How Do Our Six Sportsbook Sites Compare When It Comes To Esports Betting?

Without doubt, esports is one of the fastest growing betting markets in the UK and across the globe today. As betting on top level esports competition experiences a massive swell in popularity, SkyBet esportsattracting new punters on a daily basis, how are the top UK sports betting sites approaching this relatively new form of betting?

Well in truth, coverage of esports betting is somewhat sporadic and what is on offer at one site is very different to what could be on offer at another. So with that in mind and to bring some clarity to the situation, we are going to take a look at how our super six sportsbook sites compare when it comes to the depth, variety and value of esports betting they offer.

We’re going to rank each site out of a maximum of 10 and explain why the site has that rating, to give you a greater idea of what the esports offering is like there.

We’ll progress through each site alphabetically starting with Bet365 Sports.

Bet365 esports

Over the past 12 months, Bet365 has radically increased both the number of bets available on a particular esports event, as well as the number of different esports events that the site will offer betting prices on. The result has been a swell in the number of esports betting opportunities available on the site every week from a relatively small number, to a much greater number. There is an excellent choice of bets across a wide range of esports including all the most popular tournaments.

Bet365 also offers esports betting via In Play services for some of the major tournaments taking place and again, this is on the increase. The odds on offer are generally good value and all the biggest esports games (League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Defense of the Ancients 2 and StarCraft 2) are regularly available, with betting on other esports now also becoming more available too.

Click on the link to enjoy a fabulous Bet365 Sports new player bonus, safe in the knowledge that when it comes to esports betting, Bet365 scores an impressive and improving 8/10.

Betway esports

Betway is one of the new kids on the block compared to some of our other bookmakers so you would expect a modern site designed for the internet user, to have go to grips with esports betting Betway eSportsrelatively quickly and the good news is that Betway has done precisely that.

In addition to all the four most popular esports, Betway also offers regular betting on other esports too, such as Hearthstone, Overwatch, World of Tanks and more. In addition, the layout of the site and the value of the odds at Betway is excellent. The service for a mobile user is particularly worthy of note.

With a dedicated esports section and a wide choice of sports and markets for each event, Betway is setting a high standard for esports in the UK sports betting industry.

You can join Betway now for some fantastic esports betting. Click on the following link for the latest Betway bonus offer of £30 worth of free bets safe in the knowledge that we’ve rated Betway’s esports betting service at a very impressive 9/10.

Coral esports

Coral is one of the last companies in the UK’s competitive online betting industry to fully embrace the esports betting phenomenon and it is fair to say that their service is something of an ad-hoc option at the moment.

Rather than a dedicated section, they have a tab for esports in the A-Z listing, but this is only displayed when one or more esports bets are available. In general, the bets offered are only on the very top events and there are a relatively small number of markets for each match up in each event on offer.

It is therefore fair to say that Coral’s esports product is still very much in development and as such, we can only give it a modest 5/10 when it is available.

Ladbrokes esports

One of the most recognisable names in the UK betting industry, Ladbrokes offers its customers a decent esports betting service, which includes matches from all the top events and they are well Ladbrokes esportsorganised showing when key esports events will be taking place.

The number of markets on each event isn’t as comprehensive as some other sites however, and the total number of matches you can bet on, along with the number of esports covered again isn’t quite as high as on other sites.

What is impressive with Ladbrokes service for esports is that they are offering odds on markets that other sites do not. For example, on the popular FIFA game, they are running a book on which of the cover players will be awarded a special card in the FIFA Ultimate Team game first.

Certainly, if you are a novice to esports betting (as very many people are) then Ladbrokes offers an excellent choice of getting into esports betting quickly and easily, even though the options are somewhat limited compared to other sites. As such, we’ve given Ladbrokes a 7/10 rating.

Paddy Power esports

A quick glance down the Paddy Power A-Z list of betting options and you’d think esports wasn’t available, but it is listed right at the bottom of the list and it worth finding as when you do, you’lPaddy Power esportsl uncover a very impressive esports offering from the Irish-based bookmaker.

Paddy Power offers a good range of esports betting in terms of sports covered, all the major esports are regularly available and some of the less popular events are also available. There’s also betting on other esports related events, similar to what Ladbrokes offer above.

For some events there are additional markets beyond the win market available but in truth the number of markets on a singular esports event isn’t as extensive as you can find on other sites.

That said, there’s still more than enough to keep you going at Paddy Power for a good while and as such, and given that it offers a few more markets per event than its nearest rival, we are giving the Irish bookmaker a 7.5/10 rating.

Skybet esports

What a difference a few weeks makes for SkyBet. Not so long ago, the site was one of the few remaining sportsbooks not to offer esports betting in the UK. That changes a few weeks back when SkyBet introduced a rudimentary esports betting service, but since then it has been developed rapidly and extensively.

Now SkyBet’s esports service is one of the very best you will find in the UK. Matches are listed in a number of simple coupons, or you can sort by the esports itself, or also by the different types of bets available.

Not only have SkyBet increased the number of esports matches offered, but the number of markets on those matches has also increased from just one or two, to 5, 12 or even up to 31 different markets on some of the top match ups.

In short, SkyBet’s esports betting service is now on a par with anything the top sites in the UK has to offer, so we are delighted to give SkyBet’s revamped esports service an excellent 9/10 rating.

That means SkyBet and Betway come top of our esports betting service table with 9/10 apiece. Bet365 is a close third on 8/10 with Paddy Power fourth with 7.5/10 and Ladbrokes 5th with 7/10 and Coral trailing somewhat in last place with 5/10.

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