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Euro 2024 Qualification Latest – Who Is Through And Who Can Still Qualify Via The Playoffs?

Euro 2024 Qualifiers Image

The Euro 2024 Qualification Campaign Group Stages are now complete. As a result, we know the identity of 21 of the 24 teams that will be competing in Germany next summer.

In this article, we are going to take a look at those 21 teams and what their qualification means in terms of the 12 teams that will now contest the three playoff paths, A, B and C, in order to decide the final three places in the tournament next summer.

Then we will check in with bet365 Sport to see how the end of qualifying has affected the odds on who will win Euro 2024. Will England and France still be the clear favourites, or will another team have seen their odds shortened after this week’s final set of games?

Let’s begin by going through how the ten qualifying groups finished, before we look at the teams qualified for the playoffs.

European Championships 2024 Qualifying Groups Final Results & Tables

Outlined below are the results from the final two sets of games in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, complete with the final table for each group.

The two qualifiers from each group are highlighted in bold. Teams that did not qualify from the group stages are shown in italics.

Group A

Matchday 9

  • Cyprus 1-3 Spain
  • Georgia 2-2 Scotland

Matchday 10

  • Scotland 3-3 Norway
  • Spain 3-1 Georgia

Group A Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD

Group B

Matchday 9

  • Netherlands 1-0 Republic of Ireland
  • France 14-0 Gibraltar

Matchday 10

  • Greece 2-2 France
  • Gibraltar 0-6 Netherlands

Group B Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD
4Republic of Ireland86-1

Group C

Matchday 9

  • England 2-0 Malta
  • Italy 5-2 North Macedonia

Matchday 10

  • Ukraine 0-0 Italy
  • North Macedonia 1-1 England

Group C Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD
4North Macedonia88-10

Group D

Matchday 9

  • Armenia 1-1 Wales
  • Latvia 0-2 Croatia

Matchday 10

  • Wales 1-1 Turkey
  • Croatia 1-0 Armenia

Group D Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD

Group E

Matchday 9

  • Moldova 1-1 Albania
  • Poland 1-1 Czechia

Matchday 10

  • Czechia 3-0 Moldova
  • Albania 0-0 Faroe Islands

Group E Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD
5Faroe Islands82-11

Group F

Matchday 9

  • Azerbaijan 3-0 Sweden
  • Estonia 0-2 Austria

Matchday 10

  • Belgium 5-0 Azerbaijan
  • Sweden 2-0 Estonia

Group F Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD

Group G

Matchday 9

  • Bulgaria 2-2 Hungary
  • Montenegro 2-0 Lithuania

Matchday 10

  • Serbia 2-2 Bulgaria
  • Hungary 3-1 Montenegro

Group G Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD

Group H

Matchday 9

  • Kazakhstan 3-1 San Marino
  • Finland 4-0 Northern Ireland
  • Denmark 2-1 Slovenia

Matchday 10

  • San Marino 1-2 Finland
  • Slovenia 2-1 Kazakhstan
  • Northern Ireland 2-0 Denmark

Group H Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD
5Northern Ireland109-4
6San Marino100-28

Group I

Matchday 9

  • Belarus 1-0 Andorra
  • Switzerland 1-1 Kosovo
  • Israel 1-2 Romania

Matchday 10

  • Andorra 0-2 Israel
  • Kosovo 0-1 Belarus
  • Romania 1-0 Switzerland

Group I Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD

Group J

Matchday 9

  • Slovakia 4-2 Iceland
  • Liechtenstein 0-2 Portugal
  • Luxembourg 4-1 Bosnia & Herzegovina

Matchday 10

  • Portugal 2-0 Iceland
  • Liechtenstein 0-1 Luxembourg
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 1-2 Slovakia

Group J Final Table

PosTeam NamePlyPtsGD
5Bosnia & Herzegovina109-11

Full List Of Teams Qualified For Euro 2024 Finals in Germany

  • Hosts – Germany
  • Group A – Spain & Scotland
  • Group B – France & Netherlands
  • Group C – England & Italy
  • Group D – Turkey & Croatia
  • Group E – Albania & Czechia
  • Group F – Belgium & Austria
  • Group G – Hungary & Serbia
  • Group H – Denmark & Slovenia
  • Group I – Romania & Switzerland
  • Group J – Portugal & Slovakia

Euro 2024 Playoffs – 21st & 26th March 2024

Alongside those 21 teams already qualified, 12 of the next best teams that failed to qualify will compete in the Euro 2024 Playoffs in March next year.

