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You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Play Another Free Game at bet365!

bet365 Free Game 6 Horses Challenge

If you have signed up at bet365 Sport, then you’ll probably have received some bet credits as part of the welcome offer. But the free bonuses don’t stop there. There’s another Free Game available at bet365 Sport now too!

It’s called the 6 Horses Challenge and it is a simple horse racing prediction game, similar to the 6 Scores Challenge on the site.

Let us now take a look at what this exciting free game at bet365 Sport has to offer!

What is the Latest Free Game at bet365?

The newest free game at bet365 is a horse racing-based prediction game called the 6 Horses Challenge.

When playing, the aim of the game is simple: Predict the winners of six races selected from a single day of racing by bet365.

Each of the six races may be from different venues and different types of races. Regardless of that, your aim is to pick the winner of each race.

It really is that simple. Just complete your predictions on the entry form, then click the button to enter.

Just remember though; you’ve got to be in it, to win it!

How do I Take Part in the 6 Horses Challenge?

It is very easy to take part in the 6 Horses Challenge free game at bet365.

When the game is available, you will see a Free Games tab in amongst the usual tabs in the bet365 Horse Racing section.

Click on this to open the Free Games section. This will then bring up the 6 Horses Challenge icon, which you should click on.

When the game has loaded up, it is now a case of making your predictions. You need to predict which horse will win each of the six races shown.

When you have made all six predictions, click on the button to enter your predictions into the game.

That’s it. Your entry is now complete! You can relax and see if your predictions land you some completely free cash!

What are The Prizes on Offer for the 6 Horses Challenge Free Game at bet365?

The prizes on offer for the 6 Horses Challenge free game at bet365 are prize-pool and each game will have three available.

  • Small Prize Pool – 4 Correct Predictions
  • Medium Prize Pool – 5 Correct Predictions
  • Large Prize Pool – 6 Correct Predictions

Each prize pool is divided between all the entrants that achieve the stated number of predictions. So if the prize pools were lets say £5,000, £10,000 and £25,000 and we had 100, 10 and 1 winner of each prize pool. Then the prizes would be shared as follows: –

  • Small £5,000 Prize Pool – 4 Correct Predictions – 100 winners win £50
  • Medium £10,000 Prize Pool – 5 Correct Predictions – 10 Winners win £1,000
  • Large £25,000 Prize Pool – 6 Correct Predictions – 1 Winner wins £25,000

Please note that the figures quoted are for illustrative purposes only. Bet365 decide on what the value of each of the prize pools will be in advance of running the latest 6 Horses Challenge free game.

I Can’t Find the 6 Horses Challenge at bet365. Where is it?

If you are looking for the 6 Horses Challenge free game at bet365 Sport, and it doesn’t appear in the Horse Racing section and the Free Games tab is not visible. Then that means the game is not available at the present time.

Usually, the 6 Horses Challenge is played over the weekends. Although in the terms and conditions, there are no guidelines stating this will always be the case. So, it is always a good idea to keep an eye open for the game. Especially when there is a big midweek race meeting or similar.

When the game is available, the Free Games tab will appear on the Horse Racing tabs and you will be able to access the game from there.

You can then enter your six race predictions and enter your selections into the next competition.

bet365 Free Games 6 Horses Challenge

What are the Key Terms & Conditions of This Specific Free Game at bet365?

As you would expect this exciting horse racing prediction-based free game at bet365 has a number of terms and conditions. The key terms and conditions are outlined below.

  • One entry per bet365 customer, per 6 Horses Challenge game only.
  • You can enter as many individual 6 Horses Challenge games as you like. There is no limit on how many you can participate in.
  • Entries are completely free to all eligible bet365 customers.
  • Entries into each 6 Horses Challenge game are open from the moment the promotion is available on the site, until the first race on the coupon starts.
  • You can view previous entries into the 6 Horses Challenge by clicking on the My History link.
  • The different prizes for the current 6 Horses Challenge are displayed on the promotional page when the game is available to play.
  • Entrants can only win one prize for each 6 Horses Challenge game played.
  • For larger value prizes, bet365 may contact the winners directly to facilitate payment.
  • If a race on the coupon is abandoned, or a meeting abandoned, then the prize structure for that game will be altered.
  • The prizes will only be awarded once the official result is confirmed. This is confirmed after the weigh-in.
  • If a horse is disqualified in a race, it is marked as a loser in the game.
  • In the case of a dead-heat race, all horses involved in the dead-heat will be marked as winners for the game.

You can find the full list of terms and conditions about the 6 Horses Challenge at its promotional page on bet365 Sport. However, you can only access this page from the Horse Racing section when the promotion is available on the site.

At other times, you can find details of the promotion by following the link here.

Who Will the 6 Horses Challenge Appeal to?

Who is going to engage with the 6 Horses Challenge free game at bet365?

Obviously, those customers with a keen interest in horse racing are going to be keen to play. After all, it offers them a free chance to win cash, simply by picking winners. That’s something horse racing fans try to do every time they place a bet.

However, all bet365 customers that are eligible for this offer should take part. Why? Well, it is essentially another free opportunity to win cash!

You don’t need to be a huge horse racing fan to enter. You can simply select your horses at random. Who knows, maybe you could get lucky and land a share of one of the prize pools on offer?

And if you don’t, then it doesn’t cost you anything as it is always free to enter these games.

It is essentially like having a free ticket into a draw with a range of prizes on offer. You would always take that if offered and rightly so. So, make entering all the free games at bet365 every time they are available part of your routine.

You’ve nothing to lose and if you get lucky – something positive to gain!

The Ten Key Things to Remember About the 6 Horses Challenge

  1. The 6 Horses Challenge free game is ALWAYS free to play.
  2. You can enter one set of predictions into each 6 Horses Challenge free game.
  3. However, you can enter as many 6 Horses Challenge free games as you can find over the course of the season.
  4. Winnings are paid in cash as an equal share to all winners of one of three prize pools.
  5. You must land four, five or six correct winner predictions to win a share of a prize.
  6. All winnings are paid in cash and have no wagering requirement attached. This means that they can be freely withdrawn.
  7. Entries can be edited up to the start of the earliest race for the current game.
  8. If races or meetings are abandoned or suspended, then adjustments to the prizes on offer will be made accordingly.
  9. The game is only available at selected times at bet365 (usually, but not exclusively, over the weekends).
  10. You don’t need to be a horse racing expert to play!

So why not give the 6 Horses Challenge free game a try next time it is available at bet365! Pick enough winners and you could be a winner too!

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