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How Will The Home Nations Perform In This Year’s Euro 2024 Qualifying Campaign?

It has all been rather quiet on the football front this week in the UK, but that is because we are on the first international break of the new year.

While domestic football has been paused, the national teams across Europe are preparing for the start of the Euro 2024 qualification campaign this week.

Over the course of 2023, there will be ten matchdays throughout the year on which teams will play their full quota of games.

That means by mid-November 2023, the Euro 2024 qualifiers will be finished and we will know the 20 teams that have qualified from the group phase alongside the hosts, Germany.

The final three qualification spots will be decided using three playoffs which will take place in March 2024.

Bet365 Sport is offering a wide range of bets on the Euro 2024 qualifiers this week and you can also place bets on the outright winner for each of the groups, as well as for the Euro 2024 finals.

The 10 qualifying Groups and fixtures for the first two matchdays are outlined below.

Euro 2024 – Qualification Groups

Groups of five teams will play 8 qualification matches and two friendlies during the qualification process.

Groups of six teams play 10 qualification matches across the 10 matchdays during qualification.

Group A

  • Spain
  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • Georgia
  • Cyprus

Group B

  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Greece
  • Gibraltar

Group C

  • Italy
  • England
  • Ukraine
  • North Macedonia
  • Malta

Group D

  • Croatia
  • Wales
  • Armenia
  • Turkey
  • Latvia

Group E

  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Albania
  • Faroe Islands
  • Moldova

Group F

  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Azerbaijan
  • Estonia

Group G

  • Hungary
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Bulgaria
  • Lithuania

Group H

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Slovenia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Northern Ireland
  • San Marino

Group I

  • Switzerland
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Kosovo
  • Belarus
  • Andorra

Group J

  • Portugal
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Iceland
  • Luxembourg
  • Slovakia
  • Liechtenstein

Euro 2024 Qualifiers – Matchday 1

Games kick off at 7.45pm each day unless stated.

Thursday 23rd March

  • Kazakhstan v Slovenia (3pm)
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iceland
  • Denmark v Finland
  • Italy v England
  • North Macedonia v Malta
  • Portugal v Liechtenstein
  • San Marino v Northern Ireland
  • Slovakia v Luxembourg

Friday 24th March

  • Bulgaria v Montenegro (5pm)
  • Austria v Azerbaijan
  • Czech Republic v Poland
  • France v Netherlands
  • Gibraltar v Greece
  • Moldova v Faroe Islands
  • Serbia v Lithuania
  • Sweden v Belgium

Saturday 25th March

  • Scotland v Cyprus (2pm)
  • Armenia v Turkey (5pm)
  • Belarus v Switzerland (5pm)
  • Israel v Kosovo (5pm)
  • Andorra v Romania
  • Croatia v Wales
  • Spain v Norway

Euro 2024 Qualifiers – Matchday 2

Sunday 26th March

  • Kazakhstan v Denmark (2pm)
  • England v Ukraine (5pm)
  • Liechtenstein v Iceland (5pm)
  • Slovenia v San Marino (5pm)
  • Slovakia v Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Northern Ireland v Finland
  • Luxembourg v Portugal
  • Malta v Italy

Monday 27th March

  • Montenegro v Serbia
  • Netherlands v Gibraltar
  • Poland v Albania
  • Austria v Estonia
  • Sweden v Azerbaijan
  • Moldova v Czech Republic
  • Hungary v Bulgaria
  • Rep of Ireland v France

Tuesday 28th March

  • Georgia v Norway (5pm)
  • Wales v Latvia
  • Romania v Belarus
  • Switzerland v Israel
  • Kosovo v Andorra
  • Turkey v Croatia
  • Scotland v Spain

Home Nations Chances Of Qualifying?

Of course, while the whole qualifying process is intriguing, most focus for people in the UK is how the four home nations will perform over the qualification process.

With the key question being; who will qualify for the finals outright?

Let’s take a look at the four teams schedule and what we think their chances of qualifying will be.

Please note, in the fixtures, any shown in italics is a friendly game with Euro 2024 qualifiers in standard text.

Group A – Scotland

  • Spain
  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • Georgia
  • Cyprus

Scotland’s Fixtures

  • Matchday 1 – v Cyprus (H) – 25th March – 2pm
  • Matchday 2 – v Spain (H) – 28th March – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 3 – v Norway (A) – 17th June – 5pm
  • Matchday 4 – v Georgia (H) – 20th June – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 5 – v Cyprus (A) – 8th Sept – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 6 – v England (H) – 12th Sept – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 7 –  v Spain (A) – 12th Oct – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 8 – v Opponent to be confirmed – TBC – TBC
  • Matchday 9 – v Georgia (A) – 16th Nov – 5pm
  • Matchday 10 – v Norway (H) – 19th Nov – 7.45pm

Assessment – Scotland’s Chances

While Spain will start this campaign as the hot favourites to win Group A, Scotland will likely be involved in a real battle with Norway for second spot in the group.

