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Here’s How You Could Win Bet Credits Or £250 With Bet365 Right Now!

The FIFA 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar have now started, and how would you like to enhance your enjoyment of the opening group phase of the tournament by participating in a completely free to play prediction game that could see you win £250 in cash every day?

If that sounds like something that you would be interested in then you need to check out bet365 Sport and its latest 4 Scores Challenge offer which is running for the group stage of the tournament.

It offers those that compete a chance to win bet365 Bet Credits, plus the chance of a top prize of £250 cash every day that the offer runs.

We’ve already brought you our preview of the World Cup, by looking at the eight groups in our four preview articles, links of which are provided below:

So, if you’d love the chance to win some bet365 Bet Credits, or maybe even that £250 top prize, read on to discover more about the 4 Scores Challenge at bet365.

Bet365’s Four Score Challenge

The bet365 Four Scores Challenge is a simple game to play. Just predict the scores of the four matches taking place on any Group Stage game day between the 20th November and the 2nd December inclusive and you could win a prize depending on how many games you predict accurately.

All you need to take part is a new or eligible bet365 account, which you must be logged in to, and then head over to the Free Games section on the site and click on the 4 Scores Challenge option.

Each day you will have a new set of games to predict the scores for, which will kick off the following day. Simply enter your predictions for each game by using the arrow keys to change the scores for the teams competing.

Once you have done this for all four games, click the button to make your entries official and you are now taking part in the offer.

You can check back each day of the tournament to enter new predictions, or even edit your previous day predictions if the first game has not kicked off by that time (10am UK Time) and to keep tabs on how your last predictions have performed.

If you manage to correctly predict the scores of two or more of the games on any given day then you can win one of the following prizes:

Bet365 4 Scores Challenge – Prizes

  • None or 1 Score predicted correctly – No prize
  • 2 Scores predicted correctly – £2.50 in bet credits
  • 3 Scores predicted correctly – £10 in bet credits
  • All 4 Scores predicted correctly – £250 in cash

It is worth noting that bet credit prizes must be wagered once on the bet365 site, in full, before any winnings attributable to them can be withdrawn.

However, the £250 cash prize for four correct predictions can be withdrawn instantly as this is a cash prize.

  • Key Terms And Conditions

Below are the key terms and conditions for the bet365 4 Scores Challenge

  1. Full details about the game can be found in the 4 Scores Challenge rules section on the bet365 website.
  2. If you are liable to report any spending or winnings received from any form of betting, promotion, offer or competition at bet365 to the tax authorities in your jurisdiction, then it is the sole responsibility of the player to meet all these tax issues to the relevant authorities.
  3. Any cash prizes shown exclude any tax payments or deductions that need to be made in relevant jurisdictions.
  4. Bet365 can make the 4 Scores Challenge available at their discretion and no guarantees are made that the promotion will be available at any time during the promotional period.
  5. Bet365 will not be responsible of the 4 Scores Challenge is not available for technical reasons.
  6. All entries into the tournament are at the discretion of bet365 and the company retains the rights to decline any entry at its discretion.
  7. If a result of any game part of the promotion is stated in error, then bet365 reserves the right to change the result and claim back any prizes awarded in error.
  8. Bet365 has full authority to postpone, alter or remove the 4 Scores Challenge promotion in full, or for any particular game day, or for any particular customer.
  9. If any customer or customers are found to be misusing the promotion, then bet365 reserves the right to remove the customers from the promotion and to deny them access to future game days.
  10. All the standard bet365 promotion terms and conditions do not apply to this free-to-play promotion.

Are There Any Tips To Help Me Predict The Scorelines More Accurately?

Of course, predicting the final scores of any game, let alone a key World Cup fixture is not easy. Even games that seem set to be high scoring, or low scoring, can buck the trend and turn out to be totally different to how you would expect.

I mean England had not won in six games before beating Iran 6-2, while Argentina had not lost in 36 games before they lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia. Few people would have predicted either of those scorelines heading into the respective 4 Scores Challenge entry.

But despite this, there are times when a little research can go a long way and I do firmly believe that conducting even just a bare minimum of research can help you refine your tips and make you pick results that are more likely to happen than others.

Please note, this is not saying that you will pick the right result, but you will give yourself a better chance of doing that, with a hefty slice of luck on your side too of course!

So the key things to research for your predictions are as follows:

  • Current Form for each of the teams – Included in this is identifying any trends that teams tend to have in their results. For example, whether a team scores more than 1 or 2 goals in a game often, how many goalless games they have, whether they draw a lot of games.
  • Historic Record of the two teams – A quick look back at the historic record of how games have gone between the two teams can be useful, but remember many of these games may have happened many years ago and their relevance to the current game is questionable.
  • Context of the game – Is this a game where one team has to win in order to stay in the competition? Is it one where one team is already qualified? Is it one where both teams have either qualified or been eliminated from the tournament? Finding the context of the game will give you an idea of how each team will likely approach the game. A team that has qualified after two games, for example, is very likely to rest key men in their third group stage game and that can affect the chances of a certain result happening if their best players are being rested.
  • Team News – As late as you can before the game kicks off and you have to make your predictions final, checking the team news for the teams playing that day is a good idea to check if any key players are either out injured, suspended or rested, or whether some key players have returned from injury to play.

The more research you can do for each of the games in the coupon will help you identify trends and information that will lead you towards a more likely result than a less likely one. Admittedly, this is no foolproof system, but I believe it gives you a better chance to pick a result that is more likely to happen, than one that is not.

Good luck with the offer if you are going to try it out!

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