Bet365 Offering Customers A Chance To Win A Million With Its 6 Scores Challenge

If there’s something we like more than a promotion on a site such as bet365 Sport, it is when that promotion is not only free to enter, but also offers an exceptional prize, alongside a raft of other cash prizes.

Well, with the new 6 Scores Challenge at bet365, that is precisely what you get!

This promotion will run up until one or more lucky players manages to land the top prize, which has been set at an incredible £1,000,000, with a host of additional prizes from £5 to £1,000 also up for grabs for every week of this promotional offer.

And you don’t even need to have deposited, made a bet or even spent any money at any other bet365 sites in order to qualify to play. It is completely free to play!

In fact, if you are a new or existing customer that does not have any restrictions imposed in your account, then it is extremely likely you will be able to play for free, every time, until that big jackpot prize is won.

There’s no way to know just how long this top prize will be available for. It may be won this very week, or it may be available for a few weeks, months or possibly even longer.

So if you are interested and want to learn more about this brand new promotion at bet365 Sport, read on below to discover how you can participate and what prizes are on offer.

What Is The 6 Score Challenge?

The 6 Score Challenge is a football prediction game available to play for free at bet365 Sport until one or more players win the top £1,000,000 jackpot prize.

The aim of the challenge is to correctly predict the scores of six pre-chosen football games that are on the current 6 Score Challenge entry form.

If you correctly predict the scores of 50% or more of the games on any given entry, then you will win yourself a cash prize, which will be paid to you shortly after the completion of the final game that week.

The game is available to new and eligible bet365 customers and you do not have to have made a deposit, or placed a bet or indeed have a credit balance in your account in order to play.

How Do I Enter?

Entering the 6 Score Challenge is very simple.

Just log into your bet365 account and head over to bet365 Sport. Click on the Offers section and scroll through the offers until you find the 6 Scores Challenge option.

Click on that option and that will take you to the 6 Scores Challenge page.

From here, you can read more about the challenge, or click the Play Here button in order to load up the entry screen.

Once the opening page has loaded, you will see the list of cash prizes available for that week, as well as a Play For Free button. Hit this button to load up the prediction page.

On the predictions page you will see six football matches for that week. Simply use the arrow buttons to select the score for each of the six games.

When you have completed all six score predictions, click the Save Your Predictions button to enter your chosen scores into the competition.

You can go back and edit your selections at any point up to kick off of the first game on the 6 Score Challenge entry form (in the example shown, this is 3pm on Saturday).

Then when the first game kicks off sit back and watch the action unfold in the hope of landing enough correct scores to win you a cash prize!

What Prizes Are Available To Be Won On The 6 Score Challenge?

The following prizes can be won on the 6 Score Challenge depending upon how many correct scores you can predict in a single game week.

  • 3 scores correct – £5
  • 4 scores correct – £50
  • 5 scores correct – £1,000
  • 6 scores correct – £1,000,000*

The prizes for three, four and five scores correct are the amount each player will receive that correctly predicts that number of scores in any game week.

However, the £1,000,000 prize pool will be paid between all entrants that land 6 scores correct.

So, for example, if my entry was one of 5 that correctly predicted all six results correctly, then all five entrants would win an equal share of £1,000,000 (£200,000 each).

To win the million pounds prize, you would need to correctly predict all six scores AND be the only entry into the competition that does so.

What Are The Main Terms And Conditions Of The Offer?

The key terms and conditions of the offer are as follows:

  • All information regarding the 6 Scores Challenge is available on its dedicated rules page on the site.
  • If an entrant lives in a jurisdiction where their winnings are eligible for tax, then they are solely responsible for the reporting of the winnings and paying any tax on them.
  • If tax is to be paid on winnings, then the prize value displayed will show the amount after tax deductions have been made to the winning amount.
  • Bet365 has full control over when and how they choose to offer the 6 Scores Challenge and they do not guarantee that the game will be available on any given week. This includes if the game is not available due to technical reasons.
  • Bet365 has the right to accept or decline any customer’s entry into the game for any reason.
  • Bet365 can cancel the game, or not allow access to the game for certain customers.
  • Bet365 can amend or suspend the 6 Scores Challenge at any time.
  • Any individual or group found or believed to be abusing the 6 Scores Challenge feature will not be allowed to participate in the game.

What Are The Key Game Rules For The 6 Score Challenge?

As the 6 Scores Challenge is essentially a very simple prediction game, there are not too many rules to follow outside of the terms and conditions outlined above. However, some of the main rules to observe are:

  • The game is completely free to play for new and eligible customers at bet365.
  • Customers are only allowed one entry into the 6 Scores Challenge per round.
  • Customers found to be making multiple entries using multiple accounts will have all entries declared void. Bet365 monitor the site to ensure they are aware of this.
  • You must predict the scores for six pre-selected game for each round.
  • You can edit your predictions at any time up to the kick off of the first game in that round.
  • You will land a cash prize if you successfully predict the score of three or more games.
  • Bet365 will advise players of any changes to the prize structure for any given round.
  • All matches results are determined by the final score after 90 minutes have been played (the Full Time Result).

I Already Play Sky’s Super 6 Prediction Game, Is The 6 Score Challenge Any Different?

If you have played Sky Super 6, then you will know that this game is very similar to that game, which is still popular today. However, you should definitely play the 6 Score Challenge game while it is available for the following reasons:

  • A top prize of £1,000,000 is guaranteed each round of the 6 Score Challenge. In contrast, on Super 6 the big weekly prize may be much less at £250,000.
  • Unlike the Super 6, all players that land three, four or five results correctly in any given round on the 6 Score Challenge will receive a cash prize of £5, £50 or £1,000 respectively.
  • Therefore, your chances of landing a prize on the 6 Score Challenge are massively increased at bet365 than playing Sky Super 6.

Can I View My Previous 6 Score Challenge Entries And Scores?

Yes, bet365 stores all your previous entries into the 6 Score Challenge game and you can view those entries in the My History tab, which is located in the top right corner of the prediction page.

Clicking on this opens a box on screen which will display your previous entries and how well or badly you performed on that game week.

What Happens If A Game On The Coupon Is Postponed Or Abandoned?

If a game selected for the coupon in a game week is postponed or abandoned, then bet365 will declare that game void and the prize money will be adjusted to reflect five predicted matches (with a new top prize of £1,000).

If three or more games are postponed or voided for any reason, then the entire round will be declared void.

When Will The 6 Scores Challenge End?

The challenge is scheduled to end when one or more entrants win the £1,000,000 top prize.

However, until then the competition will continue to run offering bet365 customers more free chances to win great value cash prizes!

So why not enter today and put your football prediction skills to the test?

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