Get A Free £5 Bet Every Week You Are A Member Of SkyBet Club

How would you like the chance to earn a free bet worth £5, every week, for as long as you would like? No gimmicks involved and once that money is in your account, then the money SkyBet Club Free Betsis yours to do with what you like?

It does sound somewhat too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, that may be the case but if you are a member of SkyBet then that is precisely what you can have thanks to the sites fantastic SkyBet Club promotion.

Let’s learn a little about what SkyBet Club is and how you can become, and remain, a member. To be a member, first you’ll need to become a member of SkyBet. Learn more about joining and claiming free SkyBet UK sports bets by clicking on the link.

What is SkyBet Club?

SkyBet Club is a collection of people who have a SkyBet account and who make bets totalling at least £25 across the many different sporting markets on SkyBet every week, on selections that are either even money or better.

Once a player has opted in to join SkyBet Club, they can qualify for the club by making a bet or bets totalling £25 in one qualifying week. Once that player has made bets totalling £25 or more in that qualifying week (on sporting selections of odds of even money or better) then they have earned themselves a free £5 bet.

The free £5 bet is added to your bonus cash account early in the following week.

To remain a member of SkyBet Club and to receive another free bet the following week, you must continue to place bets of at least £25 in total on sporting markets of even money or better with SkyBet in each successive week after you join.

If you fail to place £25 worth of bets in a qualifying week after joining, then your membership will lapse (see below on how you can get back into the club in the ‘What happens if I miss a week as a SkyBet Club member below).

It really is that simple, just click to opt in to the offer and then place £25 worth of sporting bets with SkyBet at odds of even money or better each week and if you do you will receive a £5 free bet every week you remain an active member of SkyBet Club.

How to get a free £5 bet each week at SkyBet

Provided that you fulfil the criteria for club membership, by opting in, betting £25 or more on sports betting markets at odds of even money or better, then your free £5 bet is credited to your account early in the following week so that you can use it quickly.

Usually, your free bet is credited and available in your account no later than 7pm on the following Monday after a qualifying week has been completed.

One important thing to note about your free £5 bet is that this is not included in your next £25 worth of bets for qualifying for your next free bet. You need to make £25 worth of bets from your own cash reserves, not including the £5 free bet, to qualify for the next weeks offer.

Remember though, you do not need to place one qualifying bet worth £25 or more to qualify for this offer. You can spend your £25 across as many different qualifying bets in any way that you wish, so if you prefer to make smaller wagers, you could make 25 x £1 bets on qualifying markets and you’ll still qualify for your free bet.

You have until midnight on the following Sunday from the day you receive your free bet to use it, otherwise the free bet will expire.

What happens if I miss a week as a SkyBet Club member?

If you fail to place £25 worth of bets in any week as a member of SkyBet Club then you will not receive your next £5 free bet and your membership of the SkyBet Club will lapse.

You can however rejoin the SkyBet Club at any time by placing bets totalling £40 in any subsequent qualifying week. These bets must be at odds of even money or greater and once you have placed bets of £40 to rejoin, on subsequent weeks, the amount you need to wager to qualify for the free £5 bet reverts back to £25.

Type of bets allowed for SkyBet Club members

Almost any type of bet you can place on a sporting event is included in the SkyBet Club offer, provided that the bet is made at odds or even money or above. This means you can make single bets, each way bets, multiple bets, accumulator bets or indeed take advantage of another Sky Offer (such as a Price Boost promotion) and your bet will still qualify for the offer.

The only bets that are not included on the offer are tote bets and any bets that are on a market or markets that are of less than even money.

So, for example, if you wanted to place a bet on Liverpool to beat Southampton and Liverpool were 8/13 to win the game, this bet as a single bet would not qualify for the SkyBet Club offer as the price is under the even money mark.

However, if you then paired that bet up with a Scorecast bet on Philippe Coutinho being the first goalscorer to score in the game at odds of 4/1, that single bet now has odds of just over 7/1, meaning that this bet now would qualify for your SkyBet Club offer and whatever you stake will count towards your £25 stake for that week.

What if I Opt In but forget to place a qualifying bet?

No, once you have opted in there is no time limit on when you need to have placed your first qualifying week of bets worth £25 or more. You can opt in and place those bets several weeks later, even if you place other bets in those previous weeks.

However, once you activate your first free £5 bet, you are then in the SkyBet Club and if you miss a subsequent week, then you will need to place the £40 worth of bets to rejoin.

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