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Full Cover Bets – A Lightning Guide to Yankees, Heinz and Canadian Wagers

Full Cover Bets at bet365

What are Full Cover Bets? We explore the different options available and how they differ.

Accumulator betting is hugely popular, but did you know that there are other multiple selection bets available?

One such option are Full Cover Bets which are like acca bets in many respects. However, they differ in a couple of crucial ways.

In this article, we are going to explore what Full Cover Bets are. Additionally we will explore how they work and what lines are covered. We’ll also explain the key issues of how these bets pay out and how much they cost.

We’ll also explore a little about the Full Cover Bets with Singles. We will explain what they are and how they affect the cost of the bet and the returns you can expect to receive with a win.

You are able to find all of the different multiple selection bets mentioned in this article at bet365 Sport.

Simply add your selections to your bet slip. Then you can display any available multiple selection bets in the multiples section of your bet slip.

So let’s begin with a look at what Full Cover Bets are, as well as the terminology used to describe them.

What are Full Cover Bets?

Full Cover Bets
Full Cover Bets shown on the bet365 Bet Slip

A Full Cover Bet is usually a multiple selection wager of between 3 and 8 selections. The bet covers all the different possible outcomes using two or more of your selections on the bet slip.

These outcomes are called ‘lines’. Your Full Cover Bet covers almost all the available lines for the number of selections in your bet.

This is best shown as an example:

  • Bet Example – Trixie (3 selections)

Say you want to make a Full Cover Bet that has three selections (known as a Trixie). Consequently, to cover all the available options for that bet you would need to cover the following lines.

  • Selections A & B to win – Line 1
  • Selections A & C to win – Line 2
  • Selections B & C to win – Line 3
  • Selections A, B and C to win – Line 4

Therefore, a Trixie Full Cover Bet has four lines. Three double bets and one treble bet.

This means the total cost of a Trixie bet will be four times your Unit Stake.

So, a £1 Unit Stake Trixie Full Cover Bet would cost you £4 in stakes.

As mentioned above, there are several different types of Full Cover Bets and each is known by a nickname. That name pertains to the number of selections made on the bet slip for that bet. Sometimes, in a quirky way!

Know Your Goliath From A Heinz! Bet Names!

Full Cover Bets at bet365
No, not that type of Goliath…
  • 3 Selection Full Cover Bet – Trixie
  • 4 Selection Full Cover Bet – Yankee
  • 5 Selection Full Cover Bet – Canadian or Super Yankee
  • 6 Selection Full Cover Bet – Heinz
  • 7 Selection Full Cover Bet – Super Heinz
  • 8 Selection Full Cover Bet – Goliath

One thing to note is that as you increase the number of selections in a Full Cover Bet, so the number of lines you need to cover with your unit stake increases.

In the table below, we will show you the cost to place each of the six different types of Full Cover Bets listed above, for the cost of a £1 unit stake.

  • Trixie (3 selections) – 4 Lines (3 x Doubles, 1 x Treble) – £4
  • Yankee (4 selections) – 11 Lines (6 x Doubles, 4 x Trebles, 1 x Fourfold) – £11
  • Canadian or Super Yankee (5 selections) – 26 Lines (10 x Doubles, 10 x Trebles, 5 x Fourfolds, 1 x Fivefold) – £26
  • Heinz (6 selections) – 57 Lines (15 x Doubles, 20 x Trebles, 15 x Fourfolds, 6 x Fivefolds, 1 x Sixfold) – £57
  • Super Heinz (7 selections) – 120 Lines (21 x Doubles, 35 x Trebles, 35 x Fourfolds, 21 x Fivefolds, 7 x Sixfold, 1 x Sevenfold) – £120
  • Goliath (8 selections) – 247 Lines (28 x Doubles, 56 x Trebles, 70 x Fourfolds, 56 x Fivefolds, 28 x Sixfolds, 8 x Sevenfolds, 1 x Eightfold) – £247

Obviously, these bets are much more expensive to place per unit stake compared to a standard accumulator. A £1 accumulator bet, regardless of how many selections you have on your bet slip, costs you £1.

So, with that in mind, what are the benefits of Full Cover Bets like those shown above?

