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Demystifying Gamblers Anonymous

GA meetings

If you are wondering about Gamblers Anonymous and GA meetings in general, we’re here to help demystify things for you.

Gamblers Anonymous is a safe space for anyone looking to stop gambling online and in person. It’s a community of people who are dedicated to supporting other people overcome their addiction and, in turn, be supported themselves too.

Going to your first GA meeting can be an intimidating experience. But we’re here to tell you what happens and what to expect so you can go in prepared.

If you have a friend or family member going through addiction, it can also be of enormous help to know what they are doing while they are attending their GA meetings.

A fellowship of people who want to stop gambling

At GA meetings, a fellowship of people gather together in the hopes of stopping gambling for good. In order to do this, they share their experiences as well as their strength and hope with each other.

The desire to stop is the only requirement to join GA meetings

You don’t need to register or pay to attend GA meetings. You don’t even have to be gambling-free for a particular amount of time. All you need to do is declare your true desire to stop gambling. And then you are welcome to join the meetings.

A day-by-day approach

At GA meetings, there is no hierarchy. Someone who hasn’t gambled for 30 years isn’t seen as better than someone who hasn’t gambled for three days. Indeed, if GA meetings attendees slip up, there is no judgement. Only help and support to get over the rough patch and get back to trying not to gamble.

How do GA meetings work

At a GA meeting, the first thing you should know is that what happens at a meeting, stays there. People introduce themselves by their first name only and you must respect each attendee’s right to privacy.

While your there, there is no requirement for you to share the entirety of your story. You only need to talk about what you feel comfortable sharing. Oftentimes, during a person’s first meeting they don’t share a lot. But over time, they usually get more comfortable and share more. This can be very cathartic for some people.

GA meetings worldwide

GA meetings are available all over the planet. From the United States to Australia to Kenya to Israel to Korea. Wherever you are in the world, you’re bound to find a meeting if you need it. Whether you’re on vacation or living there, it’s important to find GA meetings to attend if you want to give you gambling.

Getting help for a gambling problem

As well as attending GA meetings, there are other approaches you can take to help stay away from gambling for good. For example, organizations such as the National Council of Problem Gambling can be essential for getting resources and real-life help to overcome addiction.

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