SkyBet Super 6 Promotion: Have A Free Chance At Winning £250,000 Every Weekend

One of the best things about having an online sports betting account is that occasionally, you will be given access to an additional promotion or offer which  may not actually have a huge amountSkyBet Super 6
to do with sports betting. However this offer will likely interest you nonetheless given that it is based on a sport you are interested in or usually place bets on.

Well if you are a member of the popular SkyBet site, then the great news is that you have access to one such promotion every weekend of the football season, and often during major football tournaments taking place during the summer months (such as the World Cup or European Championships). If you are not a member, then be sure to sign up to claim your free UK bets at Sky Bet.

That promotion is the Soccer Saturday Super 6 prediction game and it is available to play for free for any customer that has a SkyBet account.

What is Soccer Saturday Super 6?

To understand the game, it is first necessary to understand about Soccer Saturday. This is Sky Sports flagship programme which is held every Saturday afternoon, starting at midday and then concluding after all the 3pm kick off games have finished in the early evening.

Presented by Jeff Stelling and featuring a panel of four ex-professionals including the likes of Matt Le Tissier, Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas, Alan McInally, Paul Merson and Tony Cottee, the four panellists spend their time prior to kick off previewing each of the afternoon’s Premier League matches.

As part of this preview, it is customary for each of the four pundits on the panel that week to give their prediction as to what the score of each game will be and a few years ago, Sky Sports, in conjunction with SkyBet, decided that this could be the foundation for a simple new prediction game. That games is the Super 6.

Each week Sky’s team of researchers pick six games, usually from the Premier League but often other matches from other leagues may be substituted. These six games are that Gameweek’s selections and players who have a SkyBet account can log in to the Super 6 website and enter the weekly prediction competition.

All you need to do once you have logged in with your SkyBet details, is predict the correct score of each of the six games. If you get the score totally correct, you score five points. If you get the score wrong, but predict the right result of the match (for example, you select a 1-1 scoreline but the game finishes 0-0) then you score two points.

In addition to predicting the scores of the six games, there is a tie-breaker to enter which is to predict the minute that the first goal is scored that afternoon in any of the six games. This tie-breaker is used to determine the winner of the weekly prize only (not the jackpot).

Each week, the player who scores the highest number of points with their predictions (and wins the tie-breaker if more than one player has the same score) will win at least £5,000 as a prize for being the weekly top scorer. However on occasion, Jeff Stelling may add a thousand or more to that prize if he is feeling generous at the end of the show.

However on rare occasions, one player may accurately predict all the correct scores in all six matches. When this happens, that player will win the £250,000 jackpot.

Additional prizes

In addition to these prizes available each week, when you play Super 6 you are automatically entered into the Super 6 competition which sees your points score each week collated and added together to provide you with a monthly competition and a seasonal competition.

There are a host of prizes on offer for the players that win the monthly and seasonal competitions on the Super 6 website. In addition, if you are a Sky Poker player, they run their own Super 6 prediction league which you can win £100 in your Sky Poker account each month if you are the top player in that league.

That’s not all though as you can set up a league for just you and your friends and family on the SkyBet site and compete against each other each week to see who is the champion predictor out of your circle of friends. You can even wager cash (which SkyBet will keep safe for you and allocate out to the winners at the end of the season) if you so choose.

Following your progress

If you are a weekly prize winner, or are lucky enough to win the £250,000 jackpot, then your name will be announced near the end of the Soccer Saturday programme that week. However if you don’t win either prize and want to check how you are doing, simply log in to the Super 6 site.

Once logged in you can check up on your current points total, your last set of results (or indeed any Gameweek results that has taken place since the start of the season) and where you stand in any leagues that you may have entered.

The great thing is that you don’t even need to be a football expert to participate in this offer. Tune in later in the week and Sky Sports pundits, including Jeff Stelling, will have posted up what their predictions are for the six games giving you a guide as to what the experts are thinking.

Super 6 tips

To stand a chance of winning a seasonal prize, you need to play every week from Week One of the season and of course, be very accurate with your predictions, but don’t worry if you join late as you can still play in the monthly and weekly competitions, as well as your own league if you decide to set one up.

To win a monthly prize, you need to ensure your predictions are in for all matches that month and of course, you’ll need to be very accurate to stand a chance of winning a prize.

Sky Sports panel of experts are a good source of hints about how they see a game going and some panellists (Matt Le Tissier, Paul Merson and Charlie Nicholas are the most accurate this season so far) are worth following to see what their predictions are for games.

If the weekly prize is more your thing then just enter in any week you feel like playing. However, seeing as entry is free and you stand to win £250,000 if you guess right, then this is a promotion well worth taking advantage of every week if you can.

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