Bet365 Financials – Not A Sport, But The Same Thrills And Opportunity To Win

Of course, when you join a site like Bet365 Sport, then you would expect that the vast majority of bets you can make with your cash will be on sporting markets. That is of course the case and Bet365 FinancialsBet365 does offer a massive range of sports betting opportunities to its customers every day of the week, 365 days a year.

However, did you know that you can enjoy some outstanding betting on non-sports events with your Bet365 Sport account too? There are a number of non-sports bets you can make on the site in the Specials section of the site, which lists bets available in different geographic locations on such things as elections and politics as well as TV and film.

These bets are available throughout the year but there is another non-sporting betting section that is available to bet on almost every second of every day with wildly fluctuating odds and in an ever-changing environment. This is the world of Financials betting and if you have a Bet365 Sports account, then you can try out this fantastic form of betting right now.

What do I bet on in Bet365’s Financials section?

When you load up the Bet365 Financials section you are presented with a number of different markets you can bet on. Rather than sporting markets, these are Financial markets and there are essentially two types of market available:

  • Stock Exchange Rates – These are the current prices for four of the major stock exchanges across the world. The FTSE (London), US 500 (Wall Street, New York), DAX (German) and SENSEX (Mumbai, India). As brokers buy and sell shares, the prices for each exchange rises and falls by the second.
  • Currency Exchange Rates – More numerous in the Financials section are currency exchange rates. These are simply a measure in real time of how two currencies are performing against each other. There are 11 markets in this section involving several currencies. The US Dollar, British Pound, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and the Swiss Franc.

How are betting markets generated in the Financials section?

Regardless of whether you are betting on Stock Exchange rates or Currency Exchange rates, you are essentially betting on the same thing in each, that is what a future fluctuation in the Bet365 Financials (2)market will do.  With every transaction that is made, the market reacts and as a result, the rate for each rises and falls. Over time, these rises can be any size from small, to large rises or falls when the markets are more volatile.

When you place a bet on these markets you are betting on by how much the market will fluctuate over the chosen time. You can bet the market will be over or under different points and the greater the fluctuation from the current rate, the longer the odds on that selection.

How can I filter my options in the Financials section to find the bet I want to place?

To help you place bets more easily in this section you have the opportunity to alter how the bets and information on the screen is shown to you by using a number of filters. These filters are available on both Currency and Stock Exchange rates.

The first option you can select is how you want the odds presenting. You can elect for Moving Odds, where the odds change based on the market or Static Odds, where the odds remain the same, but the value in the market that the odds are applied to changes as the market fluctuates.

In addition to deciding how you want the odds presented, you can also decide on the time frame for your bet. This can range from five minutes, to an hour to a daily bet. Of course, the odds and ranges for each type of bet will alter depending upon the time frame selected.

By altering these options, you can set up the Financials section so it offers you the type of betting you prefer and it is good practice to get the site set up as you like it as it then makes subsequent betting on any of the markets much easier and quicker.

Do I need to understand Financial markets to enjoy Financials betting?

Of course, if you are more used to reading the form of the horses or studying how a football team has performed, then it is an entirely different thing understanding how the subtle changes in a bet365 Financials Stock Exchangefinancial market works. However, the question must be asked, does this matter? Do you need to know all about financial markets to bet on them?

Now of course, if you were a stock broker then yes you would need to know this information, but as a punter you actually do not need to know anything about the market, save that it fluctuates and you are simply betting on that fluctuation. You don’t need to understand why the market fluctuates as it does, you just need to guess correctly that it will fluctuate by a stated amount.

Of course, that is not to say that a little knowledge won’t help you when you are betting but having a detailed knowledge of the financial markets available on Bet365 is not an absolute requirement of betting. Indeed, many people view this form of betting as more a ‘coin toss’ type of betting where some you will win and some you will lose.

Is Financials betting potentially profitable?

Financials betting is like any other form of betting. It can be profitable if you make the right choices at the right time and bet sensibly, but at other times, the markets can move against you and you might not hit a decent run of winning bets for a while.

However, how Bet365 have set up betting on the Financials markets means that unlike a stock broker, you are not likely to lose millions or billions from your decisions. You can bet small amounts and hone your instincts to see if you can become more profitable.

Financials betting however is very volatile and while some find that attractive, other punters shy away from this form of betting. It is all very much down to personal choice. You can try Financials betting if you have a Bet365 Sports account funded any time by heading over to the Financials section of the app or site.

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