Try Paddy Power’s Cash Card PPlus – A New Way To Access Your Winnings

[toc]How often have you enjoyed the thrill of a big win at a bookmakers online and then had to wait until your cash is transferred over to your bank account before you can start to spend your money on something other than more bets?

While e-wallet services and online banking have sped up the process, it is still somewhat annoying to have to keep transferring money back and forth between accounts, especially when you have hit a nice sized win at the bookies and want relatively instant access to it.

Well with Paddy Power, there’s now no need to wait thanks to the exciting Paddy Power Cash Card PPlus.  You will have to be a Paddy Power customer to use this service however, so why not read our Paddy Power review on how to sign up and get £30 worth of free bets in the process?

What is the Cash Card PPlus?

At first glance, given its look and the MasterCard logo on the front, it does look like Paddy Power’s Cash Card PPlus is a form of credit card. However, if you look closely on the front next to the Paddy Power CashCard Pluswireless pay symbol, you will see “Prepaid” written clearly on the card.

What this means is that this is not a credit card, but a pre-payment card, which is linked to your Paddy Power account. Whatever the balance is in your Paddy Power account, is the balance available on your pre-payment card.

Pre-payment cards are becoming increasingly popular as a means to access cash and credit card facilities, without running up a debt with a credit card company. Usually they are free to use and can be pre-loaded with a certain amount of cash. Many holidaymakers now use pre-payment cards when travelling abroad for their holiday spending money as it cuts down on the need to carry cash or travellers cheques.

In this instance, Paddy Power’s Cash Card PPlus is simply a card linked to your Paddy Power account which gives you access at the shops or online, using credit card facilities, to the funds in your Paddy Power account.

Is this the same as a credit card?

Many people think that because you can use a prepaid card such as the Cash Card PPlus as you would a credit card, that this is a credit card in all but name. That is definitely not the case as with this card, you cannot run up any form of debt.

What happens is that you deposit cash into your Paddy Power betting account and you play with that cash. Say you place a bet and win £500. Paddy Power will then deposit those winnings into your Paddy Power account.

What the Cash Card PPlus offers you is the ability to then immediately access those funds by using the card to make purchases, either in shops on the high street or online. You don’t run up a debt because the funds are taken off your Paddy Power account balance.

Therefore, if you have £500 in your Paddy Power account and use your card, you can spend a maximum of £500 on your Cash Card PPlus. Try to spend any more and the transaction will be declined. You cannot therefore run up a debt.

Paddy Power BettingDo I need a credit check?

No, as you are not applying for any form of credit with this card, there is no need for a credit check. However, you will need to have a Paddy Power account and once you have received your card, you will need to activate it online through the My Account section on the site.

Once you have linked the card to your Paddy Power account, then you can use the card as you would a credit or debit card, provided that you have funds available in your Paddy Power account to cover any purchases or payments you make.

What happens if I overspend?

You cannot overspend with a pre-paid card as the limit is defined by the amount of money you have available in your Paddy Power account. If you have £100 in your account, you can spend £100, no more.

If you attempt to spend more than you have available in your Paddy Power account, then the transaction will not be processed.

Who can apply for a Cash Card PPlus?

Anybody that has a Paddy Power account that is active and working can apply for a Cash Card PPlus. All you need to do is visit the Cash Card PPlus promotion page on the Paddy Power website, log in to your account and then click on the blue Request A Card button.

Once you have made the request, Paddy Power will get your card details sorted and then send one out to you which will arrive usually within 14 days. Before you can use it however, you will need to activate it via the My Account section as mentioned above.

After you have activated the card, you are then able to start using it spending any of the cash you have available in your Paddy Power account.

Can I place bets with my Cash Card PPlus?

No, you can place bets using your Paddy Power account balance as you would in the usual way (either by using the mobile app or website to log in and place a bet) but the Cash Card PPlus is for online and shop transactions in the main.

Obviously, you can’t fund your Paddy Power account using the card either as the funds come directly out of that account.

Do I need a Cash Card PPlus?

In truth, if you tend to keep your money in your betting account and use it for future bets and rarely, if ever, withdraw funds to your bank balance or credit card, then you probably won’t need a Cash Card PPlus.

However, if you do often withdraw funds, or bet larger sums and need access to bigger potential winnings when they are available, then a Cash Card PPlus is likely to be a very useful card to have in your wallet.

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