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Crazy Bets That I Would Love to See Available at Bet365 Sport!

Crazy Bets

Betting should be fun! So why not offer some of these Crazy Bets?!

I have been a very happy bet365 Sport customer for many years. They are my personal choice as a go-to bookmaker for the majority of my bets.

But the one thing I would love to see added to their extensive selection of bets, are a few Crazy bets!

What do I mean by Crazy Bets? Well, I don’t mean backing Tranmere Rovers to win the Champions League in 2026 (though this would certainly qualify).

I mean offering crazy bets that are not necessarily sports based, but which are a lot of fun to place. Those that are based on some of the more wacky, weird and unusual predictions people would like to make.

We have heard stories of some bookmakers accepting these kinds of bets.

Tongue In Cheek Bet Lands £50,000 Payout!

Pub landlord Tim Piper, who owns a pub in Redditch, spotted some potential in six year old cricket prodigy Josh Tongue and wanted to place a bet at the time on him playing for England.

Back then no bookmaker would offer him odds on such an outcome but when Josh was 11-years-old, Coral offered him odds of 500-1. Mr Piper placed a bet of £100 on at those odds.

Tongue was duly selected to play Test cricket for England against Ireland back in June 2023. The result saw the Mr Piper land a cool £50,000.

A Coral spokesperson remarked that while the company has “laid plenty of these bets over the years, rarely do they have such a happy outcome.”

Well, maybe that is the way to see if any bookmaker will take any of the crazy bets I’d like to place?

While these predictive bets are a bit crazy because, as Coral’s spokesperson stated, they rarely come off. They are great fun.

However, I would love my crazy bets to be even weirder than these. So here’s some of the markets that I’d love to be able to place a bet on.

Crazy Bets I’d Love To Place

  1. Alien Life To Be Discovered By 2030.

Are we alone? It’s the question that mankind would love to know the answer to. But as yet, we have no definitive proof.

Well, nothing that has gained worldwide acceptance.

Arthur C.Clarke once stated that there are two possibilities, either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. And given the size of the universe, the numbers would suggest that life is more likely than not.

The famous Drake’s equation, posited by US astrophysicist Frank Drake in 1961, suggested that in the Milky Way alone there could be between 1,000 and 100,000,000 planets with their own lifeforms in this galaxy alone.  

NASA updated that to potentially 40 billion Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way alone, of which 11 Billion may be orbiting stars similar to the sun.

Apparently, you can find odds on which country will be the first to find Alien Life, as suggested in this Tweet below. How accurate the odds are for these crazy bets I’m not so sure. But it’s worth a look.

I thought they were meant to land at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, so I’d probably back the United States here.

Especially when you see videos like this: –

William Hill reportedly had offered odds of 1000/1 on Alien Life being discovered, before reducing those odds of 100/1 in 2007, when a potentially Earth-like planet orbiting the star Gliese 581 was discovered.

However, in May 2020, a new mathematic formula was developed which apparently has stated the chance of Alien Life existing was about 45%, which is odds of 9 to 11.

I’m not sure I fancy those odds to be honest. Maybe bet365 Sport could come up with something a bit more enticing?

  • Irrefutable Evidence for Bigfoot to be Produced by 2030.

My guilty pleasure is watching Sasquatch ‘reality’ TV shows. Whether it is Expedition Bigfoot, it’s precursor Finding Bigfoot, or any of the myriad of other investigative shows, documentaries and podcasts that have sprung up. I love the Bigfoot phenomena.

For those that don’t know, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is a rumoured giant ape/human creature that roams around uninhabited areas of Alaska, Canada and the United States.

It’s modus operandi seems to be hitting trees with sticks, making odd noises, and appearing very blurry on purported videos of the creature.

It earned the name Bigfoot in the 1950s, when Jerry Crew used the name to describe huge footprints he found around his equipment while logging in Northern California. Sasquatch is the name originally used by indigenous people for the creature.

The best evidence offered remains the Patterson-Gimlin film shot in 1967. You can see the entire video on the previous link, but the fun only begins about 2 minutes and 14 seconds into the video.

My guess is that the odds offered for this would be relatively low. New creatures are found and indexed every year. Admittedly very few reach the proportions of a Sasquatch.

But the fact that there are many similar creatures rumoured around the world, such as the Yeti (or Abominable Snowman) in the Himalayas, the Yowie in Australia or the Orang-Pendek in Indonesia suggests a shorter odds price!

3. Prince William to face Prince Harry in a Celebrity Boxing Match

Look, we all know that William and Harry are not the best of chums at the moment. Harry’s revelations in the book about his issues with his brother have been well-documented.

Furthermore, this whole notion of ‘celebrity’ boxing matches is growing in popularity. The Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, originally gained fame by playing computer games and making boring YouTube videos. Both have given ‘pro’ boxing a try. Taking on a hand-picked selection of very well paid opponents with a propensity to lose fights against wealthier opponents.

Given all the reality TV shows too, plus the fact that boxing is becoming more of a circus in some cases, what would be the Pay Per View figures for a battle of the Princes? Harry v William?

The Klitschko brothers wouldn’t do it. Maybe the Royals could.

That said, it’d be a closely fought contest. Both have military training, so it could be a real ding dong battle.

  • Formula 1 To Be All-Electric By 2030

We already have Formula E, which is electric cars, running alongside the more powerful Formula 1 cars.

However, seeing as we are being not so subtly cajoled into driving an electric car by the time we reach 2030, it seems likely that F1 will have to adopt the change too.

Indeed, the whole F1 sport may need to be rethought out in this new green-themed agenda.

I mean, gas guzzling cars that do around 3 miles to the gallon, travelling around the world using thousands of flight hours on aeroplanes every year, isn’t the greenest.

I see Formula E as not a standalone sport, but as simply a trial run for what F1 will inevitably become. And cars will have to be fitted with loudspeaker systems, with recordings of engines played loud to keep fans happy.

Have you heard the noise of the e-cars? It sounds like an armada of crazed milkfloats on a windy day.

So yes, F1 will change. It’s coming. You can bet on it. Well, maybe you can’t just yet unless you ask nicely.

  • Manchester City to be relegated to League Two by 2025.

As everyone knows, Manchester City are facing 115 charges of financial fair play breaches. Everton have been convicted of two and been deducted 12 points (reduced to 8 on appeal). Nottingham Forest have been deducted two for one breach.

City are not the only team facing charges. Chelsea are too, from the time under Roman Abramovich. And other teams are going to be nervously watching what happens.

However, with 115 charges what kind of penalty can the Premier League impose? A points deduction seems far too lenient. A fine is immaterial given City’s owners wealth. That would be like fining Jeff Bezos £30.

The only fitting penalty would be stripping of the titles tainted by their success built oupon the breaches and relegation down to League Two. As what happened to Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish League several years ago.

There’d be a fair few Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal fans ready to take that bet if offered.

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