Bet365 Makes Exciting Updates To Its Popular 6 Scores Challenge Free Game!

The bet365 Sport 6 Scores Challenge free to play game has proven to be a real hit with fans since it was first offered on the site.

The game is just one of a number of free-to-play games that offer prizes such as free bets, cash, free spins and much more. These free to play games are available across most of the bet365 sites.

However, the 6 Scores Challenge has now undergone another change! And we believe it makes it all the more exciting!

But before learn a little more about these changes, let’s remember you need to be a bet365 Sport customer to access the game.

You can sign up today with the latest welcome offer and get your hands on some bet365 credits!

So with that in mind, lets now focus on what has changed with the 6 Scores Challenge game.

6 Scores Challenge – Key Changes

In terms of the game mechanics, the 6 Scores Challenge is still exactly the same.

For each game, bet365 will select six games and add them to the coupon. You can log in to the coupon each time a new game is started and then predict the scores of the six games.

No changes there then, but there are BIG changes when it comes to the prizes.

Originally, players needed to land at least three correct scores out of the six games in order to win a cash prize.

If you landed three correct, you won a £5 cash prize. Four correct was a £50 cash prize, 5 correct saw a £1,000 cash prize, while all six correct saw you land the £250,000 top prize (or on occasion, a £1,000,000 top prize was offered).

However, bet365 has overhauled the prize system for the 6 Scores Challenge with immediate effect.

New Prize System

6 Scores Challenge
New 6 Scores Challenge Prizes

With the new prize system on the 6 Scores Challenge, you can now win prizes if you get just one or two predictions correct in a game week.

Furthermore, the cash prize awards for 3, 4 or 5 predictions being correct each week have also been changed from a stated amount, to a share of a prize pool.

Here’s how the new prizes break down for the game.

  • One Score Predicted Correctly – Win 5 Free Spins
  • Two Scores Predicted Correctly – Win 10 Free Spins
  • Three Scores Predicted Correctly – Win a share of £5,000
  • Four Scores Predicted Correctly – Win a Share of £10,000
  • Five Scores Predicted Correctly – Win a Share of £20,000
  • Six Scores Predicted Correctly – Win a Share of £750,000

These prizes will be awarded provided all six fixtures take place at the allotted time. If games are postponed, then the prizes on offer will be adjusted accordingly.

Claiming A Free Spins Prize

One big addition to this offer is the inclusion of five and ten free spins for landing one or two predictions correctly in a game week.

To claim your free spins, you need to make sure that you log into your sports account. Then open one of the three eligible slots you can play your Free Spins on for this offer. You must do this via the Sports part of the site.

When you do, your Free Spins will activate. Then you can play the 5 or 10 Free Spins you have earned immediately. You must claim and play your Free Spins won within three days.

The three slots you can play your Free Spins on for this promotion are as follows: –

  • Book of Horus
  • Sizzling 7s Fortune
  • Spin O’ Reely

Your Free Spins will be played at the minimum unit bet available for that game. This is usually around £0.20 per free spin. You must also log into the slots via the Sports part of the bet365 site. You can’t access the slot via the Casino or Games parts of bet365.

Any winnings you land from playing your Free Spins is immediately available in your withdrawable balance. There is no wagering requirement attached!

Cash Prize Awards

Predict three or more correct scores in any game week, then you are eligible for one of the cash prizes on offer.

All these prizes are awarded on a share basis. This means that all players who land three correct scores receive a share of £5,000.

So, if 100 players predicted 3 scores correctly in a game week, then they would each receive a cash prize of £50.

It is the same process for 4, 5 or 6 predictions, only the prizes increase in value. Plus, the likelihood is that there will be fewer players to share the prize with. Especially for a greater number of correct predictions.

So, if just one player predicted five correct scores in a game week, then they’d win the £20,000 cash prize to themselves. The same goes for the 6 correct score prize of a huge £750,000.

Entry is open to new and eligible customers at bet365 Sport, but prizes are limited to one per player per week.

How Do I Play The 6 Scores Challenge?

It’s very easy to participate in the 6 Scores Challenge. Simply log in to bet365 Sports, click on the Soccer Section and then click on the tab entitled Free Games.

The 6 Scores Challenge currently active will be listed under the promotions shown here. Click on the button to access the main 6 Scores Challenge page.

Once there, click on the Green Button. This takes you to the coupon to enter your six predictions for the games. Use the up and down buttons to scroll through the scores for each of the teams.

When you are happy with your predictions, click on the green Save Your Predictions button. Your entry will then be added to those already entered into the tournament.

You can go back and log back into the coupon to edit your predictions at any time. Up until the close of entries before the kick off of the first game on the coupon. This is usually a 3pm kick off on Saturday.

Then it is just a case of sitting back and hoping your predictions come in!

But now, with these new changes, you will have a chance to at least win some free spins if you get just one or two of the predictions right in any game week!

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