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7 Effective Ways To Cut Down On Gambling Ads Online

cut down on gambling ads

Find yourself bombarded with gambling ads? You’re not alone. These annoying ads can really get to you, especially if you’re trying to cut down on or stop gambling altogether. But we’ve got lots of effective ways you can cut down on gambling ads.

Use our tips and you can regain a bit more control of your online experience. And, importantly, not be hit over the head every five minutes with annoying gambling ads.

1. Clear your cookies

Did you know that advertisers gather data in order to target you with the types of gambling ads that might appeal to you? Well, if you regularly clear your browser cookies, you disrupt that pattern and make yourself a little harder to target.

2. Adjust your social media ad preferences

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have ways that you can modify your settings to adjust what kind of ads you see. Want to cut down on gambling ads? No problem, just go to your settings and exclude anything that’s gambling related. Depending on what type of gambling ads are targeted at you, this could mean unselecting sports and certain game types from your interests.

3. Use ad-blocking extensions

You can get ad-blocking extensions and install them on your browser. These will automatically block gambling ads from appearing on the pages you visit, helping cut down on the problem. But make sure they’re a reliable source. If you install a dodgy one, you might be at the mercy of malware attacks.

4. Opt out of personalized ads

A great way of cutting down on gambling ads is to opt out of personalized ads. Much of the gambling ads that pop up on the internet are personalized, so opting out can be really effective in eliminating them.

5. Unsubscribe from mailing lists

Gambling ads straight into your inbox? It’s a no from us. If you’re getting marketing emails from gambling companies, just hit unsubscribe. Then you should stop receiving those unwanted mails.

6. Use parental control software

If you’re concerned about a minor who’s exposed to gambling, it’s smart to install parental control software. This can often span a number of different devices, meaning you can cut it out from laptops, tablets and smartphones. And it should also impact the types of ads that come up for them too.

7. Report offensive ads

Most online platforms have a mechanism where you can report offensive ads. So do everyone a favor and report them. Report any gambling ads that you come across, and this can help improve everyone’s online experience.

Getting help for a gambling problem

If you think you have a gambling problem, cutting down on gambling ads isn’t the only thing you should do. You need help from trained professionals who can help guide you through your journey to stop gambling for good. A great place to find help is the National Council of Problem Gambling. Here you can find contacts as well as helpful tips on how to give up.

You can also find more information on responsible gambling in some of our recent articles:

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