The teams that qualified for the playoffs are – Poland, Wales, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Ukraine, Iceland, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg and Estonia.

The playoffs are split into three different paths, A, B and C. Four teams compete in each path, first in two semi-finals, then the two winners compete in each Path Final, the winner of which will qualify for the finals next summer.

All six semi-finals will take place on the 21st March 2024, with the final taking place at the home venue of the lowest remaining seed in the draw on the 26th March 2024.

We now know some of the teams that will compete in each pathway based on the outcome of the results. There are three teams, Iceland, Ukraine and Finland who are as yet to be allocated a group but will be drawn into one of the three paths at the Euro 2024 Finals draw in a couple of weeks time.

One of those teams will be drawn as the Seed 3 in Path A, while the other two will be drawn as Seeds 3 and 4 in Path B.

Path A

  • Poland (Seed 1) v Estonia (Seed 4)
  • Wales (Seed 2) v Finland/Iceland/Ukraine (Seed 3)

Path B

  • Israel (Seed 1) v Finland/Iceland/Ukraine (Seed 4)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Seed 2) v Finland/Iceland/Ukraine (Seed 3)

Path C

  • Georgia (Seed 1) v Luxembourg (Seed 4)
  • Greece (Seed 2) v Kazakhstan (Seed 3)

The home team for each playoff semi-final and final game will be determined by the seeding, with the highest seed of the semi-final winners hosting the final game for each path.

Latest Euro 2024 Outright Winner Betting

The latest market odds from bet365 Sport reveal that England and France are now the 7/2 co-favourites to win the tournament next summer ahead of hosts Germany who are a 6/1 shot. Then comes Spain at 7/1, Portugal 8/1 and then we drift out to the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy who are all 16/1 chances.

Euro 2024 Qualifiers Image
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Euro 2024 Finals Draw & Playoff Seeding Draw

The draw for the Finals group stage, as well as deciding which Pathway the three playoff teams will compete in, will take place in Hamburg, Germany on the 2nd December 2023. The draw will start at 18.00 CET.

First, the three Playoff teams yet to be placed into a Path will be drawn into the open slots (one in Path A, two in Path B) to complete the Playoff fixtures set to take place in March.

We then move onto the Finals draw itself.

  • Euro 2024 Finals Draw

We now know how the six teams in each pot of the draw will look. There are four pots, each with six teams, and one team from each pot will be drawn into one of the six groups for the opening stage of the finals tournament.

The three playoff winners will not be known at the time of the draw so all will be placed in Pot 4.

Hosts Germany will be drawn first from their own pot and placed in Group A in position A1. The other five Pot 1 teams will then be drawn into groups B to F at random.

Seedings for the pot rankings are based on a team’s position in the qualifying campaign.

  • Pot 1 – Germany (hosts), Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, England
  • Pot 2 – Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Denmark, Albania, Austria
  • Pot 3 – Netherlands, Scotland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechia
  • Pot 4 – Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Playoff Winner A, Playoff Winner B, Playoff Winner C

The ‘best’ draw in theory for any of the Pot 1 seeded teams would be to land in a group with Albania, Slovenia and the Playoff Winner C.

However, the ‘group of death’ could see a Pot 1 team drawn with Hungary or Denmark from Pot 2, Netherlands or Croatia from Pot 3 and Italy from Pot 4.

  • Key Dates For Euro 2024

The first game at the Euro 2024 Finals will be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich, with the opening ceremony also taking place that night, which is the 14th June 2024. Germany will contest the opening game against the team drawn into position A2 in Group A.

The final Group Stage games take place on the 26th June.

The knockout phase then begins on the 29th June, with the quarter finals on the 5th and 6th July, the semifinals on the 9th and 10th July.

The final takes place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on the 14th July.

Do check back nearer the time for the latest Euro 2024 news and a special tournament preview just before the action begins in Germany in June!

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