Add A Little Spice To Your Sports Betting At SkyBet With Sky’s Fantasy Football

When it comes to sports betting, we know that SkyBet is a very good choice for punters. The site offers a wealth of different betting markets across a wide range of sports, with some hard-to-Fantasy Footballfind bets also available on site for some of the more popular sports shown regularly and exclusively on the Sky Sports channel.

However what many people may not be aware of is that their SkyBet Log In details also gives them access to a couple of other features on the Sky platform.

One of these features is the Sky Fantasy Football game and if you are a fan of football, or just want the chance to win some prizes every week, month or season, then you may well be interested in what Sky Fantasy Football has to offer.

I’ve heard of Sky Fantasy Football, isn’t that a TV Programme?

Yes, you are absolutely right. Sky Sports do show a TV programme every week during the football season called Fantasy Football Club, which is currently hosted by Max Rushden and ex-Arsenal, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and England midfielder Paul Merson.

The TV show however is tied to the Fantasy Football game that is run by Sky. The show features a number of tips and news items for managers of fantasy teams about which players to add to their teams this week and which players to drop.

Indeed, when it comes to researching which players should be in and out of your team, watching this TV show is a great way to pick up some hints and tips about how your team should look going into the next Gameweek of fixtures.

Ok, I am interested, how does Fantasy Football work and how much does it cost?

Let’s answer the second question first by stating that Fantasy Football is entirely free to play. All you need is a SkyBet account (and if you haven’t got one, click the link to check out our review and learn more about getting free UK SkyBet bets).

Once you have joined your first task is to select a name for your team. You can pick anything you like (though we’d advise you to stay away from anything too rude) and once you have selected your team, you can now go about picking the eleven players that will score you points each week.

Fantasy Football works by the players you select from your team out of players in the 20 squads in the Premier League, playing in matches in each game week and when they do, they score points by performing certain tasks, such as keeping a clean sheet (for a goalkeeper or defender), scoring a goal (all players), creating a goal (all players) or just playing in the game.

In addition to scoring points however, players can also lose points for conceding goals (for goalkeepers and defenders), receiving a yellow card or red card or missing a penalty. There are several ways players can earn and lose points in addition to those shown.

Therefore, your aim is to pick 11 players that score the most points over the course of the season. However there is one big restriction and that is you only have a transfer budget of £75m to spend on all eleven of your players.

Players who tend to score more points are usually more expensive, so you need to balance out your selections to include some lesser expensive players in order to comply with the wage cap.

You can select a team in any one of six formations: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 3-5-2, 5-3-2 or 3-4-3. All players in the Premier League are allocated one of four positions (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Striker).

You then progress through the selection process by picking players to add to your team. You can select players from as many different teams as you like, provided that the players come under the £75m budget.

Once this is completed, you now have your Fantasy Football team and you are ready to start playing and earning points.

How do I compete in a Fantasy Football League with my newly selected team?

Once you have selected your team and you are happy with the 11 players you have picked, you can now go about entering them into a Fantasy League of your choice.

The good news is that you are already entered into the main Fantasy Football Club League when you create your team. This is the league that offers prizes for players who are the best performers on any given week or month during the season, as well as offering prizes for the season’s best fantasy team managers too.

However, there are several other Sky-sponsored leagues in operation that you can join, such as the Soccer Saturday Fantasy League, the Soccer AM Fantasy League, the Sky Sports News Fantasy League and so forth.

You can also join a league randomly and play against other players who have joined the site at a similar time to you or if you wish, you can opt to create your own private league and play against family and friends.

With a Private League, you can even opt to pay an entry fee each and then decide how the pot of cash is divided up at the end of the season between the highest performing managers, or you can simply play for free and the prestige of winning. The choice is yours.

If another player has set up a Private League they can invite you to join by sending you a link for their League and the code you will need to enter it.

You can enter as many different leagues as you like with your fantasy team, the points they score for you in each game week will be applied across all the leagues you enter.

What happens if one of my players gets suspended, injured or transferred out of the Premier League?

One of the best things about Fantasy League is that you get to make changes to your team in the case of players being out of form, suspended, injured or moved out of the club and thus no longer eligible for the league.

Each manager starts the season with 40 transfers and over the course of the season, managers can transfer players in and out of their squad. However once that 40 transfers has been used up, the manager cannot make any further changes to their squad until a new season begins, so use your transfers wisely.

Fantasy Football is a great way to use your SkyBet log in for more than simply sports betting. This free to play game not only is enjoyable, but offers you a real chance to win prizes every week, month and throughout the season. Why not log in and give the game a try now and see if you could be the next prize winning Fantasy Manager with Sky?

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