The Benefits of These Types Of Bet

Thumbs Up for a Canadian Bet

The main benefit with all Full Cover Bets is that you only need two of your selections on a bet slip to win, to generate some kind of return. Furthermore, the more of your selections that win, the more lines will be winners and the greater your return will be.

You can imagine Full Cover Bets as a bundle of many different bets, and whenever you land a combination of winning bets, that line will pay out based on your unit stake.

Let’s explore this by way of an example.

  • Payout Examples

Let’s say that a punter has placed a £1 Trixie Bet (£4 in total) on three different selections at the following odds.

  • Selection 1 – Evens
  • Selection 2 – 2/1
  • Selection 3 – 5/1

We know that with a Trixie bet there are four lines. That means that there are four possible winning outcomes to the bet and you can calculate how much each will pay quite easily.

  • Selection 1 & Selection 2 Both Win – £6 total return. (£2 profit)
  • Selection 2 & Selection 3 Both Win – £18 total return. (£14 profit)
  • Selection 1 & Selection 3 Both Win – £12 total return. (£8 profit)
  • Selection 1, Selection 2 and Selection 3 All Win – £72 return (£68 profit)

You’ll notice here that the amount of a return when all three selections win, it is much greater (£72). That is because in addition to winning the £36 for the treble part of the bet, you also win the other three double bets for £6, £18 and £12 in total, for an additional £36.

That equates to £72 in total returns for this bet for a total £4 stake.

It is this cumulative nature of Full Cover Bets when landing multiple winners, that makes them so appealing to punters.

However, if just one selection, or no selections win, then your bet is a loser (£4 loss).

But you can alter your Full Cover Bet to a Full Cover Bet with Singles, by electing to cover each of your selections as a single outcome on your bet slip.

Full Cover Bets with Singles

A Heinz? Or do you cover them all with a Lucky 63?

As the name suggests, Full Cover Bets with Singles are the same Full Cover Bets listed above, but with another unit stake placed on each individual selection to win for that bet.

Usually, these bets are placed only on three, four, five or six selection Full Cover Bets and they also have their own names:

  • Patent – 3 Selection Full Cover Bet with Singles (7 bets, 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble)
  • Lucky 15 – 4 Selection Full Cover Bet with Singles (15 bets, 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold)
  • Lucky 31 – 5 Selection Full Cover Bet with Singles (31 bets, 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds, 1 fivefold)
  • Lucky 63 – 6 Selection Full Cover Bet with Singles (63 bets, 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds, 1 sixfold)

While the cost of these Full Cover Bets with Singles is more expensive than the other Full Cover Bets, it does offer the advantage that if just one selection were to win, then you would generate a return, however it is unlikely your bet would be profitable if that is the case.

Again, let’s show this as an example based on the £1 Trixie Bet (£4 total stakes) we used as an example above.

  • Selection 1 – Evens
  • Selection 2 – 2/1
  • Selection 3 – 5/1

As you can see here. If only selection 1 wins, then you would receive just £2 back (£2 loss) and if only Selection 2 wins, then you would receive £3 back (£1 loss).

But, if Selection 3 were to win, then despite all the other single, double and treble bets losing, you would still get a £6 return, making you £2 profit.

Key Things To Remember!

Gambling addict's brain: silhouette of head with multi-coloured abstract paint splodges emerging from the top
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • Your Unit Stake must cover each line of the bet.
  • The more selections on your Full Cover Bet, the more expensive the total stake will be.
  • While you may win on a Full Cover Bet, you are not guaranteed a profit. That’s because it depends on how many winners you land and their odds to decide how much you win.
  • On a standard Full Cover bet you need at least two winners to generate a return.
  • But On a Full Cover with Singles bet, you need just one winner to generate a return.
  • The more winners you land on a Full Cover bet, the more likely you are to generate a profit.
  • Full Cover Bet winnings are cumulative. If all your selections win, then every line that you have backed on the bet will also be a winner.
  • If you are a smaller stakes gambler, then it is a good idea to reduce your unit stake down. This ensures the full cost of the Full Cover Bet is within your preferred betting range.  For example, if you place a £1 Goliath bet, that would cost you £247. However, a £0.10 Goliath would cost £24.70.

There are many other multiple selection bets available at bet365 Sport and over time, we will examine each of them, how they work and what the pros and cons of each are.

We hope this look at Full Cover Bets has provided you with the information you need to understand and start to use these bets confidently.

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