Why Keeping Abreast Of Bet365 News Can Be A Betting Inspiration

How do you go about formulating a bet? For some people, they head straight to the bookmakers website or app, peruse the markets available until they find a bet that they like the look of and then place it.

That’s all well and good but it is something of a scattergun approach to betting and in the long run, not likely to turn up a consistent profit.

Other punters prefer to do a little more research about their bets. They’ll have a general idea about a bet and then will head off to sites like in order to check that the statistics back up their hunch. If they do, then they’ll place the bet, if not then they’ll maybe leave the bet or alter it to place a slightly different one.

This second approach is considerably more time consuming but is more likely to produce better results.

However, there is a third way you can bet and this is by using one of the hidden gems of the Bet365 Sports site. It’s called Bet365 News and it is a pop up service that you can access by clicking the Newspaper icon on the right hand side of the home screen, or by clicking the link at the foot of that page.

You don’t have to be a Bet365 member to access the news feature, but in order to place a bet you will be. Click here for the latest Bet365 Sports bonus rundown on all the latest joining offers for new players.

What is Bet365 News and why is it so useful to me?

As the name suggests, Bet365 News is a separate pop-up part of the site that brings you all the latest sports news from a wide range of different sports.

The sports that the site generally reports on includes:

  • Football
  • Racing
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • US Sports (Baseball, American Football, Hockey and Basketball)
  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Snooker
  • Australian Rules Football

The level of detail on reports does differ from sport to sport, with the games that are the most popular with betting fans (such as football and racing) generally having more stories written about them than sports that may not be quite so popular with the majority of punters.

So we know understand that there is a repository of news items on the Bet365 Sport site, but the question remains, how can you then turn this information into being useful for you when considering placing a bet?

The key to this is that rather than just report the news, as you would find on a sports site such as BBC Sport or Sky Sports News, what Bet365 News service does is link the news it is reporting on to a number of different bets that are linked to this particular news item.

This is important because it gives you the chance to review the news item and then click on the link to Bet Now on the item of you would like to do so.

This provides a quick and easy link to get to the betting markets most related to the article.

So how would I use Bet365 Sport News to inform my betting?

This is best shown by means of a theoretical example.

Let’s say that you are interested in putting on a bet for the forthcoming weekend’s Premier League matches. You decide to load up the Bet365 Sports News site to see what news there is about the games taking place that weekend.

There is a piece on the site that previews the forthcoming match between Leicester City and Arsenal, which highlights the top form of both the teams, but which also contains some very important additional information. This could be that key players from one of the teams are likely to miss the game through injury or suspension, or that a sickness bug has swept through the camp in recent days or something similar.

Of course, this is important information. A teams chance of winning a game generally rely on them having their best players available, even more so when they are facing one of their rivals at the top of the table. Knowing that one team could be without one or more key players for this game may well allow you to re-evaluate the game and consider a potentially different outcome to the one you were suspecting.

You can then head into the betting markets armed with this information and use it to inform your bets. For example, if Leicester City were going to be missing Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez through injury and/or suspension, then that swings the balance of the match in favour of Arsenal.

You may still think Leicester are good enough to take a point or even more from the game, but what is undeniable is that Leicester’s chances of scoring goals are likely to be harmed by the omission of two players that have scored 30 Premier League goals between them this season.

As such, you may change your bet from perhaps betting on a Leicester win, to perhaps instead betting on their being fewer goals in the game (so, instead back the Under 2.5 Goals market).

This is just one simple example of how you can use the Bet365 News stories to help inform your betting and make better choices when placing a bet.


There’s lots of useful features on the Bet365 Sports site that will allow you to make better informed bets. The Bet365 Sports News service is one such feature, combining up to the minute news items with links to the relevant betting markets to make betting on sports quick and easy.

This combined with having the information all to hand on a single site, makes betting with Bet365 in this way particularly easy, especially if you are one of the growing number of customers that enjoy betting via your mobile.

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