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You Are In Fantasy Land When You Play The Bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll!

Why playing the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll is a fantasy-tastic move!

How would you like the chance to win one of thousands of prizes worth either £10 or £2 entry into a tournament where you could win a significant amount of cash?

If so then the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll should be part of your weekly routine when you visit the site!

Let’s learn a little more about this hugely enjoyable and well-supported free-to-play fantasy game!

bet365 EPL Big Pick 6 Freeroll

What Is The Bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Fantasy Game?

The bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 is a fantasy football game that is free-to-play each week for new and eligible bet365 customers.

Each bet365 customer can enter up to three fantasy teams of six players into the game every time it is available.

The aim of the game is for your fantasy team to earn enough points for the team to finish as high up the leaderboard as possible for that game week. If you finish in the top 6,000 you will win either a £10 Ticket for a bet365 fantasy football game (for the top 1,000 teams) or a £2 ticket for a fantasy football game (for teams ranked 1001st to 6000th).

Where Can I Get Access to the Bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll?

Although the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 freeroll game is a game based on soccer, it is actually found in the Fantasy section of the bet365 suite of sites.

It is easy to spot as when it is available (which is usually later on in the week as the weekend approaches), you can see the Free Entry notification in yellow next to it.

How Do I Play The Bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll?

Outlined below are full details of how to play the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 fantasy game, starting with an overview of the main game rules before we go into more detail about the different aspects of the game.

  • The Aim of the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Game

The aim of the game is to pick six players for your team that will earn you enough fantasy points to win one of the 6,000 prizes on offer.

  • Bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Game – Main Rules

The game is very easy to play as it does not have too many rules in place. But the main rules of the game are as follows:

  • Each team must comprise of 6 players from any of the positions available.
  • Players can come from any of the teams whose fixtures are included in this weeks’ featured games.
  • Each player has a monetary value based on their perceived fantasy value for that game week. Higher cost players are expected to score more fantasy points for their team in that game week.
  • There is a limit on the number of players you can pick from any one team set at 3 (although there may be defensive stacking penalties for two or more defenders picked from the same team – see below for more information on this).
  • The main rule is that your team of 6 players must not exceed the cap limit for the game each week. This is usually set at £66m.
  • Once your team of six is picked, you must select a captain and vice-captain before you enter the team in the tournament.
  • You captain will score double points for the team in your game week. So, for example, if you captain Mo Salah and he scores 8 fantasy points in a game week, if he is your captain that amount is doubled to 16.
  • Your vice-captain only comes into play if your captain does not play in their game. In which case your vice-captain will score double points as outlined above.
  • There is a safety net in play which means if your team has players not starting the game, then they will be replaced by a player from the same team of the same value or less, that plays in a similar position.

They are the only rules you need to concern yourself with for the game, although full rules and other terms and conditions of the game are outlined on the game entry itself.

  • How To Pick Your bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Team

You can use filters, or simply scroll through the player lists for each position to pick six players for your team.

Just remember that your team can be valued at any amount up to the cap limit of £66m. But no more than that. Any teams that are beyond the cap limit are not allowed to enter the competition and players must be replaced to ensure the team is a legal entry by coming under the cap limit.

  • Not a football fan? Then don’t worry! You can still play!

Rather than going through the process above, if you are strapped for time to compile an entry, you can click on the Autocomplete button on the page and the software will generate you a team you can enter into the competition.

The team is selected from players who are down as being likely to start in their player status and generally features a mix of higher and mid/lower value range players from a variety of teams.

You can use the Autocomplete button for none, one, two or all three of your entries into the fantasy game if you so wish.

That means even if you don’t know much about fantasy football games at all, you can still play the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 game and stand a chance of winning a prize!

Key Facets of the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Game Entry Form

  • List of Games

This lists the games on which this week’s bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 game is based. Not all Premier League fixtures will be included on a weekend and the number of games included can vary. The more games included the more players you will have available to pick from for your team.

In most cases, it will be the games that kick off around 3pm on the Saturday each week that will make up many of these fixtures.

  • Filtering Options to Help you Pick Your Teams

In the top left corner of the entry form you have several different filter options which can allow you to sort through the players that are eligible for the current competition.

You can list players by name, their club or a host of other information using these filters, which makes finding the players you want to add to your team quick and easy.

  • Player Lists

Alternatively, at the bottom of the left-hand side of the page is a list of players available in each of the four main positions of the pitch. Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Attacker. You can peruse this list and sort it in a variety of ways (by points scored, form, name etc) to help add players to your team.

