Sky Bet Price Boosts: Better Value Sports Betting For UK Punters

If you are looking for some great value sports betting opportunities then there’s no doubt that promotions and offers are a good source of this. The only problem is, most of these offers and

SkyBet Price Boosts

promotions are only available at selected times for selected sporting events, so their shelf life is somewhat limited.

However, there are some other offers which are available all year round and which can offer the punter outstanding long term value on sports

betting. One such offer is SkyBet’s Price Boost feature. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at this offer and why it is so attractive to punters seeking extra value when placing bets.

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What are SkyBet Price Boosts?

SkyBet’s Price Boosts are, as the name suggests, a promotion whereby SkyBet takes a look at a particular sporting event and the markets available on the event and the company may select one or more of these markets to offer an enhanced price on to attract punters to bet with the company.

When a sporting event is selected for a price boost, SkyBet then highlight this by adding the yellow Price Boost icon next to it and punters can then take a look at all the prices that have been enhanced through this offer by clicking on it.

You place a price boost bet in the same way as you would any other bet on SkyBet, by selecting the bet by clicking on the odds of the bet you want to make, adding it to your bet slip and then entering the amount of money you want to wager, before clicking the Place Bet button.

What sports are Price Boosts offered on?

Over the course of the year, Price Boosts are offered across a vast range of different sports and indeed some non-sporting markets too (such as Film and Television betting or Political betting).

Most commonly, you will find Price Boosts available for the most popular sports for betting, on SkyBet this is typically horseracing, football, tennis, golf, cricket and greyhounds.

There are also other sports which offer regular Price Boosts when they have a major event taking place. Sports such as darts (which has a particularly close tie to the Sky brand), boxing, American Football, Snooker, Formula 1, cycling and Speedway. When one of these sports has a live event featured on the Sky Sports channel, then there is a strong likelihood that SkyBet will offer at least one Price Boost on the event.

This list however is not exhaustive, SkyBet can and do offer Price Boost promotions across their entire range of sports during the course of the year.

How often are Price Boosts available to UK players?

Price Boosts are available on a daily basis although it does depend on the number of sporting events taking place that day, and their relative importance as to the number of Price Boosts on offer. However most days, there are usually several different Price Boost deals available across the SkyBet site, across a number of sports, to pick from.

Can I select which bet I want to receive a Price Boost offer on?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. One of the more prohibitive sides of the SkyBet Price Boost offer is that SkyBet determine exactly which bet on the stated sporting event, that they are going to offer the enhanced price on.

It is therefore impossible to try and get a Price Boost on a different market. This means that the offer is somewhat inflexible and punters are forced to either accept the offer SkyBet have made, or make the bet they would prefer with the odds at the regular price, rather than the enhanced price you would receive on a Price Boost.

How does the value of a typical Price Boost bet compare with UK bookmaker odds?

Of course, the SkyBet Price Boost offer would only really appeal to punters if the price they offered was at least the same, if not significantly better than what was on offer at rival bookmakers for the same bet.

After all, if you receive a Price Boost from SkyBet on a market at odds of 6/1, but you can get odds of 8/1 with another bookmaker, even with the offer, the SkyBet price is inferior.

So let’s take a look at how a Price Boost compares to the odds you can receive on the same bet from other bookmakers for a typical promotion, in this case, a bet on the England cricket team to win The Ashes.

As you can see, SkyBet have offered a Price Boost deal on England winning the Ashes, offering punters a price of 9/2 from the 7/2 original price.

How does that compare, well using the Oddschecker service, we found that SkyBet, along with Betfred and Totesport were the best price in the industry for this bet at 9/2. Most other bookmakers offered odds of between 4/1 and 7/2.

On the same day, SkyBet offered a Price Boost of Andy Murray to win his Wimbledon tennis match by three sets to one. The price boost was to offer 4/1 from an original price of 16/5 and another check off the odds available with other bookmakers on Oddschecker revealed that this was indeed the best price in the industry with no other bookmaker offering a price the same or better than SkyBet.

Do I need to do anything special to utilise a Price Boost bet?

No. There is no requirement for you to enter any code or perform any other task with your account to utilise a Price Boost offer. Simply select the odds of the Price Boost bet and it will be added to your betting slip at the enhanced odds price. Then simply complete your bet as you would in the usual way.

Are there any other terms and conditions surrounding a Price Boost bet?

No, there aren’t any other prohibitive terms and conditions surrounding a Price Boost bet. Once you have placed the bet, if your bet wins, you receive the full amount owed to you, which you are free to withdraw or use again on subsequent bets as you please.

SkyBet Price Boosts are a great way to find added value on selected bets every day on the SkyBet website. Some days, the bets are more enticing than others but SkyBet do endeavour to offer Price Boosts on markets that will genuinely appeal to punters and that combined with the great added value they offer, means they are a great choice for punters who love finding extra value with their bets.

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