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Does Bet365 Offer A Knockout Service For Boxing And MMA Fans?

[toc] Few sports are as visceral, challenging or inspiring as boxing or mixed martial arts. While the brutal nature of each sport may polarise opinion, what is undeniable is that both offer
punters the chance to bet on some of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Over the years, some of the biggest news stories have come from this arena, few will forget the time that 50/1 outsider James “Buster” Douglas defeated Mike Tyson to become Heavyweight Champion of the World. There was also another huge shock in the UFC last year when hot favourite Ronda Rousey lost her belt to the unfancied Holly Holm at UFC 193.

What is undeniable is that in terms of sheer spectacle, hype and explosiveness, the top boxing match ups and the top UFC MMA fights are amongst the most eagerly anticipated sporting events of any year and as such, they draw a huge number of punters in who are keen to place a bet on the outcome.

So, in order to facilitate that, how does a site like Bet365 Sport stand up when it comes to offering punters a fine choice of boxing and MMA bets?

That is precisely what we intend to find out in this article.

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Bet365 Sports Boxing betting

Boxing Bet365 1The first thing to note is that Bet365 lists both MMA bouts and forthcoming boxing matches uder the Boxing/UFC tag in the A-Z list on the left hand side of the page.  Once you click on this, you are taken to a simple menu screen. The top one about boxing, the bottom for the UFC.

In the boxing section, the heading that most punters will be most interested in is the To Win Fight market. This lists all the forthcoming fights over the next few months that Bet365 Sport are taking wagers on. The option for punters here simply being which of the two fighters to back to win the fight.

Occasionally, for a big fight involving two of the top boxers at that weight, Bet365 may also offer additional markets. These can be found by clicking on the grey arrow next to the odds, or in the other markets listed in the main boxing section.

Typically, in addition to being able to bet on the winner of a fight, Bet365 will offer the following betting markets on selected boxing matches:

  • Total Rounds – The number of rounds that will be contested before a boxing match is decided
  • Fight Outcome – Whether the result of the fight will come via a knock out, points decision, a technical knockout, disqualification or whether the fight will end in a draw or technical draw.
  • Round Betting – A bet on which round in the fight a fighter will claim victory, or whether it will go to the judges’ scorecards (Decision or Technical Decision)
  • Round Group Betting – Similar to the market outlined above, only this time, the odds are offered on a group of rounds, for example, betting on Boxer A to win in rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12.
  • Will The Fight Go The Distance? – A simple Yes/No bet on whether the named fight will last for the full amount of rounds stated, or whether it will be finished before all the allotted rounds are boxed.

It is worth noting that there will be only a few of the top fights, or those with specific interest to the UK betting market, that are offered odds in these additional markets. On many boxing matches that do not involve big names or top UK boxers, you will likely only be able to bet on which of the two boxers will win the fight.

Bet365 Sports UFC/MMA betting

The UFC betting section is almost a mirror-image of the boxing section, although due to the nature of UFC compared to boxing, there are a number of different bets that can be offered on Bet365 MMAselected bouts that you don’t have available for boxing matches.

The majority of punters will want to check out the Match-Ups section first. This lists a wide range of different UFC bouts that are scheduled to take place over the coming months and from here, you can bet on which of the two fighters competing will win the bout. This is the UFC equivalent of the To Win Fight section for boxing.

Just like in boxing however, some UFC fights will draw more attention from punters than others and for these fights, Bet365 will offer additional wagers including the following types of bet.

  • Total Rounds – Unlike the boxing option, in UFC with only five rounds contested maximum, this is an Over/Under bet where you bet on whether a fight will be Over 2.5 Rounds or Under 2.5 Rounds in length. This bet is offered for a high proportion of UFC fights.
  • Will the fight go the distance? – A simple Yes/No bet on whether a selected fight will go the full number of rounds. Usually only the biggest fights are offered in this market.
  • Round Betting – A bet on which fighter and round in selected fights will be finished in, including the option to bet on a win by points and also the draw.
  • Method of Victory – A bet on the bigger fights which allows you to state how you think a fighter will win the match up. KO, TKO, Disqualification or Submission, or by Decision or Technical Decision.
  • Method and Round Combination – A bet which combines betting on the round and the method of victory for a fighter in a match up.
  • What round will the fight end? – A bet on when a top fight will conclude. You can bet on any of the five rounds, or whether the fight will go to a decision.
  • Method of Victory Double Chance – A bet where you back a fighter to win by two of the three possible ways to a match, giving you double the chance to win the bet.

Bet365 Sports offers its punters a solid choice of boxing bets, especially in the simple To Win markets.  More in depth bets are available for the top fights taking place around the world and between these markets, there is more than enough to keep fight fans of both codes more than happy with the betting options available.

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