  • Player Data & Statuses

The player data comprises of data about the players fantasy performance this season but also their likelihood of playing in the next game. There is a Player Status key for these statuses which show what the different colours and text means. EXP on a green background, for example, means that the player is expected to start the next game.

You can see the Pre-Game Status list in the screenshot on the right.

  • Team Display

The main part of the entry form displays a football pitch with the selected players outlined on it. You are free to edit the team before you enter it by switching players in and out of the team.

Remember though, your team must be valued under the cap limit for the competition (which is usually around £66m).

  • Prizes On Offer

A total of 6000 prizes are on offer for every bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll game. The first 1,000 players in the week will each earn a £10 ticket into the next EPL Big Pick 6 Fantasy tournament. Players from 1001st to 6000th on the list will earn a £2 ticket for entry into the cheaper EPL Big Pick 6 Fantasy tournament the following week.

How Points Are Awarded In the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll Fantasy Game

Points are the key to fantasy games and the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll is no different. The six players you select in your team can earn points for your team, but also may lose points (a negative score for a player is possible, although doesn’t happen that often).

How Players Can Score Points

  • Playing up to 60 minutes in a game – 1 point.
  • Playing 60+ minutes in a game – 1 point.
  • Midfielder or Forward plays the full game – 1 point.
  • Goalkeeper Scores a Goal – 8 points
  • Defender Scores a Goal – 6 points
  • Midfielder Scores a Goal – 5 points
  • Forward Scores a Goal – 4 points
  • Goalkeeper or Defender keeps a clean sheet (and plays for 60+ minutes) – 4 points.
  • Midfielder keeps a clean sheet (and plays for 60+ minutes) – 1 point.
  • An assist (a pass/move that leads directly to a goal) – 3 points.
  • Any save a goalkeeper makes – 0.5 points.
  • The goalkeeper saves a penalty – 5 points.
  • If the team wins in the period the player is on the pitch – 0.3 points.
  • If a goalkeeper has a shot on goal – 1 point.
  • If a defender has a shot on goal – 0.6 points.
  • Shot on goal by a midfielder or forward – 0.4 points.

How Players Can Lose Points

  • If a defender or goalkeeper concedes two goals – -1 point.
  • If a player scores an own goal – -2 points.
  • If a player misses a penalty – -2 points.
  • If a player gets a yellow card – -1 point.
  • If a player gets a red card – -3 points.
  • If a player concedes a free kick from which a goal is scored – -2 points.
  • If a player commits a foul that sees a penalty awarded – -2 points.
  • If a team loses in the time the player is on the pitch – -0.3 points.

In addition, there are something called ‘stacking penalties’ applied to teams that have two or more defensive players from the same team, and if that team keeps a clean sheet.

  • If a team has 2 defensive players and the team keeps a clean sheet – -1 point for defender 2.
  • If a team has 3 defensive players and the team keeps a clean sheet – -2 points for defender 3.
  • If a team has 4 defensive players and the team keeps a clean sheet – -3 points for defender 4.

Each of your six players will have their own individual score for that game week. All six scores are added together and then that gives you your team score for that game week. The higher the score your team manages to achieve, the higher up the leaderboard you finish.

Bet365 Big Pick 6 Freeroll Strategy Tips

  • There’s a limit of 3 players to be selected from any one team, so use this to your advantage if one or more teams have favourable match ups each week.
  • The player data for form is useful as it shows which players have been scoring well on average in recent games, as well as those who have not.
  • Using the Autocomplete button can be a good way to start off a team selection if you are undecided. You can then edit the selection by adding and removing players until you are happy with the team.
  • Defenders and goalkeepers can still score good points given the scoring system in this game, so don’t overlook them, especially if a team has a favourable defensive match up. Just remember not to play too many defensive players from one team to avoid the stacking penalties that are applied to defenders from the same team that keep a clean sheet.
  • You can take a risk on a player potentially not starting the game as the software will automatically substitute a player into your team if a player you select does not start or is not selected (the aforementioned safety net feature).
  • Move your pick for captain and vice-captain around every week to take advantage of favourable match ups for the players in your teams.
  • If you can, check your team in the hour or so before the games kick off (3pm on Saturday) to check that the players you picked are selected. If not, you can make your own changes rather than use the auto-substitute if you manage to log in before the game closes entries for that game week.

The bet365 Big Pick 6 Freeroll is a great fantasy-themed game to play every week. It offers you a free chance to win either £10 or £2 entry into other Fantasy Games that do have real cash prizes available to be won.

Personally speaking, I have already won tickets playing this game this season, and won when using those tickets won to turn them into real cash on site. So, I can safely say from experience that this offer is one well worth taking full advantage of, whether you are a fan of fantasy football, or not!

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