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8 Things You Should Know About Self-Exclusion

online gambling self-exclusion

Online gambling self-exclusion. It’s something we’re sure you’ve heard about. But maybe you don’t fully understand what it is or how you go about it. We’re here to tell you the facts straight up. Then you can decide if and when online gambling self-exclusion is the right choice for you.

1. Self-exclusions are for six months and beyond

Online gambling self-exclusion is a long-term solution for those who want to stop gambling. You can choose your own self-exclusion time period from six months, a year, two or five. Or, if you want to stop gambling for good, you can choose to self-exclude permanently.

2. It should be easy to do it

Of course, all websites are differing levels of user friendly. And the same goes for gambling websites. But generally speaking, no site should make you jump through hoops to self exclude.

Go to your account settings and you should find the option to self-exclude. If you don’t, contact customer services and they can help you self-exclude.

3. You can’t back out

Once you choose to self-exclude, you can no longer gamble until your chosen time period is over. No ifs, buts or maybes. That’s it.

Although it seems very final, we think this is an essential feature of self-exclusion. It means that in your weaker moments, you can’t go back on your decision.

4. Withdrawals are still available

When you self-exclude you can still log in at any point to withdraw your remaining balance. So don’t worry about that. If the time is right to self-exclude, do it. Then you can withdraw later on.

5. Online gambling self-exclusion may apply to more than one site

When you choose to self-exclude for a site, you might assume you’ll only be self-excluding from that site. However, some sites are owned by larger companies who own several different gambling brands.

In some cases, when you self exclude from one site, you are automatically self-excluded from all the brands owned by the same company. In other cases, that doesn’t automatically happen. You can check the terms of your self-exclusion to find that out.

We think that’s a great feature, as it makes it easier to stop gambling from more sites with one step. Check the terms of self-exclusion on your chosen site to see how it’s managed there.

6. Sometimes it might not cover all products

Online gambling self-exclusions can change from site to site. On some sites, you can choose to self-exclude from some products and not others. For example, you can stop playing online casino games but still use their poker rooms.

On other sites, choosing to self-exclude automatically applies to all products.

As always, if you think you have a problem, make sure you self-exclude from all forms of gambling.

7. You still need to cut down on reminders

It can be irritating at the best of times to be constantly reminded of a particular site or brand. But when you’ve chosen to self-exclude from online gambling, it can be much worse.

Most of the time when you self-exclude, online gambling sites will automatically unsubscribe you from marketing email lists. But if they don’t, hit unsubscribe yourself.

You should also unfollow any gambling accounts you follow via social media and uninstall gambling software and apps from your devices.

8. If you think you have a problem, online gambling self-exclusion isn’t the only thing you should do

Don’t get us wrong, if you think you have a problem with gambling, you should definitely self-exclude. But you should take extra steps too.

You can see some of the common signs of problem gambling here. And get some help if you think those signs affect you or a loved one.

The National Council on Problem Gambling can help you if you’re in the USA. You can reach out online or call them on 1800 522 4700.

If you’re outside of the USA, look at this list of international gambling help organisations to find one in your region.

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