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Free-To-Play Football Games – How To Play Them At Bet365 Sport!

If you are a football fan, then it is likely that you will enjoy a spot of betting on the football. You will also likely enjoy free-to-play football games!

And you will probably already know that bet365 Sport is one of the best places for football betting you can find online.

But did you know that bet365 Sport is also home to a couple of completely free football games?

And that not only can you play these games free, but you can also win a range of prizes playing them every week?

With the football season about to start shortly, here’s our look at these Bet365 football freebies for its new and eligible customers!

There are two free-to-play football games available to play at bet365 throughout the football season. They are Goals Giveaway and 6 Scores Challenge, and we will begin by looking at the first of those free games.

Goals Giveaway

Bet365 Free-to-play football games

How would you like a free chance to win up to £10 worth of free bets every week of the football season?

If that sounds very much like an offer you would snap up straightaway, then check out Bet365 Goals Giveaway coupons every week of the season! It is one of the top free-to-play football games you’ll find anywhere online!

Let’s now take a look at the promotion in a bit more detail.

Who is Eligible to Play Goals Giveaway?

All new and eligible customers at bet365 Sport (such as those who do not have limited access to promotions) can participate in this offer whenever it is available.

There is no requirement to make any kind of bet or wager to play Goals Giveaway. Instead, to increase your chances of landing a prize, you should aim to log in once per day to your bet365 account at a certain time.

We’ll explain more about this and why this is the case below.

How often does the Goals Giveaway game run?

The Goals Giveaway game runs once per week during the football season. The individual game allocations take place each day at a set time from Monday to Friday. Finally the games are played on Saturday and Sunday.

Prizes are paid out after the final games of the week take place and a new Goals Giveaway game starts again on the Monday.

How do I Play the free-to-play football games?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to playing Goals Giveaway each week.

  1. On Monday, log in to your bet365 account after 2pm.
  2. Head to the Goals Giveaway coupon for your account.
  3. Click on the button to reveal which game will be added to your entry into the game.
  4. The randomly selected game will be added to your coupon.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 as shown above on each of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to add the full set of five random fixtures to your coupon.

If you miss one or more days entry, that is fine. You will enter the game that week, just with fewer selections. Your entry can still win a cash prize even if you have just one fixture on your entry.

Players can claim their random fixture each day from 2pm. But you must log in and click the button to receive your fixture for each day. Once a new days fixture goes live, you cannot go back and add expired days fixtures to your slip.

Once your entry is made, you can sit back and see how the games turn out in the hope you will win a prize.

Free to play football games

How do I Win a Prize and What Can I Win?

The Goals Giveaway promotion is based on the teams playing in the fixtures on your coupon, scoring goals.

There are three ways that you can earn bet credits (free bets) playing the game and they are as follows:

  • If any fixture on your coupon sees four goals scored in it – you win a £0.50 bet credit.
  • If any fixture on your coupon sees five or more goals scored in it – you win a £1 bet credit.
  • If across all your games on the coupon your fixtures see 20 or more goals scored collectively – you win £5 in bet credits.

These rewards are cumulative. Consequently, that means that if say three of your games see four goals scored, one sees five goals scored and the final game has three goals scored – collectively your coupon has 20 goals scored in total then you would win:

  • 3 x £0.50 bet credit
  • 1 x £1 bet credit
  • 1 x £5 bet credit

So, in this example, you’d win £6.50 in free bets.

The maximum you can win per week is £10 in free bets if you have five games on your coupon, each of which sees five or more goals scored in each game.

These rewards will be automatically applied to your bonus account after each game week is completed.

The rewards are always free bets and subsequently must be wagered before they can be withdrawn.

Goals Giveaway is playable each week of the season, but bet365’s other free-to-play football game can be played more than once a week on some occasions. Let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer.

6 Scores Challenge

Bet365 Free Football Games

Each season, bet365 Sport also runs a 6 Scores Challenge at least once per week and occasionally more often.

The aim of this game is to predict the correct score of each of the six matches shown on the coupon from bet365.

You can win prizes from bet365 if you get, 3,4,5 or 6 of your correct score predictions right on any game week.

Bet365 also keeps a record of your entries. This is so you can view your previous entries. It also enables you to see how you are doing with your predictions over the course of the season.

Who Can Play 6 Scores Challenge?

Any eligible customer and new customer at bet365 can play the 6 Scores Challenge when it is available.

You do not have to  have placed a bet or wager in order to participate in the 6 Scores Challenge.

How Do I Play the Free-to-play football games?

Follow these steps to play the 6 Scores Challenge at bet365 Sport.

  1. Log in to your bet365 account.
  2. Head over to the 6 Scores Challenge from the homepage.
  3. From the six games shown on the coupon, predict the correct scores at 90 minutes for each game.
  4. Once completed, click the button to enter your guesses into the competition.
  5. Sit back and watch how the games go to see if you win a prize.

You can repeat steps 1-5 every time there is a new 6 Scores Challenge coupon available at bet365.

Most weeks have one 6 Scores Challenge game running. However, some weeks may see more, especially when there is a busy midweek fixture list. Usually this means Premier League or Champions League action.

Therefore, if you want to play this game each time, it is sensible to check in those busier weeks!

Free Football Games

How do I Win a Prize and What Can I Win?

Bet365 have not officially confirmed what the prizes are for the 6 Scores Challenge for this season. Nevertheless, the game rules state that cash prizes will be given to players.

Specifically those that predict three, four, five or all six results correctly.

Last season, bet365 awarded the following cash prizes for players.

  • 3 Correct Scores – £5
  • 4 Correct Scores – £50
  • 5 Correct Scores – £1,000
  • 6 Correct Scores – £1,000,000

Details of what the exact prizes are for the 2023/24 season will likely be made available by bet365 soon. Likely on the eve of the first 6 Scores Challenge game of the season.


Finally, I cannot stress enough that these free games are genuinely free to play. Consequently, you should try and play them every time a new game is available.

After all, it isn’t often that a betting site will offer you a chance to win a regular free bet or more!

Regardless of whether you are planning to make a bet that week, it is a good idea to log in to bet365 Sport. Especially before a key set of games in the Premier League or Champions League.

And if a new free-to-play football game coupon is ready to play! Get your entry in! You have nothing to lose!

Like the sound of these free-to-play games at bet365 but not a customer yet? Sign up now using our bet365 bonus code to claim some extra bet365 credits when you join!

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