Georgia though could be the joker in the pack, as they have some talented players and will be tough to beat on home soil and it may well be how many points Scotland and Norway can take off Georgia that hands the advantage to one or the other.

With games against Spain and Norway on their 2nd and 3rd matchday, the Scots have a chance to make a big splash in this group, but similarly, two defeats here could really put them in a very tricky position for the rest of qualifying.

My gut feeling here is that the Scots may just miss out on 2nd place in the group, but should have more chances of qualifying via the playoffs in March 2024.

Group C – England

  • Italy
  • England
  • Ukraine
  • North Macedonia
  • Malta

England’s Fixtures

  • Matchday 1 – v Italy (A) – 23rd March. – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 2 – v Ukraine (H) – 26th March – 5pm
  • Matchday 3 – v Malta (A) – 16th June – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 4 – v North Macedonia (H) – 19th June – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 5 – v Ukraine (A) – 9th Sept – 5pm
  • Matchday 6 – v Scotland (A) – 12th Sept – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 7 – v Australia (H) – 13th Oct – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 8 – v Italy (H) – 17th Oct – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 9 – v Malta (H) – 17th Nov – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 10 – v North Macedonia (A) – 20th Nov – 7.45pm

Assessment – England’s Chances

England were given a tough draw for the Euro 2024 finals, renewing their rivalry with Italy, who beat them in the 2020 Final, as well as drawing Ukraine and North Macedonia, two tricky teams who will test England on the road especially.

That said, if Gareth Southgate’s team are wanting to be thought of as one of the favourites to win Euro 2024, then this is a group that they should come out of and ideally, win.

England and Italy are the odds on favourites to qualify from the group but Ukraine and North Macedonia could cause them both problems, but not enough to see them take one of the qualifying spots.

Group D – Wales

  • Croatia
  • Wales
  • Armenia
  • Turkey
  • Latvia

Wales’ Fixtures

  • Matchday 1 – v Croatia (A) – 25th March – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 2 – v Latvia (H) – 28th March – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 3 – v Armenia (H) – 16th June – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 4 – v Turkey (A) – 19th June – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 5 – v Opponent to be confirmed – 8th Sept – TBC
  • Matchday 6 – v Latvia (A) – 11th Sept – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 7 – v Gibraltar (H) – 11th Oct – TBC
  • Matchday 8 – v Croatia (H) – 15th Oct – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 9 – v Armenia (A) – 18th Nov – 2pm
  • Matchday 10 – v Turkey (H) – 21st Nov – 7.45pm

Assessment – Wales Chances

Without Gareth Bale, this is looking like a tall order for the Welsh to qualify for their third consecutive European Championships, at least via the qualification campaign.

Croatia are the favourites to win the group and the World Cup semi-finalists are considered the best team in the group.

That said, Turkey are re-emerging onto the world scene nowadays with a talented crop of younger players offering them their best chance to qualify for a major tournament for some time.

Latvia should not pose Wales any huge problems, but Armenia is a tricky one and it is likely Wales will need to land four wins from their games with Armenia and Latvia, plus take four points from their games with Turkey and I feel that could be a big ask.

However, Wales may stand a chance of earning a Nations League playoff spot, with three additional spots open in the playoffs in March 2024 and that could be Wales best chance to progress.

Group H – Northern Ireland

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Slovenia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Northern Ireland
  • San Marino

Northern Ireland’s Fixtures

  • Matchday 1 – v San Marino (A) – 23rd March – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 2 – v Finland (H) –  26th March – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 3 – v Denmark (A) – 16th June – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 4 – v Kazakhstan (H) – 19th June  – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 5 – v Slovenia (A) – 7th Sept – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 6 – v Kazakhstan (A) – 10th Sept – 2pm
  • Matchday 7 – v San Marino (H) – 14th Oct – 2pm
  • Matchday 8 – v Slovenia (H) – 17th Oct – 7.45pm
  • Matchday 9 – v Finland (A) – 17th Nov – 5pm
  • Matchday 10 – v Denmark (H) – 20th Nov – 7.45pm

Assessment – Northern Ireland’s Chances

This group looks like it will be Denmark’s to win, but there could be a very competitive battle between four teams for that second qualification spot.

I expect Northern Ireland to be one of those teams with Slovenia, Finland and perhaps even Kazakhstan competing to land that second-place spot.

The Irish have Michael O’Neill back in charge for a second time and after a hugely successful first spell in charge, he will be hoping to continue that form here.

Key games for Ireland are the home and away clashes with Finland and Slovenia in particular and it will likely be the outcome of those games that decides who finishes second in this group.

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