You Could Win £250K from Sky Bet if You Can Accurately Predict Six Football Scores

Sky Bet FootballIf you think that you can predict 6 football scores correctly, then you could win £250,000 at Sky Bet.

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How the promotion works

This prize is available each and every week for the rest of the season as part of their “Super 6” promotion. If no one wins the weekly star prize, then £5000 will be given to the entrant with the best total points score.

You will receive 5 points for predicting a score correctly, and 2 points for getting the result of the match correct (ie who wins, or if it’s a draw).

If someone scores 30 points they will win the £250,000, otherwise £5000 will go to the highest score. A Golden Goal prediction will be used as a decider in the event of a points tie.

This is a prediction about what time the first goal will be scored in a Super 6 fixture. If there is still a tie after that then the money will be split.

This week’s games lineup

The games you need to predict for the current week are:

  • Colchester Vs Walsall
  • Preston Vs Crewe
  • Leyton Orient Vs MK Dons
  • Rotherham Vs Swindon
  • Port Vale Vs Peterborough
  • Shrewsbury Vs Gillingham

These are all League One fixtures. Often games from the Premiership and Championship will be used, but this week is an International Fixtures week hence why they are all from League One.

To give you an idea of how those 12 teams are doing this season, here is the top of League One:

1 Leyton Orient 26
2 Peterborough 25
3 Wolves 25
4 Bradford 21
5 Preston 19
6 Rotherham 19
7 MK Dons 16
8 Crawley 16
9 Walsall 15
10 Brentford 15

Colchester are in 14th place, Crewe are in 21st place (4th from bottom), Swindon are in 11th, Port Vale are in 12th, Shrewsbury are in 15th, and Gillingham are in 16th.

A bit of team background….

And to assist you a little further, here is some analysis of several of the teams involved in the Super 6 fixtures:

Leyton Orient are undefeated this season, scoring 25 goals in 10 games.

Shrewsbury have drawn 6 out of their 10 games, perhaps leaning you towards a draw prediction.

Colchester have been very low scoring this season despite their mid-table position. They have only managed to score 9 goals from 10 games. Don’t expect a high-scoring game there. And after a 3-0 defeat at home to Wolves last week their spirits are probably not that high.

Crewe have the worst defensive record in the league having conceded 25 goals in 10 games. Don’t be surprised to see Preston sticking several past them.

Peterborough off of the back of their 2-0 win over Preston in a top of the table clash last week are likely to be brimming with confidence against mid-table Port Vale.

Swindon have already been beaten 4 times this season, more times than even numerous teams below them.  So away from home they could be particularly vulnerable. They have all been defeats by 1 goal so bear that in mind.

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