           30% bonus paid
  • 8-fold –           40% bonus paid
  • 9-fold –           50% bonus paid
  • 10-fold –           60% bonus paid
  • 11-fold –           70% bonus paid
  • 12-fold –           80% bonus paid
  • 13-fold –           90% bonus paid
  • 14-fold or more – 100% bonus paid

The maximum bonus that can be paid out to a punter from a single qualifying accumulator bet is £100,000. Any bonuses in excess of this will be capped at £100,000, but it is worth noting that only the bonus is capped, your winnings can be considerably higher.

How your Euro Soccer Bonus works

Let’s say you place a £10 bet on a qualifying Euro Soccer Bonus accumulator of seven selections at odds of 100/1.

With your standard bet, you would win back £1,000, plus your £10 stake for a total return of £1010.

However, with the Euro Soccer Bonus, you would have £1,000 in winnings and you would then receive a 30% bonus (£300) on top of this as your bonus for a successful sevenfold bet. You would also then get your £10 stake money returned, so your total return is £1310.

As you can see, you don’t need to hit an accumulator of 10 teams or more for this bonus to start paying out massive dividends on top of your standard winnings and it is precisely because of this that it has become the number one accumulator bonus of choice for so many punters betting regularly on Premier League games.

Our Premier League Start Of The Season Euro Soccer Bonus Tenfold Bet

This coming weekend sees the start of the Premier League season and there will be tens of thousands of Euro Soccer Bonus qualifying bets made in the lead up to kick off and we are going to get the season off to a bang with a bet of our own.

Outlined below are the ten fixtures for this coming weekend together with the odds on the Match Result Market and the bet that we have picked in each case is also outlined

  • Arsenal (4/11) v Leicester (15/2) – Draw 15/4 – Our Pick – Arsenal Win
  • Watford (5/1) v Liverpool (8/15) – Draw 3/1 – Our Pick – Liverpool Win
  • Chelsea (1/6) v Burnley (16/1) – Draw 11/2 – Our Pick – Chelsea Win
  • Crystal Palace (3/4) v Huddersfield Town – Draw 5/2 – Our Pick – Draw
  • Everton (7/10) v Stoke City (4/1) – Draw 13/5 – Our Pick – Everton Win
  • Southampton (4/6) v Swansea (17/4) – Draw 13/5 – Our Pick – Southampton Win
  • West Brom (23/20) v Bournemouth (12/5) – Draw – 9/4 – Our Pick – Draw
  • Brighton (8/1) v Man City (4/11) – Draw 7/2 – Our Pick – Man City Win
  • Newcastle Utd (11/4) v Tottenham (10/11) – Draw 13% – Our Pick – Draw
  • Man Utd (3/10) v West Ham (10/1) – Draw 4/1 – Our Pick – Man Utd Win

A tenfold bet on this accumulator with Bet365 Sport pays out at 500.73/1, which means a potential return of £5,007.30p, plus your £10 stake back. However, with the Euro Soccer Bonus, we would also get a 60% bonus paid to us for a successful 10-fold accumulator.

That means 60% of £5007.30, is £3,004.30, which means that if our bet comes in, we’ll stand to win a total of £8,011.60p.

Now that would be a way to start the season off with a bang!

Remember, over the coming weeks Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesliga and the Champions League will all get under way and you can mix and match your fixtures from these leagues in with your Premier League bets to get the best possible options on your Euro Soccer Bonus accumulator.

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